YungQ94's Gameplay Thread

You guys actually commented and I missed it :sad:

I did play a few games of Tekken that I recorded, will upload later in the week. I'll upload some Dead Rising 2 action, I don't have an Xbox back at home. Anyway,

I have a personal vendetta against Honda :laugh:

GGs of course, next time we shall play Marvel and TTT2!

... and SFXT

Def man, fighting w/ you guys is always fun, plus I feel like I learn new stuff everytime.

:rofl: @ "....and SFxT" :rofl:

Already watched it :cool: I don't why I haven't subscribed yet lol; should probably change that.
Ok, just need to retrain Sonya and Jax.

Check out the SSBB Content

Also Marvel gameplay but no commentary

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Be patient ya Dirty Susan. I got plenty of time to record Tekken

Ok here's the big one

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Look mama, i'm on the moving picture box. Looking back on those matches, I see much I need to improve on.