Smoke Thread - "Where There is Smoke, There is Fire!"

No more otg so brand new updated bnb video, please comment and sub, the notation is in the description

now THIS is what i like to see. otg wasnt too bad of a let go if you can still manage 35% range (above and below) combos. looks to be a very solid string.
meterless combo
42% 13 hits: Jp, 3,D+1,2, NJP, 3,2, 3,2, Smoke Cloud, j.4, teleport

Very good find! I'll try this very soon :)

* Update for my online tournament : the semifinal was a joke against an opponent that only god knows how has won the other mathces...I'm sure any registered user in this forum could win lol.

Smoke 5 - 0 Scorpion
hey so i main smoke, and my best friend mains subzero & reptile, and ive only got a few start ups a few good 30s and 35s but i need to be able to crush him because i end up playing a defensive smoke instead of the full on aggressor
Just throwing a stupid strategy I do in for fun and if i can predict how my opponent plays, it's also what I do for a finisher.
1. EX or Regular Invisibility
2. MISSED Air Teleport so you can get closer to your opponent for...(this doesn't have to be done but I use it against rush-downs)
3. EX Shake, even if your opponent is waiting, still do it, if you sense a sweep kick coming up, punish with w/e you want, if you don't chose to teleport, and know your opponent is projectile savy, keep on regular shake.
I can explain why I do this if you guys want : <
Today begins my OTG Purge of the thread. All OTG combos are currently being removed, with a few new ones being posted.

Asod - Can you post the damage stats on 3,D1,2, 3,D1,2, 3,D1,2, 2,2 xx Smoke Cloud, j.k xx Teleport. Thanks

Also, if anyone has any new combos now would be the day to post them. Thanks!
Hey guys, I haven't seen anything in this thread so far about the following topic, so I figured I'd post.

I know a lot of you are sad about Smoke losing his OTG smoke ball. I just recently started using him so I'm not missing it at all, as I never got the chance to use it. The topic, however, did get me experimenting and I discovered something really awesome. Although you can't OTG smoke ball anymore, you can still land an EX smoke ball that won't teleport but still does a flat 10% damage every time. It seems to completely ignore damage scaling. Try it after any air throw or really anytime you knock your opponent to the ground. It can be used to tack on an extra 10% to pretty much any of his other kombos (please correct me if you find out otherwise). Because of this, my favorite combo, which I discovered about 30 minutes ago, is as follows:

Jump-In Punch, 2-1-4, EX smoke ball, walk forward, 3-d1-2, dash, 3-d1-2, jump kick, air throw, EX smoke ball. (2 bars; 58% damage!

This might seem like a strange kombo at first, but I can break it down a bit.
1. It's easy. When I jump I just press 2-2-1-4 and it's started. I don't have to worry about directional inputs. (The first "2" is the air punch.)
2. The first EX smoke ball resets the damage scaling for some reason. The 2-2-1-4 does 15% damage, and in practice mode it will tell you you've done a 4-hit kombo. However, the EX smoke ball will still hit and will still teleport them above you, allowing you to start a "whole new" kombo.
3. The rest of the kombo (not including the final EX smoke ball) does 33%. When you use the last EX smoke ball, before it hits, practice mode will tell you you've done 33% damage. The final EX smoke ball will tack on an extra 10% unscaled damage!
4. Thus, you have effectively done 2 kombos and a special move for 58% damage! (15 + 33 + 10).

I'm primarily a Kano player, and because of his awesome X-RAY I never use EX moves. Never. It just doesn't seem worth it. However, Smoke's X-Ray does 34% damage. Each time you use his EX smoke ball to end a kombo it does an unscaled 10% damage. This means, bar-for-bar, it is only 1.3% less damage than his X-Ray. The difference is, the X-Ray packs it all into 1 blow. If you miss, you just wasted 3 bars of meter. The EX smoke ball, on the other hand, has NO chance of missing! This is like having an X-Ray attack that will hit your opponent no matter what. It's like having an X-Ray attack that you can use just a little at a time, just as much as you need to get by without wasting any. It can turn a simple jumpkick-airthrow into a 24% combo!

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or need further clarification. Thanks and good luck!


Woody, that is simply GENIUS! Thank you SO MUCH!
Also, I saw a few of you were having trouble timing your X-Ray after landing a smoke ball. The easy way I have found, that will also tack on a little damage, is to jump straight up and punch when they appear above you. The timing takes a little practice but once you've got it you'll pull it off every time. As soon as you land use your X-Ray. It will catch them during the ground bounce. The timing's not even very strict. Hope this helps!

great videos, karaokelove! I'm going to try some of that. Not too sure how it will go against my block-happy scorpion-playing buddies but I typically win anyway, even if they do block my junk right before they open up with an unblockable move (as I'm waiting for Slowke to recover). Sometimes it seems like they see me throwing the bomb so they spear and even though I shot first, the spear wins out, but I'll try this ex-smoke bomb thing.
No they didn't. I'm literally in practice mode right now doing it over and over and over again... Are you using costume 2? I know that can make a difference with some characters, like Cyrax.

Also, watch their health. The 2nd EX smoke ball won't teleport them, it will simply knock them across the floor, but you'll see the little "10%" float off their body and their health bar will go down by that much.

I figured out what the problem is.

It won't work with MK2 Smoke. Other costumes are fine.

So with MK2 Smoke, you get OTG. But you lose the damage reset.

A fair tradeoff. :p