YungQ94's Gameplay Thread

Those matches were fun; still felt like I didn't play too well though lol.

I will make you proud next time we play :)
Now you witness the pain I felt when I played him; I haven't played him in a bit but he seems to play the same haha.
Ah I knew this was the Sakura player you talked about!
Damnit mkray you should have warned me sooner :laugh:

Also here is the final vid for that set.
Just embarrassing

Just watched it now; I feel the salt, heck I'm salty for ya lol.

EX psycho more maaan!! You lost some matches with full meter!
My meter management is rather poor.

I need to start doing scissor kicks, FADC into dash or another combos cause I'm not thinking smart.
Thanks for bringing that up ray :D.

You still play street fighter?
Do you even have your PS3?
I don't have my PS3 anymore, well, I do but it's dead lol; sucks because I wasn't even playing it b/c of school and when I finally turned it on, it died; decided I might as well buy a PS4 since repairing it would cost the same amount it would to pay off my preorder for it. I was planning on playing SF4 and TTT2 after school, but my PS3 dying mucked it all up. I might buy a cheap PS3 down the line though; it'll be my fighting game system haha.

Tbh, you did pretty well with Bison and Balrgo in your earlier matches, and I thought Sak-Balrog wasn't in his favor. Props for using the knife though with Cody lol.
Balrog vs Sakura is actually a really bad match up lol. Don't tell Vital cause he;ll think he can beat me :rolleyes:

I should have went Bison but I did not practice before fighting Togaa. My mistake of course.

That sucks big time for your PS3 hombre.
You make it sound like he doesn't know he can't beat you....

I think the main thing you gotta focus on are your links; left a lot of damage on the table in those matches, ya know? Togaa didn't, and all he needs is one jab and bar to wreck ya Christmas. Whenever I played him, I'd always try to get the life advantage so that I'd force him to come to me, and then I'd use Makky's (haven't said her name in a bit :love:) AA's to handle the rest. Though I still lost most of the time lol.
Makoto's fist pump though? lmao.

But you are right. My sausage links are key to my gameplay. That's why I practice at least 30 minutes to 45 before going online.

Oh by the way: I recorded me playing Juri and I will upload those later for anyone interested