YungQ94's Gameplay Thread

This week break and me watching some tournament play of it has cooled me down for a little bit. Give me one day to mess around and such aight
This is officially the worst thread I have ever had to clean up.

Sorry, guys, not trying to be mean, ain't got beef with any of you, but, this has to's the same group of people constantly going off topic in every single thread.

This thread was 36 pages. It is now 9 pages. I had to remove over 400 posts and put them in Just Talk and the Resident Evil thread.

The thread in the forum news and rules section was made last month because of this same group of people.

If you have nothing to contribute to the thread topic, don't reply to it. Random/useless posts belong in Just Talk. That is why we made that thread, so people can talk about any little thing that does not require it's own thread.

The types of posts I removed from here were stuff like:

you're a phaggot
i want jill's ass <3
i love you, full on homo

That type of shit has NOTHING to do with the thread, and, no one wants to have to scroll by all of it to get to any of the actual on topic posts.....

We've kindly asked you guys before to chill with your off topic convos, keep it in Just Talk, and you continue to ignore it :/

Unfortunately, this is where the warnings and infractions start to get enforced, because people don't want to listen. I like you all and would really hate to have to 'punish' anyone but it has gotten to that's just a basic unwritten forum rule to try to stay as on topic as you can and keep topics in the appropriate threads, as well as avoid making multiple posts in a row. That is why we have an edit button and a multi-quote function.

Please, guys, just keep the off topic stuff in Just Talk. This goes for all threads. I know where to look for off topic because I just have to read who made the thread or who the last poster was and I find the same people doing it each and every single time.

It's almost 2013, turn over a new leaf, my sons.
Rules and stuff/

Well, to be honest, I don't carry conversations over to Just Talk for the fact that BBBLP, NS, or Marshall will just come out of nowhere and call us all f**g*ts for playing Persona 4 Arena, liking anime, etc.

It's just annoying, and repetitive.

But I understand. I wish there was like a private thread option for random discussion just between us, lol.

I'll take everything to VMs though. It's just hard to have a 3-way conversation through VMs, lol :p

But like I said, I'll try.
Sorry Jade, but it's the number one rule to spread the Gospel of Jill's booty.

And Yung, just shoot me a PM or message on XBL whenever you want to play some Gears.
Yes Jade I got you.

Oh man the worst thread to clean up ha. Anyway I am back to my PS3 which means I'll probably record some Tekken with Kzaoo and MK with Critical.

Also Critical my free-ness shall raise to one dollar after I'm through with you :mad:
Alright. Wanna do some random select matches? It could make a nice change in the vids instead of Lee & Miguel matches for days.
Behold! The forgotten second part of Surviving in Street Fighter Episode 8!!

You guys sit tight cause I have some Mortal Kombat vids coming up
Vital if you played that man against his Jade
Just, jesus.

Vital since you asked for TTT2 I'll gladly go online for you :D
The first part of the MK vid is almost up