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  • When you have to use the ps3 internet browser, you've reached the peak of the first world struggle. But, yeah, I'm wondering who would post MKX spoilers on a cooking video, or how they could even make it relevant.

    Trading in your own games... trading in games here sucks. You're lucky to get a freaking grain of rice for your games, let alone enough to meaningfully contribute to your savings.

    But, all my MK9 mains are playable... so, Kano, Ermac, Cage, I got it sorted. Might pick up Erron, too.

    What about you?
    Yeah, I've been good. I've got too much work to do, and I'm broke, but I'm still alive, I guess. I suppose you brushed the dust off your TRMK account for MKX?

    I wish I could afford it right now.
    I probably should change that :/
    I'll probably take about a million years to respond again, but yo.
    It's about time! Yo, I have a PS4 man so we can finally play each other in X. I have to buy another TV tomorrow when I pick up the game though.
    I can't wait man, gunna body, then Yung, then kzaoo, then BBBLP all for $0.00, no tax. Fak injustice, that game had bad movement.. I can't play a game that limits movement like that. People talking about Injustice has footsies, footsies my black behind. I'm sorry, I just hate that game because the walking was slow. Laaaaaaaaaaame, you main Stryker lol. A+ Tier and up or quit the game. We play to winz 'rouds hear kid. Yea, Yung and Shira dookied on me in Street Fighter.. AE and Super. Shira beat me 24 times in a row, the Salt was so real that day. I didn't want to play with him for a week straight :laugh:, and I did just as you did, after the whooping I'd hit up the Lab, but I didin't watch replays because I memorize my mistake and can vaguely remember some of the matches I lost due to common mistakes, I was transferring from MK too so SF footsies and MK footsies are completely different it was hella hard.

    Nah, I'm on a tight budget, and I ain't even got the money yet.
    I've already decided to get a PS4, kid and yaaaaaaaaaas that would be God-like my fellow African American. I'm looking forward to starting over as well, I haven't touched a fighter in months and I'm anxious to get back into the groove of things. There's nothing like a good match of MNoK9 against a good friend and that there's always something to learn while playing because not every match is perfect. I doubt I'll pick up -Xrd, like I said earlier, it looks cool but not interesting enough to pick up IMO. I dunno, I've never been in a situation in MK where someone bodied for 5 matches straight, not saying that I'm a good player, but I've never played anyone who just straight up dominated me in a set.

    I'll send you 3 monies every 80 years.
    ... Shut up, and I know and crap ton of competition. I'll probably play MKX and Ultra. I suck at street fighter, but I'll probably find someone to teach me how to play properly. Hopefully learning Ultra will up my game in MK as well. I couldn't get into Tekken, I played for like a week and got tired of the game. I had no one who played on a high level to learn from and it sucked.. Same with AE, but I'm willing to try again though. You, body, Kzaoo? Blasphemy, he's da bes inda wurls.

    You're going to be in debt on day 1 :rofl: I'll be swimming in money, and it's all mine 8)
    PT 2, lol.
    Electrician is a career that a lot of people overlook, with the rise of technology and people integrating all of this stuff into their home you should have a job ready for you after schooling. PC repair is cool too, I wanted to do that a few years ago, but changed my mind because of the amount of money schooling costs. I just hate the idea of being in debt and working to live and pay off student loans. I feel ya, my Xbox broke months ago. I haven't touched MK9 in a year now, and Injustice isn't fun anymore. It's going to be hard bouncing back, but I remember the fundamentals of fighters so it shouldn't be that hard.

    I made you proud? :cry:, and of course not, kid. You have to address me as SupremeCommanderOfAllFightersInTheWurldz iVital!

    Yup, Texas Showdown will be my first official tournament. I came close to competing at Final Round 16 the year before last but some last minute stuff happened and I wasn't able to go. I was going to meet Critical and body his Ermac, but idc. More future tournaments now that I'm on my own and a lot of free time to grind it out, after work of course.
    We already discussed this.. You don't need fireballs to win, just mash X-ray.

    Freaking amazing, I graduated highschool in May, going off to Navy basic training in October, graduating in Decemeber and my life is on it's way. Just in time for MKX, so hopefully I'll have time to compete in Majors and weeklys wherever I'm stationed. I know for a fact that I'll be in San Antonio for a good year for Schooling so hopefully I can attend Texas Showdown. I can't wait, so much hype man. What about yourself?
    No, they''re just really fast :rolleyes:

    I would shit myself too. So damn scary. I could not deal with that.
    Your mind just be clouded by time. I'll let YOU think you won.

    I don't even know what to say about that. It's your fault for being black.

    Yeah, guns are pretty hard to get a hold of here. They are illegal for the most part and only really used in sport. I bet you can't even fathom the concept, heh, but i don't actually see the point in guns
    Please, I was juss slappin ya around wit my buttcheeks daily. You just don't want to admit it.

    Hahahaha, I can't get the image out of my head of a police fella getting all surprised i dunno why but it is funny to imagine. Here in the UK policemen don't use guns at all.
    Maybe your mind is hazy but I'mma pull a Nelson Mandela and forgive you for being mistaken. Did my beat downs damage your brain that much.

    Was I baked when we played? Hell, no. I probably would be now if we played though.

    I've actually never been arrested before. Did they get touchy with you? Do you feel... dirty?

    I accidentally posted this on my page. Shows how long i've been away from trmk
    Almost got arrested? I'm jailous. I always wondered where all your black went. It seems you have rediscovered it.

    Body me? Rub that shit off your glasses. I stomped you daily for free.
    Kzaam? Sick.

    I'm feeling good kzaam (see what I did there?) fly. And you? It must have been so hard without me
    Dat coffee cup

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