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  • hey man, i am trainig with smoke, and i found this, try this kombo

    42% - 3,D+1, (Dash) 4, Exx Smoke Cloud, 3,D+1 jump, Air Throw

    Im out of money, I'd love you forever if you account share me MK Arcade Kollection!!! I really want it but i have $0.
    Dunno you tell me, you and your friends have had a lot to say about me and the rest of TRMK in your little private chat room. Very disappointed in all of you, what did we do to you to make you say such things about us?
    I sent you a PM but i got no answer so ill just post it here lol.

    Hey just letting you know that the combo i gave you that you put in the list for Cyber Subzero as 21% supposed to be 29% dmg, no bar. Just letting you know so you can fix it when you have time.

    <3 <3

    Trust me, I do need teaching. I have only really gone through some challenges with characters that I am interested in. I haven't much about the ACTUAL mechanics though.... *emo*
    I will hit you up when I can.... But while I have you here, WAZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP?!
    Hurrdurr.... so like guess what I got?

    (hint: it starts with s and ends in sf4ae)

    (ps: how you doin ;) I like miss you :D )
    Not to butt into the conversation, but I agree with Titties you shouldn't go. There are always people who are dicks to others, it's all I get sometimes for running this place and I've developed a thick skin because of it. You are good at the game and a nice to others here, so why not just as they say "kill them with kindness" and be the better man who sticks around despite a couple of jerks.

    Also look at that cute face below, who would want to leave that behind? That and give the list of the jerks to Titties she'll kill them with something that isn't kindness. She is the mistress of pain afterall. ;)

    But seriously if you have any specific issues with members here though, be sure to let me know so I can look into handling it. We staff can't see everything that goes on.
    Lol damn that's pretty dope. I'm only decent at the ninjas, Johnny Cage, and Ketchup Mustard and Blueberry :)
    Everyone else is almost an alien concept. Poor Sheeva, she will never be touched in my roster lmao.
    Ermac was my day 1 lol, which was weird because Noob Saibot has been my favorite character back when he was a black pallete swap of Kano.
    I hated CSZ at first but then I started messing around with him and loved his moveset.
    I would still like it CSZ got an actual "alt" instead of a klassic, but I can understand it because of the new timeline.
    I am actually quite fond of the Unmasked sub, but yes he looks just like an angry JT lmao.
    I hope they take his concept, put a mask on it, and recolor it 7 or eight times and give us an "UMK3 skins" pack.
    I would buy that day 1.
    No no I wasn't intenionally misleading anyone.
    I thought everyone would say "Oh, whatever he is clearly trolling."
    It turned into something wild lmao.
    I even got a new title out of the deal, which is great.
    But I am very excited that it was Cyber Sub!
    I main him, and I heard you have a very good CSZ yourself.
    How did you take the news?
    It was so unintentional!
    I saw that alot of people were saying they knew "for sure" it was going to b MK2 Mileena.
    So I decided I would have a little fun and tell people I knew who it was.
    Lol I thought no one would take me serious but it turns out they did.
    Sorry about that man ;)
    Super disappointed with MK3 CSZ, was hoping for umk3 Reptile. MK3 Sub looks like a generic white guy, almost like a Sims 3 character.
    Sheeva would be easier to deal with if her teleport didn't gay my Ice Clone 9 times out of 10.
    Yes, but if I slide, you generally teleport and repeat the crossover, so I'm screwed no matter what it seems.
    The frustration was real, but not on a OMGINEVERWANNATALKTOYOUAGAIN level.

    Besides, what reaction are you going for when you're jumping around wildly with Sheeva and making me feel like I'm playing Super Mario World?

    Don't play that innocent game with me, I know what your intentions were.

    And I mean crossovers in general, regardless of character.
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