Smoke Thread - "Where There is Smoke, There is Fire!"

..... I'm a Mileena player <_<

It's nothing wrong with them, but when the game first came out that was all you fought and barley any other characters being used online. I never hopped on the Smoke/Scorpion bandwagon. Had Mileena since Day 1 :love:
Smoke, not much of a power house, you got to keep moving, if your opponent jumps, you jump and grapple, you'l win 99%of the time, try to get smoke bomb into good combos, or use them as a bait, to get people to stop spamming, projectiling, or blocking. Hes a fast hitter, and as mainly medium hits and enough low to make good smoke players feared. Personally, going on this ideolgy of smoke, ive only lost 2 out of 100ish games with smoke, and I dont spam smoke bomb or hit teleport
^ I agree with you, but smoke only has 1 over head and no low starters and it's better to use a jump kick into teleport instead of a air grab.

It does more damage and it conditions your opponent to stay on the ground, unless they're not good players <_L
I forgot to say, also you must apply, his teleports, they are crucial to the victory of smoke, for the fact you can dodge projectiles with them

Thats why i love Smoke since i mained Akuma in ssf4 i could get accustomed to him since you have to utilize their teleports. but the main reason why i play with him is because he is an anti-zoning character, which is uncommon in the fighting game world another reason why brother hates fighting him since he spams fireballs all the time. :lol:
I'm new here but I say I recently picked up the Vita version of MK. They patched the EX smoke bomb reset for the vita....

Smoke's my main and I just found out about his resets. So I got excited and went to experiment on my Vita and they weren't there. It's sorta depressing haha
Welcome to TRMK :]

Smoke's resets were insane and I think they were a huge problem considering the fact that it wasn't guaranteed, but Cyrax's resets were guaranteed and all it took was a player with good execution to preform them.
Is the 40% 13 Hits: 3,D+1,2, 3,D+1,2, 3,D+1,2, Smoke Cloud, 3,D+1,2 still working?

I managed to get it right 2 times, but I have no idea what goes wrong, it seems that the smoke bomb always gets thrown too late even though I use it at once the knockup is over. Does it require to get a very high knockup on each of these three segments, or was it just patched that the bomb won't connect if the enemy already touched the ground?