Resident Evil Fan-Fic: Jill's Last Escape


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I don't know whether to slap you or make out with you for finally updating this either way thannnnnkkkk yoooooooouuuuui

Shirayuki Mizore

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I re-read the first chapter, and noticed the huge differences, lol I wasn't expecting the fan-fic to be this long, becoming a serious project.

So when I'm completely done, and decide to upload it to somewhere like DeviantArt or, I'm rewriting the first few chapters.

I'm also going to re-write some of the serious chapters but take out the girl-on-girl action, lol. Like I said, I didn't expect for it so get so far.

Also, how did you guys like this update? Critiques would be appreciated, since I feel a bit rusty with fan-fiction.


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Wesker talking shit for days was so nice :laugh:

Honestly you did the action comedy well in this update. Of course you're going to have to explain how exactly Carlos got out of those handcuffs later on.

"You can't break those cuffs."

Keep em coming :top:


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Yes well damn.

When can we except the conclusion to this story? Also are you going to update your other fics?
Persona story, DBZ story?

Shirayuki Mizore

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I honestly have no idea when this story is going to be concluded, lmfao I think I'm just going to keep going and going until I feel it should end.

Now that all these bullshit health projects are out of the way, I'll finally have time for fan-fiction.

I really want to start the Angel Beats one but I need to get the DBZ one done first. Metal has been waiting WAY too long, lol.

Shirayuki Mizore

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Oh yeah that was right.
Carlos and Jill were so feeling each other

I'm rewriting all this romance shit before I release it, lol.

Except when Jill's horny for Leon.

Because that's 100% accurate. Every woman is horny for Leon.

I actually remember in Real World: Raccoon City Jill was talking about the things she wished she could do with him :laugh:

2:44 :rofl: