Resident Evil Fan-Fic: Jill's Last Escape

Chapter 15: Big Brother

Meanwhile, Leon Kennedy was recovering from him battle with HUNK. His wounds were stinging violently but he had to man up and get through it since Claire was not around to tend to his wounds. Leon was laying on top of the same train car that he fought HUNK on but it had stopped at the next station. He looked up into the sky, feeling some relief that daylight had emerged. "At least I'll be able to see incoming threats," he thought to himself as he stood up, heading towards the ladder on the side of the train car. He turned around and headed down it slowly, grasping his body in pain once in a while. When his feet hit the ground, he groaned and turned around to see a first-aid kit in one of the booths in the train yard. "Thank god..." he said in relief, heading towards it when suddenly he heard a gunshot nearby. Thinking it could possibly be a threat, Leon ran to the booth, grabbing the first-aid kit and opening it quickly but it was completely empty. "Shit!" he shouted. But then he heard someone behind him ask, "Looking for this?"

Leon turned around to see a dark-haired man in a green S.T.A.R.S vest holding a first-aid spray. "Name's Chris. You need this?" "Uh...yeah. Thanks." Chris tossed the can towards Leon who caught it and pressed on the nozzle, spraying the healing mist over his wounds. "So you're part of the R.P.D too? I haven't seen you before though." "This was supposed to be my first day on the job that's why." "Oh so you're a rookie! Well you have some awesome survival skills for making it this far." "Yeah but I've had some help so I can't take all the credit. This girl named Claire Redfield has been helping me. She's a great medic and really easy on the eyes too! You should meet her, man." "Wait what was her name again?" "Claire Redfield. Why?" "Claire Redfield? CLAIRE REDFIELD?! THAT'S MY SISTER!" "Oh...shit...."

"I oughta kill you!" "No wait! I haven't done anything to her! We're just friends!" "My ass! You're probably screwing her because you know you can get away with it because of this damn outbreak!" "I am not screwing her! She wants to screw me! WAIT I MEAN---." "WHAT?! So she has the hots for YOU?!" Chris cracked his knuckles, clenching his teeth. "I'm gonna beat your ass into the ground mother ****er." "Oh I'm sorry I'm so hot that every woman digs me you over-protective prick." "After I'm done with you, not even the ugly ones will want you!" Leon clenched his fists, grabbing a nearby wrench from the booth while Chris got his hands on a steel pipe. "This is not the time to fight Chris. Just put the pipe down and walk away." "I'll walk away after your blood is on the floor!"

Chris shouted and rushed at Leon, pulling his pipe back when suddenly he heard someone shout, "STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!" Chris and Leon looked in the direction of the voice to see Claire Redfield stand there, crying. "Chris! Stop it! Don't hurt Leon! Please don't!" "Claire? Where did you come from?" Leon asked. "I heard the train car arrive so I figured someone needed my help. Good thing I came so I could stop my crazy ass brother." Claire smiled and wiped her tears, gazing at Leon. Chris looked at the both of them, staring into each others' eyes, getting even more frustrated. "HEY! Don't you two ignore me! This is not happening! Not while I'm around!" "Oh shut up Chris! You've always been so annoying when it comes to me dating and stuff. You're just like dad!" "Claire how are you going to date a wuss like this? Next thing you know you'll be dating guys you meet on random islands and shit with stupid annoying voices." Leon then looked at him, saying, "Claire has the right to choose who she wants to be with! You can't control that!" Claire became shocked, thinking, "Is this really Leon? Is he really manning up?" "Just because you're her older brother doesn't give you the right to choose who she can and can't be with."

Claire ran up to Leon, hugging him tightly, smiling warmly. "Leon...." "Claire! What the hell! Get off him!" "Shut up Chris! I came all the way here to look for you but all I found was a huge jerkoff. Go find Jill Valentine or something." "Wait, Jill's here?" "Yeah. I met her yesterday." Chris began to sweat, getting nervous. He lied to Jill, saying he was going to head to Rockfort Island to pursue Albert Wesker but he really just wanted to get the hell out of Raccoon City. What a douche. "Uhh...gotta run! Leon, keep Claire safe or I'll destroy you." "Yeah man just leave. Please." Chris flipped him the bird before heading towards the train yard exit, thinking, "Okay. I have to get out of this city without running into Jill. That sounds easy right? Oh god...luck please be on my side."
Chapter 16: Lies

Jill Valentine was still in the train yard where Leon and Umbrella agent HUNK had made their departure. Her mind boggled, womdering if Leon was okay. She marched around on the platform back and forth in anxiety. Her good friend could have a knife in his heart right now or he could have fallen prey to a zombie. Jill's heart was racing when suddenly, something grasped her shoulder.

"I'm pretty sure Leon is going to be okay, Jill. He's got the survival skills to handle himself. I just lost Billy Coen but I realized I have to move on. Billy would want that," Rebecca said, trying to comfort her friend.

"You're right, Rebecca. Leon is an awesome guy so I think he should be okay. I just need to place my hope in him." Jill hugged Rebecca, taking a deep breath, pulling herself together.

"Jill, I'm going to head back to the safehouse to check on Ada. I'll see you later. Stay safe."

After Rebecca departed back to City Hall, Jill left the train station as well, cautiously walking through the Raccoon City Streets when suddenly she saw a mysterious figure. All she could see was an arm and part of a green vest in a drugstore that had been almost completely looted. The arm looked too clean to belong to a zombie so she opened the door to the drugstore, calling out, "Hello?" The figure turned around quickly and she instantly recognized him.



"You told me you were leaving the city like days ago! Actually, over a week ago! You lied to me?!"

"Jill! I can explain!"

"Really? Oh, I'm so excited to hear this incoming bullshit."

"Well, I was staying in the city to find more intel on Umbrella. Then the outbreak happened."

"What have you found so far then?"


Jill crossed her arms, getting frustrated with his sea of lies. "You're such a horrible liar Chris. You're really pissing me off. Why are you really here?"

"To be honest, I was trying to get out of the city because I know something like this would happen."

"So you're a coward then?" Jill responded.

Chris scratched his head awkwardly and said, "I think smart is the right word, not coward."

"So you didn't even think about myself, Rebecca, Brad, or Barry? I thought you were going after Wesker. I was so proud of you but now, you're just looking like a complete jackass."

"Well, you're stuck here too."

"Well I have a party of survivors, including Rebecca, unlike you. So you're in deeper shit than me, eh Chris?"

Chris frowned and asked, "Can you recruit me?"

"As if. After you lied to me? I don't think so."

"Oh come on! After all I've done for you in the Arklay Mountains incident?"

Jill pondered about the experience and then responded, "Chris you hogged all the herbs and first aid. You almost let Rebecca get killed by a hunter. You abandoned me when that giant snake showed up so Richard had to sacrifice his life to save me. You almost got Barry killed when Lisa Trevor showed up. You let Wesker escape. Chris, you didn't do a single helpful thing that entire mission."

"So you're just going to leave me out here?"

"Yeah, pretty much. Oh and by the way, your sister has the hots for me."

Chris's jaw dropped and Jill left the drugstore, swinging her sexy hips as Chris watched with feelings of betrayal, shock, confusion, and lust. "I was on top of her. Then I kissed her. Your sister's lips taste wonderful, Chris." At this point, Jill really wanted to go on to get back at him for all he's done but she just sighed and continued on, leaving her former partner behind.

Jill Valentine pressed on, deciding to investigate Raccoon City's park. Sure she could have been resting at her safe haven but she needed to work on getting out of the city. She knew that there wasn't going to be a military rescue. All hope was gone for that but she knew she could find a way out herself. Jill reached the park and heard a strange croaking sound. "It's probably a stupid leftover frog," she said to herself. Jill reached the fountain, placing her hands inside to get them wet, washing off her face for some relief when suddenly, the croaking sound drew nearer and nearer. The woman quickly turned around but saw nothing but the croaking was still present. "I hate nature so damn much sometimes." Jill turned back to the water, looking at her reflection when out of nowhere, she noticed something in the reflection, looming behind her as the croaking sound was extremely near. Sounding like it was right behind her. Jill turned around quickly to see a blue creature that looked amphibian-like.

She quickly reached for her gun but it was too late. The creature grabbed her and opened its mouth, shoving her inside and began to swallow her whole. Jill screamed at the top of her lungs, kicking her legs like a maniac as more and more of her was devoured. When the creature reached her waist it used its tongue to strip Jill of her weapons, spitting them out between the gap between its lips and her body. At this point, Jill had given up hope as the monster made a meal out of her, slurping the rest of her up into its awaiting stomach.

Jill was sitting n the creature's vile stomach juices, kicking its stomach walls angrily. The sounds of groans and gurgles filled the small space, causing Jill to get very afraid, fearing imminent digestion. She began to cry and give up until she suddenly heard someone outside the stomach say, "Wow. I guess you did become a Jill sandwich this time!"

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Chapter 17: Choosing Sides

"Barry?!" Jill shouted, desperately needing her friend's help.

"Don't worry Jill! I have...THIS!"

Suddenly, a knife appeared in front of her, having stabbed into the hunter gamma. The knife sliced a hole into its stomach, granting Jill escape. "Jill! Grab my hand!" Jill did so, letting Barry pull her out of the murky prison. She was on the floor, drenched in various disgusting fluids before Barry Burton helped her up and cleaned off as much as he could. "Are you okay, Jill?"

The woman gagged a little bit and responded, "...Yeah. Thanks Barry. You're a lifesaver. Literally."

"Don't mention it, just helping out a good friend."

"Why are you still here Barry?"

"Well, I was at home, calmly making a delicious tuna sandwich when all these zombies came out of nowhere! I was going to catch the next bus out of here with my family but the bus systems had been shut down because of the outbreak so I evacuated them and came back, looking for you, Brad, Chris, and Rebecca so we can all escape together."

Jill just sighed and said, "Brad's dead. Rebecca is with me and Chris is an asshole. He was trying to leave the city without us, just to save his own skin. I saw him like a little over an hour ago. He didn't even consider looking for us."

"Wow, I didn't think he was that much of a jerk." Barry then looked down, seeing Jill's dropped weapons and asked, "Hey is that my magnum?"

"Yeah, I found it back in our S.T.A.R.S office. I was borrowing it...but you can have it back."

Jill frowned and Barry noticed this, picking up the magnum and giving it to her with a smile. "You can keep it, Jill."

Jill cheered and hugged her friend when she suddenly heard a strange, faint screeching sound. She looked up to see a creature like the one before except this one was green and more lizard than frog-like. It screeched and jumped at Barry with its arm up, intending to decapitate him with a single blow.

"Barry!" Jill quickly picked her Samurai Edge off the floor, taking aim at the hunter. She held her breath, lining up the shot before she pulled the trigger. The pistol's bullet traveled through the air, heading towards the hunter's skull. To Jill, everything felt like it was in slow motion. She could see Barry turning around in the corner of her eye. She could see the hunter's arm moving up higher and higher. She could hear the whispering of the wind in the air. She was in the zone.

The pistol's bullet landed right in-between the hunter's eyes, dropping him instantly. In all that time, Barry didn't even get to fully turn around, standing there in shock. The hunter's now dead body landed right in front of him as Jill lowered her pistol, smiling at Barry. "Favor returned," she said.

Barry just laughed and gave Jill a pat on the shoulder. "Nice shot Jill! Now you're a lifesaver!"

Jill decided to take Barry back to her safe haven so he could join the rest of the group but when they got there, the whole place was trashed and Rebecca was aching in a corner. Jill quickly ran to her, kneeling down and asking her, "Rebecca?! What the hell happened here?!"

Rebecca coughed and replied, "Ada went all berserk again and left. Carlos went after her even though I tried my hardest to stop him. Jill, he could be trying to kill her, now that you can't get in the way."

Jill angrily punched the desk in the room before shouting, "Rebecca! You stay here and clean up. Barry and I will go after those two."

"Barry? Oh hey Barry!"

"What's goin' on?"

"You just heard what's going on..." Rebecca said.


Jill and Barry left City Hall, going back into the city streets.

"And just when I thought I could get a little relaxation," Jill said, sighing a little.

"So who is this Ada woman?" Barry asked, reloading his Samurai Edge.

"I'm actually not so sure as to who she is but she saved my life, almost sacrificing her own. Her name is Ada Wong. She just appeared out of nowhere when I was fighting this huge creature."

"Was it wearing a large trench coat? Looked bald? Grey? Kinda like a large human but weirdly sophisticated in a sense?"

"No, that's not it, except for the trench coat part. You're telling me there's another monster out there?"

"I guess so," Barry replied, "We better stay on out toes."

"Yeah, especially against the one I saw. Ada hurt it really bad but I believe it's still out there. It killed Brad and is going after S.T.A.R.S members. I guess I'm its primary target at the moment."

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