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After finally getting my hands on the final season of Stein's Gate...

I'm gonna go ahead and just say...

this is my #1 Anime now.

I put it above anime like Cowboy bebop ect ect.

I've never been in so much suspense, and cried like a bisnitch lol.

Shit gets real once the second season starts. Season 1, is just a build up on character relations, and a foreground for the last season to build upon.


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Damn Don you just gonna swagger jack my original post? Anyway I'm glad you watch anime dude :)

Stein's Gate huh? I just might watch that but first Monster


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I finished Gankutsuou. I liked it; it wasn't the greatest anime I have seen, but it was a good watch. The artstyle was weird, not bad, just strange. Now I need to find something else to watch.

Shirayuki Mizore

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Watching Angel Beats! again but in English this time, on Netflix :wiggle:

Then when I'm done, I need to watch this anime that my friend recommended. I forgot the name, but I remember it sounding really simple.

Metal Overlord

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It's the worst anime I've ever watched, piece of shit

ha jk I love it so far

Especially Haruhi, she reminds me of Yurippe from Angel Beats


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I don't care if I get flak for this, but finally a anime I've actually liked since I was a kid, Naruto, is on Toonami. I hope it stays, FMA:BH and Bleach are good but I want more. Maybe one Day we'll get the original funamtion DBZ. Ha! A tigga can dream.


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I just watched Ga-Rei Zero. The first episode was f***ing awesome, but the episodes in the middle were kinda girly, good for what they were, but not really for me. The last few episodes were cool, though.