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Metal Overlord

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I didn't throw her aside lol this is an actual real-life girl I have as an avi

If I replaced her with an avi of another anime character, then that would throwing her aside

Also **** titties and **** Shizuka

Metal Overlord

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Who gives head for food stamps :laugh:

I've heard of selling food stamps, but you gotta be dirt-poor to suck dick for some food stamps

Metal Overlord

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Since I'm on break finally, it's time for me to go balls deep in this anime shit

I'm talking watching every single anime that I still need to watch over these next couple of weeks


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Last time I saw this was on the 14th of September 2008. It's strange how it made me remember that otherwise bleak and unmemorable day. Or maybe it was the rain and the unusual cold.
Anyway, watch it, it's good.

Chikna Don

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favorite anime series?

I apologize if this is a repeat of an existing thread.
Hello everyone post your favorite anime series names ...
mine favorite are
Guilty Crown
The Otaku House Survey
Soul Eater
Full Metal Alchemist
Angel Beats
uella Magi Madoka Magica