YungQ94's Gameplay Thread

Well, yeah. I could probably get all that knowledge back with an hour or so of play but I have no motivation.
Hm, I haven't watched much (just the first round) but I'll say what I see.

A lot of Juri's game comes from her fireballs, you can 'store them' by holding down the button when you press it so you only get the kick. This means you can like store anti air fireballs and stuff. This makes up her zoning game. Control the space with fireballs and your long ass pokes, crouching medium kick, slap ( etc. She gets out zoned a lot, but with characters like Ryu, her counter teleport is quite useful

Her two anti airs are crouching medium punch which has a massive hitbox and hardly ever fails and her crouching heavy punch which does more damage. If you're using divekicks then you want them to hit low, like the shin area so they can't be punished.

notable combos that I can remember:,,, pinwheel.,st.lp,, pinwheel
There are a bunch of others, too but you can find them elsewhere and i don't trust my hazy memory
Kzaoo you goose, that was only the first part :love:

I have three more videos lol.
I used all of that in this vid because I did research before hand like a sir. But I will up my fireball game though
Got my groupie stream monster make up on for yung! Leggo


I haven't updated this thread in like three years.

Anyway, I started a youtube channel with my good friend here in Greensboro called Geek Villa. Right now we went with going with a dual commentary style of playing games along with making some in game sketches. We're looking to cover other things geek related like games, anime and maybe comics. If you guys could do me a solid and check out the videos that would be great.
needs moar "OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOD!!!!"

good shit

tracer has always been a pain but if you are hanzo

welp good luck with dat shit

You know if I keep posting videos here like this I might as well ask what you guys want to see content wise. It would really help us out considering that we can't run off let's play videos forever

I made a thing with my bud on our channel. Actually tried to make content instead of a standard let's play