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Tips and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last Updated On: December 11th 2002

Storyline Finishing Moves
Arcade Mode Konquest
General Characters
Krypt Versus Mode
Mini Games Fighting Styles
Combos Bugs and Glitches


Q: Who is this Dragon King? And will he be in the game at all?
A: The Dragon King is still shrouded in much mystery, but we know he once led an large army of warriors. That army is now being resurrected by Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. The spirit of the Dragon King is believed to live in the Great Dragon Egg.

Also check out the game endings for Reptile and Raiden to get a some clues to The Dragon King appearing in the next installment of Mortal Kombat.
(Answer Last Updated: December 11th 2002)

Finishing Moves

Q: Is there going to be multiple fatalities per character?
A: Sorry there are only one Fatality per character. There is a SLIGHT chance one character may have two, but this seems very unlikely. Time constraints on the developers most likely accounted for this, but I'd be sure to expect much more in the next installment of Mortal Kombat.
(Answer Last Updated: December 11th 2002)

Q: Are there stage fatalities like in the past Mortal Kombat games?
A: I do know for a fact that there were infact stage fatalities being developed for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. There is even evidence in the form of animation coding in the game's binary data. But they didn't make the finished version of the game. Time constraints on the developers accounted for this, but I'd be sure to expect to see them in the next installment of Mortal Kombat.
(Answer Last Updated: December 11th 2002)

Q: To pull off fatalities, do you have to get to a certain position or does it automatically put you in the position to do the fatality. Also, how do you get in the fatality stance?
A: They are distance dependant, only if you want to do them the hard way. To make it easier, just switch into the Fatality fighting stance after “Finish Him/Her” by hitting the Style Change button. Then execute the Fatality without having to worry about distances.
(Answer Last Updated: November 25th 2002)

Q: Can you help me? I just can’t seem to do the Fatalities on your site!
A: You must either do the Fatality at the correct distance to execute it properly. Or to make it easier on you, hit the Style Change button after “Finish Him/Her” comes up. This will switch you into the Fatality fighting style. This will allow you to perform the fatality without moving around and it wont depend on distance from the victim. Just be careful of hitting the attack buttons if you get them wrong, they will make you hit your victim.
(Answer Last Updated: November 25th 2002)

Q: How do you do [INSERT CHARACTER NAME HERE]'s Fatality?
A: Look for the answer to this in our MKDA Strategy Guide. There is a list of each character's finishing moves that are known and how to do them.
(Answer Last Updated: November 11th 2002)

Arcade Mode

Q: Who is the final boss in Arcade mode, Quan Chi or Shang Tsung?
A: It is totally random who you face first. Sometimes you will face Quan Chi first, and other times you will face Shang Tsung first.
(Answer Last Updated: November 25th 2002)


Q: What is Konquest Mode?
A: Konquest mode is a mode where you have to complete tasks of various difficulties to earn Koins. This mode helps you improve your fighting skills while completing over 200 objectives. There are 10 objectives to complete per character, ranging from special move training to style-chained combo training. Each objective also add a little bit more backstory to the game's already massive storyline.
(Answer Last Updated: November 25th 2002)


Q: Does the game have body bruising or torn clothing?
A: There are facial brusing and scaring in the game. These can be seen at more detail at the end of an entire match (2 or so rounds depending on settings). You will notice this more with the use of weapons and high attacks. The more attacks that are landed high with powerful weapons the more scaring and brusing you will see develop on the character.

As for torn clothing, there is no tearing of clothing in the game.
(Answer Last Updated: December 11th 2002)

Q: How are the buttons laid out by default?
A: This varies by system. But universally there are two punch buttons, two kick buttons, block button, special move button and a change style button. The Special Move button executes a special move depending on the fighting style you are in. It could be either a throw, a taunt, a weapon stab or a weapon side step swipe. And yes, the RUN button is gone along with the labeling of the punch/kick buttons with either High or Low. They are just Punch 1 or Punch 2 now because their direction will vary by character and fighting style. See here or in our MKDA Game Coverage area after the game's release for the final button layouts.
(Answer Last Updated: November 13th 2002)

Q: Are they working on an arcade version of MK:DA?
A: Sorry, unfortunately there have been no plans announced to produce a Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance for the arcade. This is most likely due to the fact that Midway left the arcade game business about 2 years ago now.
(Answer Last Updated: November 13th 2002)

Q: From what I have heard, you can't move totally in 3-D. Instead, you have to step/roll in and out of the screen, how does it seem to work?
A: This feature is much more polished up since the old MK4 way of doing it. You can either walk away or towards the camera by pressing Up or Down. This will move you just enough out of the way to avoid projectiles or other attacks. Or when up close you can perform a move by either double tapping Up or Down to do a quick rotate around your opponent. This leaves him/her open to many attacks, but that I'll leave to your imagination.
(Answer Last Updated: November 13th 2002)

Q: Can you customize the game controller button layouts?
A: Yes, via the options menu you can change what buttons do what to suit your needs better.
(Answer Last Updated: November 13th 2002)

Q: What system is the best system for MK:DA?
A: I think this is more of a matter of personal opinion. If you only own one of the three major consoles that the game is coming out for, then go ahead and just buy it for that system. If you have two or more systems, do some research to see what one you'd like to play the game better on. As far as graphics, mostly all three versions are pretty much identical. And feature wise, I believe all three versions have the same features. Also consider what game systems your friends have, because you are able to transfer your profiles from system to system via memory cards. So I think it'll boil down to what controller you like best and what systems (if any) that your friends have.
(Answer Last Updated: November 13th 2002)


Q: Why has Reptile's appearance changed yet again?
A: Reptile has been slowly transforming to a reptilian like creature because of his prolonged absense from the rest of his race. According to the bit of story in the krypt on the picture showing his progression: "Reptile's changing physical and mental state may be linked to his prolonged separation from his people. The longer he remains away from the matriarch, the more he regresses to a more primal sate."

Also keep in mind that this game marks a rebirth of the series, and also just happens to be the most technically advanced game of the series. The artists were probably looking to make each character as different from the others as much as possible. If you look all the way back to MK1 there were 3 ninjas, Sub-Zero, Scorpion and Reptile, each with different colors. Then in MK2 another 2 Ninjas, Smoke and Noob Saibot, were added again with just different colors. Even MK4 there weren’t much different between Reptile and the other ninjas. So with the development of MK:DA they were allowed with new technology to make the characters more realistic than ever before. So that is why Reptile is now in the form of a reptile with scales and a tail. Many thanks go to our reader Anthony Wenc for contributing to the answer to this question.
(Answer Last Updated: December 11th 2002)

Q: Can Shang Tsung perform a morph or impersonation?
A: No, Shang Tsung can no longer perform morph or impersonation moves on the platform ports of MK:DA (XBox, GameCube, PS2). But you can in the GameBoy Advance version of MK:DA. This is mostly due to the limitations of the game systems. Having to load all of another character’s data and model would take too long in the middle of a match on a CD/DVD media based system. So it was just not feasible to add to the game. See MK1-3 on their respective CD systems to see this long load time. So they balanced his character out in other ways so he isn't so unevenly matched without his morphing ability. Many thanks go to our reader Anthony Wenc for contributing to the answer to this question.
(Answer Last Updated: November 26th 2002)

Q: Is the flame character from the Pit II stage background in Mortal Kombat II (some call him Torch) in the game?
A: Yes he is actually in the game this time. His name is Blaze, not Torch. Read our MK:DA Guide for information on how to unlock him in the game.
(Answer Last Updated: November 25th 2002)

Q: On the character select screen there are 3 things to the left (or right if Player 2) of the large picture of the player's highlighted character that run vertically up the side of the screen. They look like they are selectable because the bottom one is highlighted green. What do they do?
A: They are different menus that can be utilized during the VERSUS game mode.
  • The top one is the WAGER menu. It allows you and your opponent to put Koins on the line in the Versus game if you both have profiles. The WAGER menu is brought up by both players pressing the corresponding button on the controller. On the Xbox use the R trigger, on GameCube use the R trigger and on PlayStation 2 use R2 Trigger.
  • The middle one is the ARENA select menu. It allows you to select the arena you and your opponent you want to fight in. You can bring this menu up by pressing the corresponding button. On the Xbox use Black, on GameCube use Z and on PlayStation 2 use R1 Trigger.
  • The bottom one with Green is the HANDICAP meter. It allows you to allow your fighter to take more/less damage than his opponent. You can open this by pressing the button to open it. On the Xbox use White, on GameCube use X and on PlayStation 2 use L2 Trigger.

(Answer Last Updated: November 25th 2002)

Q: Can you perform a Finishing Move on Moloch?
A: Nope, like the previous MK games, you cannot do a finishing move on the sub-boss of the game. What you do get instead is a quick little death scene of Moloch dying instead.
(Answer Last Updated: November 13th 2002)

Q: What characters do you start out with in a new game?
A: You start out with these 12 characters unlocked and ready to fight: Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Bo Rai Cho, Li Mei, Kenshi, Mavado, Scorpion, Sonya, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Kano and Kung Lao.
(Answer Last Updated: November 13th 2002)

Q: How do you select a character's alternate costume?
A: First, in order to unlock an alternate costume for a character, you must unlock the proper Krypt item that contains that character's alternate outfit. Once that is done, you can then select their alternate outfit by pressing START on the controller.
(Answer Last Updated: November 13th 2002)

Q: Can you do Random Select like the old games?
A: Of course, and just like the old games you do it by pressing UP+START on the character select screen on the square your character select icon starts out at.
(Answer Last Updated: November 13th 2002)

Q: Were there any other loading screens that showed the evolution of a character throughout the series' history other than Reptile?
A: We didn't see any similar screens. I think this is because only his was a dramatic change in the series. The other loading screens were either parts of the intro movie of the game and/or renders of the different characters in the game.
(Answer Last Updated: November 11th 2002)


Q: What is hidden in each Koffin in the Krypt?
A: Look for the answer to this in our MKDA Strategy Guide. There we list each Koffin, it's cost in Koins, and what it contains.
(Answer Last Updated: November 25th 2002)

Q: Gee there are a lot of koffins in the krypt. Can I unlock all of them any quicker?
A: There are two ways to go about unlocking all the koffins in the Krypt. First you can complete all the Konquest missions and beat the game with everyone in Arcade mode. Or you can try exploiting the following glitch/trick that was found by reader and MK Kommunity friend Jason Thomas (Nosaj Samoht) and loganx2000. It works on Xbox, PS2 and GameCube and will give you basically unlimited coins.

    Choose a vs. game and load a profile for each fighter. Make sure each has a nice amount of each coin. Wager one round as normal and then after the first fight has ONLY player one open the wager tag but not player 2. Have player one press left or right and they will hear a coin sound and then press up and you will hear coins being bet. The sound will stop and hit the wager button again to make the tag disappear. Now both fighters choose characters and fight with player 1 beating player 2. Player one will win money but Player 2 WILL NOT lose any. Within a hour you can rack up enough to open all coffins.

    With the Xbox hit the right trigger to open the wager window, on the PS2 hit the R2 button and on the GameCube hit the R button. When you open the wager tab with player one the coins are as follows to bet since you cant tell what coin you are betting.
      Right once and up = Onyx
      Right twice and up = Jade
      Right three and up = Ruby
      Right four and up = Gold
      Right five and up = Platinum
      Right six and up = Sapphire

(Answer Last Updated: November 25th 2002)

Q: What is the Krypt?
A: The Krypt is the area of the game where you can unlock many game secrets with the Koins you have collected in the game.
(Answer Last Updated: November 11th 2002)

Q: What type of secrets can it unlock?
A: The Krypt contains secrets ranging from game artwork, behind the scenes game development videos, hidden characters, alternate character costumes and much much more.
(Answer Last Updated: November 11th 2002)

Q: How many koffins can be unlocked in the Krypt?
A: The Koffins in the Krypt are lettered AA to ZZ, which would make approx. 676 koffins total to unlock.
(Answer Last Updated: November 11th 2002)

Versus Mode

Q: What makes versus mode different from arcade mode?
A: So far it only seems that it forces a two player battle. Where in Arcade mode you can have a second player join in and play a versus match. But then the second player must continue or the winning player will then resume a game against the computer.
(Answer Last Updated: November 11th 2002)

Mini Games

Q: What mini games are there?
A: There are two mini games in MKDA. There is the classic Test Your Might where you have to raise your power bar to break a substance. The substance increases in difficulty the longer you play the game. Test Your Sight is a new game where you must find the Dragon Koin in the cup as it flips around among other cups. This game will increase in difficulty by adding more cups and increasing speed as you play more. Both games reward you with Koins for completing the challenge.
(Answer Last Updated: November 11th 2002)

Fighting Styles

Q: How many Fighting Styles are there per character?
A: Each character has two Fighting Styles along with one Weapon Style. Each fighting style has its own set of moves and attacks. Each fighting style is completely different from the rest.

The exception to this rule would be Mokap and Blaze. They both have three fighting styles and no weapons.
(Answer Last Updated: December 11th 2002)

Q: What does the Special Move button do in the different styles?
A: The Special Move button does different things in different fighting styles. In some it can taunt, while in others it will perform a Reversal. Or it can stab your opponent with your weapon, causing them continuing damage as the round progresses. The Special Move button's use is entirely style dependant. See each characters attacks for their fighting styles to see what it does.
(Answer Last Updated: November 25th 2002)


Q: Can you chain fighting styles together in combos?
A: Yes, I have seen combos that used not only both fighting styles but also that character's weapon. To help you learn these perfect the Konquest mode for each character in the game. But also expect to see many custom combos come along over time, we will also be posting some in our MKDA Strategy Guide.
(Answer Last Updated: November 13th 2002)

Bugs and Glitches

Q: I am having problems with the Xbox version of MKDA on my progressive scan TV running really slow. Can you help?
A: Yes this is a known issue, for some reason if you set your Xbox to progressive scan mode for HDTVs Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance for the Xbox will run really slow with some effects like flying blood, hitting a person against a wall, complex combos, breaking arena objects or fire particles. The only current fix for this would be to disable 480p mode in your Xbox Dashboard to prevent the slowdown. I guess Midway forgot to disable this feature or forgot about it entirely. Otherwise keep an eye out to our site for news of a fixed version if one ever comes out.
(Answer Last Updated: November 25th 2002)

Q: I heard there is a trick to get unlimited Koins in the game. Do you know how to do it?
A: Yea we do know about this glitch/feature. See the question under the Krypt Question Category for more details on this glitch/feature.
(Answer Last Updated: )

Q: I heard that there is a MAJOR glitch in the Xbox version of MKDA that causes the game to freeze up when using Frost. Is it true and if so what is Midway going to do about it?
A: Well it appears that a MINOR (not major) glitch got past the Midway Q+A on the Xbox port of MKDA. It happens RARELY when Frost performs her ground freeze move. The game will simply freeze up completely, no pun intended.

What does Midway plan to do about it? I'm sure they'll try to fix the bug before the game comes out in the UK. Will the US shores see this bug fix? It's possible that a new revision of the game fixing glitches that are known will be released later on. But it's doubtful at this point that Midway will offer a recall or exchange on people who already own the game.

Keep in mind that the glitch is very minor and not a major hassle. I had played with Frost for hours and it never happened to me. The only time it froze on me was when I left the game running in attract mode while making updates to the questions here. So don't worry about it, it will not kill you to have a few little bugs in your game. You'd be lucky to have it freeze on you more than once a week, or day if you are obsessive and never turn it off.
(Answer Last Updated: )

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