Resident Evil Fan-Fic: Jill's Last Escape

Vital f!ck up my boy.

Here I'll rephrase, are you still trying to work the comedy into your fic. *Reads sentence and facepalms*

I forgot about Jill burning Chris, my bad fellas :laugh:
But seriously Vital f!ck up my boy :rolleyes:
During my absence from TRMK and Xbox I'm going to be working on this fan-fic. I've already started the next chapter so this isn't an empty promise.

The fan-fic is getting a lot more serious now so I think iVital will enjoy that but don't worry Yung, I'm going to get in as much funnies as I can. It's just really tough because of the situations. All I'm going to say is that a familiar face will be dead in the next chapter I'm working on. Well, a familiar face to Resident Evil fans. But then again, he really isn't important but he was in Resident Evil 2.

I want to try and get Birkin into this fan-fic so be on the lookout for that. Nemesis of course is still around and I haven't introduced Mr. X yet who is of course usable because Leon is in my story. I love this fan-fic but continuing it is really intimidating. I have lots of options but I just don't want it to get really repetitive. I don't want readers to feel like they're reading the same thing every other chapter.

But the situation with Ada and Carlos right now is cool I guess. You know Ada is going to be fine because I'm an Ada Wong fanboy but I'm still really wondering what to do with Carlos. I like his character a lot so just take that into account. So when I make my full return, I think a few chapters will be posted.

I don't know about my SFxT fan-fic to be honest. I love the idea but I genuinely hate writing out fight scenes and that fan-fic is supposed to be full of it. I'll probably swing around to it sometimes.

My Dead Rising x RE fan-fic was supposed to be a one-chapter fic but I'm going to continue it. It'll probably be no more than 5 chapters. So expect some of that when I return. You all better throw a party for me when I come back full-time.
You got it man but don't expect much from me in your absense since im busy trying to get the laptop fixed for
Shira you don't have to worry about the funnies in this fic because frankly I think I like this one serious. Hell most of RE is pure seriousness anyway.

Nice to see that other fics are getting posted as well :D
Well since the fic started out as comedy I figured I'd keep some funniness alive to keep that theme in there.

I'd hate for someone to read this and enjoy the comedy, then be let down by later chapters. Know what I mean?
Chapter 18: Favor for a Friend

Jill Valentine and Barry Burton went out on their search for Ada Wong and Carlos Oliviera. The two former S.T.A.R.S members walked cautiously through the quiet city streets, trying to not draw any unnecessary attention. The two ended up at an alleyway, seeing a dead body on the floor in the distance. They looked closely to see that there was a pump action shotgun next to it. Barry nodded at Jill, signaling that he was going to try and get the shotgun. Barry approached the body, recognizing it. "It's...Kendo. The gunshop owner." He sighed, remembering the day Kendo personally delivered him his custom-made Samurai Edge to the S.T.A.R.S room at the Raccoon City Police Department.

Suddenly, Barry heard a low, growling sound. Before he could react, Kendo came alive and tackled him to the ground. Barry cringed, looking over at Jill who reacted quickly by running over towards him, knife in hand. Jill threw her leg back, accumulating momentum in her foot as she swung it forward, kicking Kendo in the stomach, getting him off her partner. Jill got down on one knee, shoving the sharp combat knife into Kendo's neck, killing him instantly.

Barry wiped the sweat off his forehead, helping Jill off the floor. "Thanks," he said softly, in relief.

"Don't mention it. Just be more careful. You never know who's dead and who's still alive."

"Got it. Thanks for the advice."

Barry looked over at Kendo's lifeless body before he picked up the shotgun, looking in the chamber. "Damn, only two bullets."

Jill smiled and responded, "There's probably ammo back at Kendo's gunshop. He was probably out here, looking to scavenge supplies. But we need to find Carlos and Ada first. That's out primary objective, Barry."

"Alright Jill, we'll play by your rules. Lead the way. Have any idea where the two might be? Or at least one of them?"

Jill thought for a quick second before saying, "Let's try the clock tower. Ada might be after me or fleeing from Carlos. I guess we'll find out later."

The two of them traveled across Raccoon City, ending up near the Raccoon City Hospital, with the clock tower in plain sight. "I remember when I took my wife and kid here. God, I hope they're okay."

Jill smiled at Barry, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sure they're safe, Barry. Just think positive."

Barry nodded, grinning at Jill before the two headed into the quiet clock tower. Not a zombie in sight, they both holstered their weapons, only the sounds of their footsteps echoing through the main lobby. A sudden feeling of discomfort hit Jill, making her stop. She felt like she was being watched. "What's wrong, Jill?" Jill looked up, having a faint view of something...or someone. Suddenly, a flash of light appeared, waking her up. "SNIPER! GET DOWN!" Jill dived to the side, taking cover behind one of the stone columns.

Suddenly, a loud gunshot was heard, followed by a grunt of pain. Jill's heart was racing. She took a quick peak around the column to see that the sniper was gone. "The coast is clear, Barry." Jill got no response so she looked over to her side, seeing Barry on the ground, a puddle of fresh blood beginning to accumulate under him. "Barry!" Jill screamed as she ran over to him, kneeling down beside him. She saw that the bullet had penetrated his chest, dead center. "Stay with me, Barry! You're not going to die here!"

Barry was coughing up blood before he let out a soft chuckle. "Jill Valentine. Always was a team player." He turned his head to her, just shaking his head. "It's over for me, Jill. You and I...both know it."

Jill grabbed his hand, clenching it tightly. "No! You're gonna make it! Rebecca can patch you up!"

Barry let out another soft laugh before a tear formed from his eye, slowly going down his check along with the blood protruding from his mouth. "Jill I know you'll do this for me. Please, tell my wife and little girl I love em'. At least they'll know...I died a hero." Jill began to cry as well, her tears infusing with Barry's blood as they dripped onto the floor. Barry reached into his vest pocket with the little strength he had, pulling out a birthday card, partially soaked in blood. "It' daughter's birthday tomorrow. I guess her old man won't be there to celebrate...." Barry sniffed and began to cry harder before giving the card to Jill. "Make sure she...gets this...Jill. of my family...for me. Please...." Barry then slowly closed his eyes, passing away. Jill gasped as her comrade died right before her eyes as her tears began to run down like two waterfalls. She looked up at the ceiling and screamed at the top of her lungs. "BARRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!"
Well damn there goes Barry shot in da mudda lovin chest can't wait to see who has done the deed.

Good update btw

RIP Barry we will never forget you and that one "line"
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