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Global Staff E-mails

The following e-mails are sent to the appropriate staff member or members assigned to cover the following sections. The chances that you will receive a response from someone at these addresses are very unlikely. If you expect a direct response from one of our staff members, please use the individual e-mails further down the page.

News:  If you have a newsworthty item related to any Mortal Kombat Production, please send an e-mail to our .
Moves/Codes:  If you notice something we have overlooked, or don't have, in any of our moves guides, please send any confirmed Special Moves, Fatalities, or Codes to our .

Jeff Greeson
Title: Managing Editor
Contact: Send any comments, suggestions, or questions regarding all content.

Patrick McCarron
Title: Senior Editor, Senior Developer
Contact: Send any news and FAQ items.

Scott Ellison II
Title: Contributing Editor
Contact: Send any news and FAQ items.

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