Resident Evil Fan-Fic: Jill's Last Escape

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Chapter 1

Jill Valentine was rummaging around her house, preparing for her horrifying journey that would change her life forever. She opened her bedroom drawer, her attitude changing from panic to anger as she had only one set of clothes left. “Dammit!” she shouted out loud, “I never got to do my laundry before the outbreak!” Jill removed a blue tube-top and a black mini-skirt from when she when out clubbing with Rebecca Chambers two years ago. She grew frustrated because she had gained weight since then but not in a bad kind of way. She sighed and slipped on the tight tube-top as it constricted tightly against her body, feeling like a second layer of skin. She then put on the also body-hugging mini-skirt and tied a white sweater around her waist just in case the temperature dropped.

Jill then headed downstairs with an assault rifle in hand as she exited the burning building, leaving her old home behind. “Where’s Chris when you need him? Seriously. He just had to leave to go stop Umbrella all by himself. He’s such a boy scout.” Jill then ran towards the police station when suddenly a zombie emerged from a sewer, grabbing her leg. Jill got angry, bashing open it’s head with the back of her assault rifle, causing the blood to flow onto her boots. “No! These were a gift! UGGGH!” She just brushed it off and headed through the Raccoon City Police Department gate.

Jill was about to enter the police station when she heard the gate open. In panic, she turned around and fired a few rounds as her heart raced. “OW! YOU F**ING SHOT ME! AGGGH!” “Brad? Brad Vickers? What the hell are you doing here?” “You shot me in the ing knee! What the * Jill?!” Jill blushed in embarrassment when suddenly she heard a huge stomping sound behind her. She turned around to see the biggest monstrosity she had ever laid eyes on. It was some kind of monster wearing a trench coat that looked like in lived in a cesspool. The monster growled, lashing a tentacle at Jill but she managed to dodge it, grabbing Brad instead.

“Jill! Jill! Help me! You owe me for shooting me in the damn knee!” Jill just smiled devilishly and said, “Karma sucks doesn’t it? You shouldn’t have left us back in that horrible mansion! You ran away like a little girl!” “AND I CAME BACK! You’d all be bloody remains if I had not saved your asses!” “Ugh, fine.” Jill sighed and aimed her assault rifle at the creature. She fired about five bullets, making the creature roar in agony when suddenly her weapon stopped. “Damn you’re out of luck Brad. It’s jammed.” “What do you mean it’s jammed?!” Brad shouted as he got pulled closer and closer to his demise. “Brad it was really nice meeting you. Well actually not really. I still hate you for grabbing my boobs at the awards ceremony. Oh and we all know you’re a virgin. Oh and Chris told me you have a tiny penis. I guess it reflects on your personality.” “YOU BIT---“ but Brad was cut off by a devastating punch to the face, silencing him before another was delivered by the monster. The creature then threw him down to the ground and demolished his face with the bottom of its boot. “S.T.A.R.S!” it grumbled loudly.

Jill looked up into the night sky. “Uh yeah there are stars out tonight. Are you like Frankenstein’s monster or something?” “S.T.AAAAAAAAA.R.S!!!” “Oh you mean S.T.A.R.S! Yeah I’m a member of S.T.A.R.S. What of it?” But then Jill thought to herself and said, “Wait. You’re made by Umbrella aren’t you? And you want S.T.A.R.S? OH SHIT!” Jill combat rolled past the creature, dodging its punch and entered the police station, boarding up the doors. She leaned up against the wall and breathed heavily, trying to get herself under control as the monster pounded on the door. “I have to get out of here. This is my last chance to escape.”

[One and a half hours later…]

Jill had made her way to a diner that she thought was abandoned. As she navigated through the bar area she could hear a faint humming coming from the kitchen. She got her rifle ready, pushing the door open slowly with her foot when the humming suddenly stopped. She aimed down her sight, looking down through the kitchen area when someone or something suddenly grabbed her.

To be continued...
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Can't stop laughing for real :laugh:

Dat Brad lol :laugh:

damn Brad did you fall from heven because yo face is ed up!

good job there Mizore

Thanks! The way Nemesis killed Brad is how he executes you in Operation Raccoon City 8)

Ok not bad, not bad. Keep it up

Hopefully I'll add another installment today.

Damn homework be bringing me down >:/

AY, AY, AY, Take dis sheet to capcom unity 4realz.
Jk this was pretty cool.

Thanks Kzaoo :top:

Chapter 2

Jill looked down at her wrist to see a black, finger-less glove gripping it and then she heard someone behind her say with an accent, "Hey lady! What are you doing out here?! Don't you know it isn't safe?" Jill grabbed the man's hand and quickly removed it, turning around quickly and delivering a fierce slap to the man's face. "Ow! What the hell did you do that for?!" "Don't you lay a hand on me you dirty Mexican!" "Mexican? Excuse me but I am definitely not Mexican! Just because I have an accent doesn't make me Mexican!" "Whatever! Don't you dare lay another hand on me!" "You don't have to tell me twice...."

"So who the hell are you Miss?" the man asked. "Jill. Jilll Valentine. I was a member of the R.P.D S.T.A.R.S unit. And you?" "Carlos. Carlos Oliviera. I'm a mercenary for Umbrella." Jill's eyes grew wide after that name. She tackled him to the floor, smacking him with her palms. "Umbrella?! UMBRELLA?! I ****ING HATE UMBRELLA!" Carlos struggled to get her off saying, "I'm only a mercenary! We were sent to rescue civilians! I'm not USS Jill!" "What the **** is a USS?!" "The USS are the Umbrella Security Service! Umbrella sends them in when things get a little out of hand! If anything bad is being done you can blame them, not me!" Jill thought for a second but chose to believe him, refraining from hitting him anymore. She sat there, straddling his body. "Can you get off me now please?" Jill blushed a little and said, "Could I stay on for a little longer?" "What? Why?!" "Because--" "Oh I see. Look we don't have time to satisfy your desires right now Jill. There is a zombie apocalypse going on outside. But I don't blame you. All the foxxy ladies love my accent." Jill, being embarrassed, got off Carlos, brushing herself off. "Look I need to head to the Raccoon City Police Station. I trust that you'll be okay by yourself?" "Sure! I'm a pro at this zombie-killing thing. Just look out for that huge ugly thing running around. It keeps wanting stars for some reason. Who knows." Jill's stomach twisted a little at the thought of Nemesis. She searched the diner for some water, grabbing a bottle from under the bar and chugged it down quickly before heading out the door. "Damn she was sexy," Carlos said, "Best body I've seen in months."

Jill Valentine traveled to the police station in a stealthy matter in order to prevent Nemesis from detecting her. She entered the police station through the back, heading to the S.T.A.R.S room. When she arrived, she opened the door slowly, covering the area with her readied pistol but she realized no one was inside. After making sure the room was clear, she went to her desk to find her Samurai Edge that was custom built for her by Kendo's gunship. In pure delight she grabbed the weapon and twirled it around her finger. Chris Redfield had bought the gun as a gift for her after she had saved his life on one of their search and rescue missions. It was quite a pricey pistol and could only be special ordered. It has "The Master of Unlocking" engraved on it. After retrieving her prize, she opened the weapons closet and looked down. "Oh my god it must be Christmas." Jill reached down to the bottom shelf and retrieved her fellow S.T.A.R.S's member's weapon, a powerful magnum owned by the lovable Barry Burton. Jill tucked the Samurai Edge into her tube-top safely, exiting the room when she heard a noise coming up the stairs.

Feeling more than confident, Jill readied her new magnum, aiming down her sight at the top of the flight of the stairs. She was about to fire when she noticed she was looking at quite a sight for lady eyes. The most handsome man arrived, donning a R.P.D police uniform. He turned to see Jill and readied his handgun quickly. "Identify yourself!" the man shouted. "Mmm how about I learn your name first big boy." Jill said seductively. "Uhhh...Leon Kennedy. Raccoon City Police Department. My first day here and I'm not having fun." "Well my name's Jill Valentine. I was also part of the RPD. The S.T.A.R.S Unit." "Wow! The legendary Jill Valentine! You and Barry Burton are like my heroes!" "You said you were having a bad day?" "Of course! They all told me to be a police officer! They said it would be easy and look what happened!" "Well I've got a present for you. Something that can help you." "Really? What is it?" Jill winked and looked down into her chest. "Reach in and find out for yourself." "Excuse me?" "You heard me. You do want the present don't you?" "Yeah but.....can't you take it out yourself?" Jill walked closer to Leon, getting face to face. The closer she got, the more excited she became. "Okay this is getting kinda awkward." Leon said. Jill pressed up onto him, licking his neck slowly. "I need an adult!" Leon cried. "I am an adult," Jill exclaimed sensually.

Will Leon stop being made and accept?

Will Carlos lose his accent again out of nowhere like in Re3?

Will Nemesis ever catch Jill?

Will iVital masturbate to the next scene?

Keep following the story to find out in the next installment of JILL'S LAST ESCAPE
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I'm mad, but laughing my ass off at the same time :rofl:

I never fap to Jill, unless she's being eaten by another RE character :|

Out of all people you should know that :mad:


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"And a handsome young man"

Ah Lord I knew it was gonna be Leon. Typical Mizore's

Now this was hilarious, keep it up :)

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WARNING: Alright so this next chapter is gonna be a bit naughty. There is no sexual content in it though but if you still don't like readin some kissing, arousal, etc look the other way like the wuss you are :mullet:

Nah you're not a wuss. Just heed the warning though.

Chapter 3

“Calm down,” Jill sighed lovingly, “Let me make everything all better. She reached up and grabbed his head softly, causing Leon to retaliate by pulling her hand way lightning-fast. “No! Not the hair. Never touch the hair!” Jill licked her lips and said, “But that’s one of the hottest things about you. A man who can take care of himself so well is always a huge turn-on.” Leon became unbelievably awkward after that, letting Jill retain full control.

“D—D—Don’t you have something to do Ms. Valentine?” Leon asked nervously. “Yeah, I’m taking care of my business right now.” Leon looked down at Jill’s top. If her breasts were prominent enough he also noticed how erect her nipples were as she rubbed them on him. Jill moved in, using her tongue first. She licked Leon’s neck slowly and deeply while Leon turning his head away in fear, cringing like a baby. Jill giggled quietly in pure delight because she had always loved to have to dominant role like when she was with Carlos earlier.

After she finished off with his neck, leaving it dripping and moist, her next target was his mouth. Jill moved her face closer to his, locking lips with him. Even after so much action and seduction towards him, Leon was still backing out. Jill navigated the inside of his mouth with her antsy tongue, trying to find his own that was avoiding hers the hardest it could. Giving up, she decided to retract her tongue and just enjoy the lip-to-lip action that she was forcing on him.

After about five, long minutes of this, Jill let go of his lips but still held onto him passionately. Leon’s heart was racing in confusion but he suddenly decided to embrace her as well. Jill smiled at this, closing her eyes and resting her head on his chest. Leon stroked her hair softly and rubbed her exposed upper back. “This actually isn’t that bad,” Leon said in relief but still very shyly.

Leon moved his hands down Jill’s body nervously, eventually groping her rear. Jill startled a little, moaning softly when Leon suddenly noticed a shadow move past a window near them. Leon was about to react when he felt something soft make contact with his fingertips. He turned slowly to see one of Jill’s now bare breasts being held in place by his own hand! “Agh! Jill! What are you doing?!” Jill was standing in front of him, blushing red across the middle of her face cutely. She had pulled down her tube-top slightly, letting one of her pillows squeeze its way out. “Please. Don’t let go….” “WAAAAH?! Jill!!!”

Then suddenly Leon heard the window crash, shrapnel flying across the room in all directions as the Nemesis entered violently, wielding a rocket launcher. “What the flying **** is that?!” Leon screamed. Jill regained herself, pulling her top back up quickly before saying, “Sorry baby. Gotta go. It was fun! Try and stay in one piece for me okay?” Jill threw him her S.T.A.R.S business card and then gestured “Call me” to him before jumping gracefully out the window. “STAAAAAAAAAAAARS!!!” shouted the Nemesis before pursuing her. Leon was left standing alone in the hallway, his nose slightly bleeding. “….Wow.”


Damn it looked a lot longer on paper :laugh:

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Anything you guys would like to see?

Remember it's a comedy so your imagination can run wild. Just calm yourself lol don't say you want Wesker to appear on a rainbow with Ashley in his arms.

And remember this story is pure Resident Evil. No crossovers.

If you want to suggest something really specific feel free to PM me it so you won't spoil it for the other readers.


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I expected more writing, it was like 3 chapters then 4 other pages of trolling :rofl:

Also, Nemesis just wanted to join them.

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I expected more writing, it was like 3 chapters then 4 other pages of trolling :rofl:

Also, Nemesis just wanted to join them.

Lmao right? :laugh:

But I'll definitely be releasing an update tomorrow. I'm pretty motivated to continue this fanfic because it's a comedy so I can do whatever the hell I want when it comes to making up the plot :mullet:

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Chapter 4: Catfight

Jill Valentine sprinted down the street in front of the R.P.D station as Nemesis pursued her. She hurdled car hood and other objects, not having the time to comfortably move them out of the way since for a large creature, the Nemesis had great speed for its size. "STAAAAARS!" Nemesis roared before grabbing a nearby taxi cab. His hands crushed the taxi like it was made of tin foil. He then tossed it at Jill, making it seem like it was as light as a feather. Jill turned her head, finding the creature's strength to be unreal before she rolled on the floor, letting the huge yellow pile of scrap metal fly over her head. "That was too close," Jill said, breathing heavily. "I can't risk staying and fighting. I need to find a safehouse, fast!"

Jill exerted all her energy, running at full speed into an abandoned warehouse. She put both her elbows in front of her, bursting through the main doors. After successfully entering, she quickly pushed around some crates quietly to blockade the entrance to keep the Nemesis out. The Nemesis used its features to scan the area but it had lost the former S.T.A.R.S operative. It growled and headed in the other direction, searching for its prey as it mumbled "STARS" under its breath. Jill was sitting against the wall, breathing harder than ever and sweating profusely. She wiped the sweat off her forehead with her elbow, shaking it afterwards to dry it. Jill then removed her Samurai Edge from her tube-top, tapping it against the ground lightly, trying to think of a plan when she suddenly heard a gunshot from the conference room above her.

Jill Valentine became alert, placing her magnum inside her tube-top as she readied her pistol. Her feet hit the warehouse stairs lightly, trying to sneak up on whoever was making the noise. When she reached the door to the conference room she reached out one of her arms, pushing against it softly when she heard someone say, "Dammit! I'm out of ink ribbons! Yet I find some stupid gun powder every five steps! I don't even need this stuff!" Jill slowly moved her head to get a good look inside, only her eye being exposed when she saw the back of a woman wearing a red vest that said "Made in Heaven" on the back. The woman also had prominent red hair that was fixed into a cute ponytail. "She reminds me of someone," Jill thought to herself, "She kinda reminds me of......CHRIS!" "She's young too! Could that be...?" But then suddenly, the woman was aware of Jill's presence, turning around quickly and pointing her grenade launcher at the doorway. "Who's there? You better come out quietly or I'll blow you to pieces! I'm not even lying!"

"Okay! Okay!" Jill responded, "I'll come out quietly." Jill placed her gun on the ground in front of the doorway, only exposing her arm. "See? I'm not going to hurt you." The woman nodded and lowered her gun. "That's a good girl," Jill said. After disarming herself except for the concealed magnum in you-know-where, Jill stepped to the right, revealing herself entirely, making Claire open her eyes entirely. "What? What's wrong?" Jill asked. "Uhh....why are you wearing those clothes? It looks like your top is about to explode." the woman chuckled. "I had nothing else to wear! At least I have a body!" The woman gave her a look of mixed feelings of confusing and anger with a hint of jealously. "Umm excuse me but just because my proportions aren't over-sized like yours doesn't mean I don't have a body of my own." "Whatever. Who are you anyway? My name is Jill Valentine." "Jill Valentine?! Then you know my brother Chris! Chris Redfield!" "Oh so you must be Claire! I knew you looked familiar! Chris has told me a lot about you!" "Yeah I came her to search for my brother. I ran into a police officer named Leon Kennedy. We've been working together, trying to get out of this hellhole."

As soon as Jill heard the name Leon, erotic thoughts started to flush into her mind, almost making her lose her concentration. "Leon...Kennedy? How is he?" "OH MY GOD he is like the reincarnation of an angel. The only downside is that I've seen fourth grade girls more brave than him. He has to like keep himself at least five feet away from me at all times. One time I was being grabbed by one of those zombies and it took him a good minute to finally muster up the courage to pull me out, just because he was afraid of touching me." "Yeah I remember how hard I had to force myself ont----I mean...." "Wait! What did you just say?" "Nothing! Nothing at all! I don't know any Leon S. Kennedy!" "I never told you his middle name...." "Oh shit."

"You-----you----big tittied, fat-assed bimbo! What have you done to Leon?!" Claire shouted. "Hey hey woah clam down Claire. If it makes you feel any better Leon did start to enjoy it. Oh wait, that sucks for you." Jill laughed evilly, holding her stomach as she did. "ERRRGH!! Leon was supposed to be mine! I was working so hard to make him like me! How the hell did you get him to fall for you in like ten minutes?!" Jill smirked and pointed to her body and face before saying, "Who WOULDN'T want a piece of this? I'm no slut but getting men to fall for me has always been easy as cake." "You are a slut! Look how you're dressed! There's a freakin zombie outbreak outside! How can you even run in that let alone keep it in one piece from all the stretching!" "Hey! I told you I had nothing else to wear! These clothes are over two years old! At least I'm not some stupid-looking biker girl! The biker look was so five years ago. Made in heaven my ass."

Claire had finally snapped. She grabbed Jill by her top and slapped her fiercely, leaving a large, red hand print on Jill's soft cheek. "Ow! What the hell?! You really want to fight? Chris taught me some tricks you know!" "He taught me as well! I guess it will be a fair match!" Jill growled and grabbed Claire by her ponytail, bring her towards her as she met the side of Claire's head with her fist. Claire screeched in pain before throwing her leg back, kicking Jill right in the crotch, making her fall to her knees. Jill clutched it in extreme pain before shouting, "Agh! God dammit! You fight dirty!" "Should have thought about wearing a slutty mini-skirt next time." Jill then took a heavy, deep breath and clutched Claire's ankle, bringing her to the floor as well. Claire's head hit the cement floor hard, the drawn blood being concealed by her red hair but that wasn't enough to stop her. "Let go of me bazooka girl!" Jill jumped on top of Claire, pressing her elbow against Claire's neck. "Just surrender before you get seriously hurt little girl."

Jill decided to tease her, she completely relaxed herself, knowing she was twice as strong as the little sister. She opened her legs to straddle the helpless red-head while she used her finger to twirl her brown hair, whistling nonchalantly. "Ugh! Get off of me!" Claire tried to connect a punch to Jill's head but Jill quickly grabbed both of Claire's wrist, pinning her to the floor forcefully. "You're way out of your league Claire. You might as well give up Leon. He's mine." "Well maybe if your ass didn't weight half as much as me I could actually push you off!" Jill blushed angrily and said loudly, "Shut up! It's not that big!" "Seriously?! What the **** do you eat everyday?!" "I said shut up! You're just jealous!" Claire then blushed herself, knowing that was completely true. She became highly frustrated before saying, " win. You can have Leon...." "YES! Jill Valentine wins again." The two of them then became silent, still in the same position. "Oh right I should get off you now." Claire then said softly, " this is fine. I don't mind...." Jill smirked and laughed softly. "Excuse me?" "'s actually kinda comfortable with you on top of me, you know with your body and all. It's so soft.....and.....and...." "Juicy?" Claire blushed even harder when Jill got off. "Yeah uh Claire I don't swing that way. No offense." Claire's face was now the same color as her hair as she curled up in a ball in embarrassment. Jill sighed, scratching the back of her head awkwardly. She grabbed Claire's wrist and hoisted her up slowly. Claire cried softly and looked at her in confusion when suddenly, Jill's lips met hers, giving her a slow but light, passionate kiss. Jill certainly didn't swing both ways but she was one that couldn't see someone cry like that so she'd always cheer them up, no matter what she had to do. Claire jumped a little but kissed back, embracing Jill softly when Jill finished. "Yeah ummm, that's all you're going to get out of me," Jill whispered, "I just couldn't see you like that. Especially since your Chris's sister and all." Claire squeaked in glee and hugged Jill tightly. Jill just chuckled awkwardly, stroking Claire's hair smoothly when suddenly she heard the sound of a helicopter...

To be continued...


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Bonus Chapter: BFF's and a Black Guy (Not really)

William Birkin was in his lab, working on his precious G-Virus when there was a knock on the door. "Yes? Who is it?" Birkin asked. "Who do you think it is? It's your best friend asshole! Who else sounds like this?" a voice on the other side shouted. "Wesker? YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Birkin rushed to the door, opening it swiftly. "Birkin! Wassup ma man?!" Wesker and Birkin both exchanged their signature handshake, taking a good minute. Their hands moved in all sorts of unique motions and they never shared their handshake with anyone else. "Wesker! I haven't seen you in forever bro! How was that whole thing with the mansion?" "Ugh, it didn't go too well. Chris and Jill messed up the whole damn thing. I still got a little souvenir though." Wesker quickly dashed with superhuman speed to the other side of the room, pounced off the wall with one leg and back towards Birkin in under five seconds.

"Holy shit dude!" Birkin yelled, "That's ****ing AWESOOOME!" "I know right?! And I'm still myself too!" "Can I ask you something though man? How the hell did Jill and Chris triumph? I thought you let a bunch of idiots only join the S.T.A.R.S team?" "I thought exactly the same thing! Barry is so easy to manipulate, Rebecca is a damn 17-year-old, Brad was a pussy. He even left everyone behind but then came back to save them! Kenneth was a dumbass. He couldn't even handle one zombie by himself! Forest got killed by birds! Joseph didn't even make it inside the mansion! And Jill would have been killed if it weren't for Richard! She was about to be gobbled down by a GIANT ****ING SNAKE! Don't ask me how it got there either. There was so much dumbphuck shit in that mansion that I just hung out in the basement until freakin Chris and Jill showed up and watched me get almost killed by that damn Tyrant! Can you believe Chris blew it up with a rocket launcher? What kind of superior B.O.W is that?!"

"That sucks man! Well, I'm working on something even better! It's called the G-virus and it's far superior to the T-virus! Just imagine how much power this could give me and it won't make me into a mindless zombie!" "Are you sure William?" "Yes I'm sure! The T-Virus worked fine on you so I don't see why my even more developed virus wouldn't keep me safe and strong." "Alright man just be careful. You've been cooped up inside this lab too much. Go out and evacuate the city when you can. I've been hearing a lot of commotion outside. I think Umbrella even deployed something." "The Nemesis? Oh yeah it's quite a monster. I don't know too much about it though or why they deployed it. It's designed to track down and kill a specific target so Umbrella wants some unlucky bastard dead." "Yeah well I gotta go Birkin." Wesker embraced Birkin in one of their epic bro-hugs and they exchanged the handshake one more time. Wesker fist-bumped the scientist and headed out the door as Birkin waved goodbye and continued his work.

[About an hour later...]

" precious G-virus is now complete! All this work and research have finally come to an end!" Birkin said triumphantly to himself. He was about to pack up and leave when the door to his lab was forcibly opened. Birkin quickly turned around to see a man standing in the doorway, completely dressed in black. "Doctor Birkin. My name is HUNK. Umbrella has sent me to collect the G-virus." Hunk said. "No! You will not take my G-virus away from me!" "'re working for Umbrella. Your work is theirs." "No! I've worked too hard on it to just give it away!" HUNK sighed and lowered his weapon before saying, "Doctor. Just give us the damn virus. Then we can evacuate you safely and you can make some more somewhere." "Wait...that actually kinda makes sense." "See? So give me the briefcase and we can all get out of here and you can see your wife Annette. We will evacuate her as well." Birkin smiled happily and handed HUNK the briefcase. "Okay so where are we headed?"

After receiving the briefcase HUNK kicked Birkin to the ground, shooting him with his sub-machine gun a few times. "You ain't goin nowhere ya dumbass nigga! There's only so much room on the helicopter coming to rescue us and me and my boys are all gettin a spot BIATCH!!" HUNK laughed and turned around, starting to head towards the door when he suddenly heard some shuffling behind him. He turned around to see William Birkin, injecting himself with a vial of G-virus before saying, "I knew I couldn't trust you. NOW YOU'RE GOING TO PAY!" "Ho-----ly shit. SHOOT DAT MOTHA ****A BOYS!!" HUNK's team started to unload bullets on Birkin but before a single one could reach him, Birkin was already behind them, picking them off one by one with his bare hands. "Oh hell yeah! I'm even faster than Wesker!" Birkin shouted as he plunged his hand through one of HUNK's squad member's heart, "You better run assholes! I AM UNSTOPPABLE!"

HUNK panicked, quickly running to the exit with the briefcase full of virus vials in hand when Birkin suddenly appeared in front of him. "Where do you think you're going?" Birkin said while a smirk formed across his face. He then grabbed HUNK by the neck, lifting him up off the ground. "Always the last one alive and always running. Well guess what? I'm going to make your death nice and slow." Birkin moved his arm back, ready to attack when suddenly he dropped to the floor, clutching his arm in extreme pain. "AGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!" he screamed. HUNK took advantage of this, darting up the ladder whispering, "Death cannot die." Birkin was on both his knees as he began to mutate from the affects of the virus. A red, giant disgusting eyeball began to emerge from his arm, making him puke blood in disgust all over the floor in front of him. His body started to widen and all his features became atrocious as he became a monster. When the transformation was complete, Birkin was completely mindless, grabbing the nearest thing he could find as a weapon, a large steel pipe connected to the wall. He smashed through the wall with his new weapon, looking for something...


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No Jeeeeeeeeel D:

I lost my boner after finding out there was no Jill in this update, BUT! It was still good. Hunk being badass. Unlike in ORC.. were the douche runs the entire game.. :|

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Chapter 5: Meet the Russian

The sound of rotating helicopter blades filled the air as Jill Valentine rushed to the warehouse exit. Her hand met the doorknob, ready to turn it when suddenly Claire grabbed her wrist. Jill turned around, feeling a little annoyed when Claire asked, "Are we going to see each other again? I want to be able to spend some time with you after all this!" Jill rolled her eyes and chuckled saying, "I promise we will meet again. You are Chris's sister after all." She then patted Claire on the head, smiling at her. Claire responded by hugging Jill tightly one last time before she had to leave. Jill patted Claire on the back and opened the door, exiting the warehouse.

When she finally left, she ran to the street, looking up in the air to see a helicopter landing on top of the Raccoon City Hospital. "That could be rescue!" she shouted happily. "If it is, I'll come back for Claire. She may be a little too attached to me though. But then again, who isn't? I remember this guy in a bar I went to named Paul. He must have hit on me for at least thirty minutes straight. Good thing Chris chased him off. He was pretty cute though...." Jill shook her head, trying to get back into focus. "Okay no more screwing around! I need to get to that helipad! Someone could be looking for survivors."

After making sure her weapons were tucked in safely, Jill rushed to the hospital, knocking over any zombies that crossed her path in order to save time and ammunition. Whenever a zombie happened to grab her she retaliated by pushing it off her, kicking it to the ground and curb-stomping its head. The bottom of her right boot was not a pretty sight as it was covered with much blood and rotting flesh. Jill finally reached the dark, gritty leftovers of what was once Raccoon City Hospital. She went through the front doors and looked around to see many zombies feasting on bloody dead corpses of hospital patients that couldn't make it out. The thought of those poor souls being left behind make Jill feel a little depressed but there was no room or time for sympathy. Jill removed her Samurai Edge from her top and made her way to the stair case.

After reaching the bottom of the stairs, Jill looked up to see the journey ahead of her. Luckily since heavy doors separated the stair cases from the main parts of the hospital, no zombies were able to access them, leaving her a clear straight shot to the helipad. A straight shot composed of many, many steps. Jill sighed in frustration, placing her foot on the first step. "C'mon Jill, it's only stairs. Stop being so damn lazy," she said to herself, trying to push herself. Jill took a deep breath, starting to walk up the stairs at a moderate pace. Everything was just fine and dandy until she was about three-quarters of the way there. Her body became visibly sweaty, her top becoming a darker blue because of it being drenched in her fluid. Jill raised her arm and used it to wipe the sweat off her forehead, flinging it towards the ground. Being so exhausted, she grasped the railing next to her, falling onto one knee. She flung her hair back, out of her face as she breathed heavily. Jill Valentine was certainly in shape but the amount of stairs was just unreal, even for her. After about five minutes of recovering, she got back up on two feet. She grasped one of her breasts with her hand, feeling the wet warmth of the area as she cringed in disgust. She could not wait to change into some new clothes after all this was over. After giving herself an analysis, she took the sleeve of sweater wrapped around her waist and wiped her face of the moisture.

It was now or never. Jill tied the sweater tightly and gave her both her cheeks a light smack with her palms, getting herself back in the zone. She clenched her teeth, starting to run as fast as she could up the stairs, exerting the remainder of her energy into a quick burst, blasting through the door to the helipad. After her body made short work of the door, she tripped and fell to the ground, landing next to the helicopter. Her eyes closed slowly, drifting off to sleep, her body not being able to function anymore.


After about a two-hour long forced nap, Jill woke up in the same spot but she felt much colder than before. She rolled over onto her back, opening her eyes to see that she was in her mere lingerie! Jill screeched at the top of her lungs, panicking as her heart raced. "What the hell happened?! Where are my clothes?!" Jill thought loudly to herself. After about a minute of thrashing on the helicopter angrily and in fear of what happened during the time she was out, she stood up, giving her body a quick, deep look to come up with a prediction of what happened. After the analysis she concluded that someone had only removed her clothes, nothing else. Jill sighed in pure relief, pulling one of her blue bra straps closer to her neck when she noticed that they stripped her of her weapons too. "Mother ****ers! They took BOTH my weapons so now I'm not only in my underwear, looking like a fool but I'm completely defenseless!"

Jill was about to give up on everything when she turned around, noticing that the helicopter had not changed position. "Maybe the pilot did this?" she asked herself. Jill went up to the tinted window, trying to get a peek inside. Being frustrated, she grabbed a nearby crowbar off the helipad and swung towards the window. Right before the crowbar could make contact with it Jill felt a violent, tingling sensation in her bottom. Jill struggled to turn around, seeing that she had been shot by a taser, the hooks of it penetrating her skin. Jill dropped to the floor immediately, flailing around on the floor when she heard someone say, "I can't have you damaging my helicopter. It's my only ticket out of here." Jill could not respond due to the fact that the man was pumping volts and volts into her body via the taser wire. She slowly turned her head to the side, seeing a man in a uniform similar to Carlos's step out of the shadows.

The man had a unique look to him and a obvious accent. It wasn't hard for Jill to tell that he was Russian. The man had white hair but his facial features made him look young so his age must be something hard to guess. Jill wanted to shout and scream at the man for what he was doing to her but the taser still had her under his control. "Your struggles are useless, Jill Valentine," the man said. Jill gave him a look of horror, wanting to ask how he knew her name but he had already began to answer. "I know what you're thinking. How does he knows my name? Well Jill, I know everything about you. You are quite a key factor in this whole outbreak which is why Umbrella sent that Nemesis unit after you to dispose of you. I bet you're also wondering what happened to your clothes and weapons." The man reached into his holster and removed Jill's Samurai Edge handgun. "Quite a remarkable weapon you have here. I heard that they were only available at Kendo's Gun Shop but this one was specifically designed for you. My name is Nicholai but that's all I'm telling you and I stripped you of your equipment. Wouldn't want you fighting back or trying anything funny."

Nicholai stopped the taser but kept the wire in her skin. Jill was drooling at the mouth and still twitching about every three seconds. Nicholai knew that she was in no state to fight so he opened the door to his helicopter, removing her clothes from the seat. He folded them and placed them near her side and placed her handgun and magnum on top. He then got close to her saying, "My client wants you dead and is willing to pay me a great sum of money if I'm the one to kill you. Luckily, I'm in a good mood today and your death is only a secondary, unnecessary objective. I could kill you right now if I wanted to." Nicholai reached into one of the pockets of his vest and removed a handkerchief. Her used it to wipe the drool off Jill's mouth. "I'll be taking this as a DNA sample so I can tell my client that I did take you out. But if I see you again, trying to interrupt my work, I won't hesitate to shoot you."

Nicholai moved his hand to Jill's rear, removing the taser hooks carefully. The leftover wounds bled a little but he sealed them with a bandage from the first-aid kit on his helicopter. He then made one last trip to the chopper, removing a thick, fleece blanket, covering Jill with it but Jill was too drowsy and damaged to respond. "I may not seem like it but I have class. I cannot just leave a woman out here to freeze to death. Hope that we won't meet again, Jill Valentine." Nicholai headed back to the chopper, sitting in the c0ckpit, activating the controls. The rotor blades started to spin and he lifted off into the air and into the sky, leaving Jill on the helipad, helpless and defeated.
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