Resident Evil Fan-Fic: Jill's Last Escape


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You're luck you don't live in Georgia, and I'm setting some money aside for a flight to New Jersey or either hire a Hitman soon which ever is cheaper. :twisted:

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Oh shit

I remember reading the first few chapters of this way back when, but I didn't know this has all these chapters

It'll be a while before I finish this fanfic lol

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Chapter 19: Judgment

Carlos Oliviera was sitting on a bench in the clocktower’s courtyard, smoking his last cigarette, the cold wind flowing through his hair. He took a deep breath after pulling the cigarette out of his mouth, looking down at his watch. “I need to take her out soon, whether Jill likes it or not.” Carlos brushed off his pants before suddenly hearing a rustling in the bushes ahead. He grabbed his gun out of his holster quickly, but quietly. Squinting to try and get a better look, he could make out a blonde man, wearing a pair of dark sunglasses. He whispered to himself, “What the hell is that guy doing, wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night?” He then looked closer after the rustling had stopped to see the barrel of a sniper rifle and the glare of the moon reflect off the scope. Acting quickly, he threw his cigarette onto the ground before diving behind the fence as the man pulled the trigger, causing a loud sound to erupt and echo as the sniper launched the .50 caliber bullet at the bench, tearing through the corner. Carlos had luckily evaded the bullet, looking up to see the figure making their escape. He took a deep sigh, digging his face into the floor, sweating hard for a few minutes before he felt something on his back.

Carlos turned his head slightly, noticing it was a boot. A familiar one in fact. He then felt a hand grab his hair roughly as he was pulled up to his feet, standing in front of Jill herself who delivered a harsh slap across one of his cheeks. Jill clenched her teeth before screaming, “Why did you do it Carlos?! Why did you have to kill him?! Because he was helping me?”

Carlos rubbed his face before shouting, “What the hell are you talking about, Jill?! Killed who?! I was sitting outside here the whole time!”

Jill began to tear as her face grew red in anger and frustration. “Barry! You killed him right in front of me! You wanted to eliminate him because he was helping me find you and Ada!”

Carlos just sighed before shaking his head, replying, “I wasn’t even inside the clock tower, but someone else was. He tried to pick me off too as I was just sitting her on this bench. Look.” Carlos pointed to the damaged bench from the sniper bullet and the remnants of broken wood around it on the ground. “See? It couldn’t have been me.”

Jill simply broke out into tears, grabbing Carlos and wrapping her arms around him as her tears dripped down his combat vest. Carlos became shocked, just deciding to give a hug back, rubbing her back in sympathy. And besides, who could turn down a hug from such a lovely woman? “I know this is going to sound cliché, but Barry was a good man, Jill. I know he was one of your favorite partners, no?”

Jill sniffed before letting out her words. “He’s saved me multiple times back in the Arklay Mansion incident. He even had a daughter, Carlos! A family! He didn’t deserve to die! They should have taken me instead!”

“Don’t say that, Jill. Be glad you’re alive. Barry would want you to keep on going. If it would make you feel any better, I saw who did it. I got to make out a little of his appearance.”

Jill looked up at Carlos, her lip quivering. “Wha---What did he look like?”

“Well, he had blonde hair, slicked back, and a pair of sunglasses on. He also must have been wearing darker clothing because his body looked like a silhouette from where I was, know what I mean?”

Jill clenched her fist, remembering the Arklay Mansion incident and who was involved. The traitor to the S.T.A.R.S members of Alpha and Bravo team. “…Wesker.”

“Wesker? Who’s that? The sniper? It’s Wesker? Friend of yours?”

“Far from. He betrayed us back in the Arklay Mansion and many of us died from Forest to Enrico because of him. He’s nothing but pure scum. When I get my hands on him….”

“Well Jill, I need to go. I’ve got business to take care of.” Carlos was about to turn around and walk away when Jill tackled him to the floor, straddling his body, keeping him down with her weight. “Jill?! What the hell are you doing?!”

“Rebecca told me all about what you’re planning to do, Carlos! You’re planning to go after Ada, and dispose of her! I won’t let that happen!”

“What the hell are you going to do to me then? Sit on me until I submit?” Carlos pushed her off, getting up and brushing off his clothes. “As much as I’d love you on top of me Jill, you can’t stop me---.” Suddenly, Carlos felt his hand being put together and a clasping sound. He tried to move his arms but he couldn’t realizing he was in handcuffs. He turned his head to hear Jill, giggling.
“Didn’t think I’d come prepared, huh? These were left over from when I was still a S.T.A.R.S member. You’re not going anywhere on my watch, you smug asshole.”

Carlos struggled, trying to break free as he shouted, “Oh come on, Jill! You can’t do this to me! I helped you! I told you who the sniper was!”

“So? You really think I’m going to just let you loose on the hunt for Ada? You’re an idiot, Carlos. I’m taking you back to City Hall and I’ll free you when I see fit.”

“**** you, Jill Valentine! I hope Ada eats you alive! That’s what she is! A monster! Nothing more! A freak as a matter of fact! A rabid dog that needs to be put dow---!” Carlos was silenced by a hard kick to the crotch, causing him to drop to the floor, cringing in pain and Jill stood above him, hands on her hips. “That shut you up. Now be a good boy and cooperate.” Jill dragged him by his collar to a nearby abandoned police car. She grabbed his assault rifle from his back and used the butt to bash open the window, reaching her hand in to pull the lock to open the door. She shoved Carlos into the passenger seat, busting open under the steering wheel to hot-wire the vehicle. She tied the correct lines together, eventually starting the car and shifting into gear, heading out as someone watched them take off.
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That first paragraph was sexy.

Also you have Wesker in the build? Oh shit :twisted: Jillian and her womanly emotions are rampaging lol

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Chapter 20: Revenge and a Cure

The night was still looming over as the car had run out of gas, leaving them in the Raccoon City Hospital parking lot, right next to the entrance to the emergency room. Jill sighed, gripping the steering wheel before moving her hand to the radio, trying to tune into a station. All of the frequencies were fuzzy, due to the fact that the radio towers were disabled because of the widespread panic and destruction of the outbreak. After her futile attempts to acquire a signal, she was annoyed by Carlos's shouts from the back of the police car, still being in handcuffs. "Jill! Are you listening to me?! Let me out of these damn cuffs, you crazy chica!"

"Forget it, Carlos. You made me do it. You weren't going to stop, so, I chose to take action."

"I saved you, and this is what you do to me?"

"You saved me and now I'm saving Ada." Jill got out of the car, slamming the door and locking it. "I'll be back." She could hear Carlos banging on the window with the bottom of his foot in blazing anger as she walked into the hospital, being familiar with its layout. "There has to be something in here I can use. I just need to keep my eyes open. Umbrella was affiliated with everything, so they must have had ties with some people working here." The hospital was completely quiet as Jill remembered her experience on the roof with Nicholai, making her shiver uncomfortably. She made her way to the second floor, hearing a distinct sound coming from the other side of the elevator doors. Being extra cautious, she drew her magnum, aiming it at the closed doors, taking a deep breath, calming her heartbeat. A drop of sweat ran down the side of her forehead and down her body as she cancelled everything out from her mind except the source of the noise.

Time seemed to slow down for her as the elevator door began to open, revealing a green, alpha hunter merely a foot away from Jill. The barrel of the magnum was already pressing against the hunter's forehead, Jill pulling the trigger before the hunter could even retaliate. The large caliber bullet went straight through the hunter's head and out the other side, a clean shot, making it fall to the floor instantly. Jill nudged it with her foot, making sure it was dead before moving on into the operating room.

The room was trashed except for an untouched safe on the wall, being in near-perfect condition. This raised her curiosity as she moved closer to it, noticing a numerical keypad. "Perfect. A passcode. Well, there needs to be some sort of hint to it somewhere."

Deciding to exit the operating room, she entered the elevator down the hall and headed for the bottom floor. The doors opened and she jumped back as a small crowd of zombies appeared. They quickly caught her presence of sight and scent, rushing into the elevator in a crazed matter. Jill grabbed onto the railing above her and thrust her leg forward, kicking the leading zombie in the chest. One of the zombies strafed to the side and then jumped at Jill, who caught its head in-between her thighs. It struggled as she tightened her grip and then twisted her waist to the side, quickly, snapping its neck and killing it instantly. She then took a risk, letting go of the railing and launching her body forward at the crowd of zombies, knocking them all over like bowling pins. They started to recover but were denied as Jill bashed their heads in with the butt of Barry's magnum one-by-one. All that was left was a bloody mess that covered the pile of now, completely dead corpses, as Jill put her magnum away. "Now I can see why Barry liked this gun so much...."

After cleaning herself and her weapon at one of the sinks, she noticed an odd-looking machine. It was far from something you'd see in your average hospital. Jill approached it, noticing a small container that had a label on it, reading "Vaccine Base A." She grabbed it, sliding it into the waistline of her mini-skirt. "So that's A. So where's B?" she asked herself. Then she remembered the safe and noticed a sheet of instructions on the machine with a few drops of dry blood on it. She began to read it quietly to herself. "To create the vaccine, you must use the base fusion machine to fuse vaccine bases A and B together. Vaccine B is located in the operating room, in the safe which is locked with a passkey. The number combination is 224." Jill smiled wide and ran back to the elevator in triumph, pushing the button rapidly before the door opened. She jumped in, hitting the door close button, heading back to the operating room.

The door burst open as she ran through them, heading straight for the safe, finally having knowledge of the code. She punched it in as fast as she could, the safe releasing the lock when she pressed enter. Jill swung the door open, grabbing the vaccine B that laid inside. After obtaining what she needed, she went back to the basement, only to see that the machine had been tampered with. She then heard a familiar voice, coming from the corner of the room. "Well, I'm surprised you made it this far, Jill. I guess the Arklay Mansion Incident wasn't enough for you."


"You seem surprised, Jill. You don't really think I died back there, did you?"

"I saw you get killed by that thing you sent after us!"

"Yes, I was. But that was all part of my plan. I was reborn, and I'm stronger than ev---wait. Why are you wearing those clothes?"

"Shut up! I had nothing else to wear!"

"I think you're going to be attracting more than just zombies with an outfit like that."

Jill growled at Wesker's comments, clenching her fists in anger and embarrassment. "I swear, if you don't shut your mouth, you're going to get hurt, especially after all you did."

"Ah, so you're still upset about that?" Wesker laughed, adjusting his sunglasses. "I thought that would just be water under the bridge now."

"Water under the bridge? Are you kidding me? Barry, Rebecca, Chris, and I went through a living hell because of you! You even got Joseph killed before he could even reach the mansion!"

"It was all necessary for my plan. Unfortunately, you ingrates were able to survive, unlike Bravo team." Wesker then smirked, evilly glaring at Jill. "Well, I guess there are only two of Alpha team left now, not including myself."

Jill's heart raced as she realized what Wesker was trying to say. "You...You killed Barry?"

"You're smarter than you look, Jill. You have always been the smart one, unlike Barry, who had the I.Q. or a doorknob."

"Don't talk about him like that! He was a great man! A great partner! He had a family!"

"Well, I guess daddy won't be coming home then!" Wesker laughed manically but was cut off by Jill who tackled him to the ground, falling on top of him.

"Barry had a wife and kid waiting for him a home! Now they won't be able to see him again!"

"Tough shit!" Wesker became furious, pushing Jill off him as fast as she could. "I'll see you dead!" Wesker raised his foot up, preparing to drop it down on Jill who was still recovering on the floor. She quickly rolled out of the way, letting his foot hit the floor at high-velocity, cracking the tile with ease, creating a small crater in the floor. Jill was shocked at such strength, placing her hand on her knee, standing up from the floor. "Can't keep up, Jill? It's your fault. You put on quite a bit of weight since the last time I saw you."

Wesker had crossed the line, making Jill's mind twist and turn, until it snapped in two. "...Excuse me?"

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Chapter 20: Continued

"You heard me. You went from like a C cup to a double D in like what, a few weeks? I'm assuming you ate yourself out of a depression or something. Thank god it didn't all go to your stomach."

"You better stop, right now...."

"I remember you being the most athletic out of all of us. I doubt you could even outrun a single zombie."

"I'm still in shape! I'm just...bigger!"

"That makes no sense at all!"

"You wouldn't understand! You're not a woman! Well, you are, but, you know what I mean!"

"I am not a woman, you insolent child! You're the only woman here, except you probably ate another!"

"Goddammit Wesker! I'm not even fat! I'm just...thick!"

"Another word for fat...."

"That's enough!" Jill screamed in blistering rage, running at Wesker and tackling him against the wall, hitting his chest with her shoulder.

"Agh! Fool! Do you even know what you're up against?" Wesker grabbed Jill by her skirt, lifting her up and swinging his body and hers around, slamming her against the wall. "You mean nothing to me!"

"I could really care less!" Jill groaned slightly in pain before falling back and pushing her leg up towards Wesker, hitting his chin with a powerful rising kick. "I may be a bit larger, but I've still got the finesse I need! Enough to beat you!" She then jumped in the air, bending her knees and delivering a vicious knee drop to Wesker's body. Wesker cringed and shouted angrily as he felt a rib shatter. Instictively, he went to place a hand on the injured area that throbbed in pain as Jill straddled him, sitting on his chest, putting pressure on it.

"Get off me, you *****!"

Jill chuckled, sitting down harder as she grinned, being in full control over Wesker. "What's wrong? Does it hurt?"

"You broke my rib! And you're sitting on it!"


"You're killing me here! Get off!"

"Hmm, I don't think that's such a good idea."

Wesker clenched his teeth and reached up, trying to get a grip on her, but she grabbed his wrists, planting them on the ground.

"Hey! Don't even think about it, Wesker."

"What the hell do you want? I submit!"

"You're coming with me, after what you did to Barry." Jill then fiddled with the machine, setting it up to fuse the vaccine bases A and B. She then took out Barry's magnum and aimed it at Wesker's head, grabbing his arm and forcefully pulling him up off the floor. She then pushed him into the machine and got behind him, forcing her body onto his, pinning him against the machine.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Do it. Fuse them."

"Fuse what?!"

"The two vaccine bases! Now!"

Wesker just sighed in frustration, starting to work the machine, preparing the procedure. The machine whirred and wizzed, draining the two vials of bases, forming them into one. The machine then dispensed the newly formed complete vaccine, a vial popping out of one of the slots. Jill reached over, grabbing it and finding out where to put it. She sighed and pushing it into the crevice of her breasts, being annoyed that she had no real storage space.

"Did you really just...."

"...I have no where else to put it." Jill then quickly attempted to pin Wesker to the floor but he retaliated by stepping on her foot. Jill winced in pain while Wesker jerked his head back, headbutting her, and breaking free from her grip as she held her face in pain. Wesker ran for the elevator, pushing the button, as the doors opened. He placed his hands on them, forcing them open when suddenly Jill tackled him from behind, sending them both into the elevator. Wesker got up, accidentally placing his hand on the button to the roof, making it light up as the elevator proceed to begin rising up, heading for its selected destination.

"This is getting interesting, isn't it Jill?"

"I'm going to bring you down Wesker. If you want it the hard way, that's how it's going to be."

Wesker laughed again, shaking his head. "You really think you can beat me? You don't have a chance." He then swiftly through a punch which Jill dodged, creating a hole in the wall of the elevator. "Stay still, you cretin!"

"I have to hold out until we reach the roof," Jill thought to herself. "In close-quarters like this, I'll be killed if I'm not careful." Jill proceeded to continue dodging and countering Wesker's moves, targeting the area where his rib was broken, only frustrating him more. The elevator then binged, signaling that the roof was reached as Wesker could hear the sound of pounding rain outside. Wesker growled and delivered a fierce cobra-strike to the chest of Jill, sending her flying towards the elevator doors, busting them both off their hinges as she fell onto the roof, the loud thick rain beginning to drench her clothes as Wesker moved closer to her, yelling over the rain.

"I'm more powerful that anything you've faced, Jill! You might as well give up now!" Jill was disoriented and in grave pain because of the impact, only being able to crawl back, trying to avoid Wesker. "I guess the shoe is on the other foot now! Don't worry, your death will be swift and painless!"

Jill was about to flip onto her stomach when she suddenly heard Carlos call her name. She tried her hardest to focus her sight on the elevator doors, seeing Carlos appear from them, waving his hands. "Jill! Jill! Is that you?!"

Wesker smirked, grabbing Jill by the neck, and pulling her towards him, grabbing her magnum from her, then tossing her back onto the ground like she was nothing more than just trash. "I don't know who you are, but this is the end for her, and you!" Wesker aimed the magnum at Carlos, who panicked, realizing what was going on. He tried to reach for his pistol but could not retrieve it fast enough as Wesker began to pull the trigger, firing the gun, but Wesker missed his target, the barrel flying in the air as a sudden impact hit his side. Jill had recovered, grabbing Wesker by his body, forcing herself and him near the ledge of the roof. "What do you think you're doing?!"

"Jill! No!" Carlos shouted as he ran towards the two, but it was too late. Jill pushed her foot off the floor, sending herself and Wesker off the ledge, plummeting towards the ground as the heavy rain fell upon them. She closed her eyes, hoping for the best as Wesker shouted angrily and Carlos shouted out from the edge of the roof. "JIIIIIIIIIIILLLL!!"