YungQ94's Gameplay Thread

Did I ask from you?

No, I didn't. I was talking to Yung.


Lol, I'd watch. Go right ahead.

ONly if people want to see it.

@Yung: You know about reptiles D4 into overhead right?

anytime you block his D4, you generally wanna block high immediately after. I mean he might occasionally do D4, silde, but acid hands is safer. It's low to medium.
I do know about the over heard but I was playing extremely dumb. Extremely.

Shira you say something non fight game related?

Assassin's Creed 3 or Uncharted 3?
I had a feeling you say that.

That will be made at some point considering I have never touch an Uncharted 3 multiplayer ever :laugh:
I had a feeling you say that.

That will be made at some point considering I have never touch an Uncharted 3 multiplayer ever :laugh:

me either, and I have the game.

I actually haven't removed the package. and I bought this back when tittiemcnuggets convinced me it was a great game.
Uncharted 3 MP? I'll have to start it up on my account (I usually play on my roommate's account because he's got more stuff) And i'll play with you!
Oh yes!
I have reason to shoot now.

So Kzaoo, I go online to fight a very Rollercoaster like TTT2 night and none of it has updated on the website :(
The site was down (Well uploading stuff was), i'm not sure if it still is. It also takes like 20 minutes to update.
Oh, well I'll check after I go to sleep.

I'll record the replays, some very good and some bad games I had tonight

Fvck Kazuya, Jun, Forest, Xiaoyu and Jun Kazama
bro I don't think it's Mk9 servers on your case lol.

I've never experienced such lag when I fought you lol, You make BBBLP look like he's got gold wiring.

man, do you do those unblockable ground freezes on purpose?

the best time to throw those out are when you face plant them in the corner. or cut a combo early.

like do B1,2 after a NJP, then after B1,2 you don't finish the combo but instead start up your ground freeze.

just so you know noob's +4 after a shadow upknee at point blank range. he's gonna beat you in the next trade off if you're backs in the corner.

normally the +4 doesn't matter since in midscreen situations. he has to dash to come get you, and if he dashes he loses all that advantage.

So his only choice is to throw a running man.

Just a heads up.
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But, but.

That was my special reset :(

+4 what? Is there a motion before that like D+4?

+4 frames.

meaning he can pretty much do a move before you can after he does an upshadow on your block.

your options are limited because of this. Is all I'm saying.

you tried to attack him immediately after and got blown up for it in the corner.

When your options should've been either stay blocking, and take a 50/50 guess/prepare to AA jab.

or D4/D3 him if you think he as gonna do another upshadow.