Mortal Kombat, The Revision

Well.....damn. What an eventful sequence...

Good job Tabby, you tell stories with the skill of a creepy camp counselor.

Dude, that was awesome! You are definitely improving. Nothing seems to be going right for anyone though, haha. Anyway, keep up with the good work.
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My God... I can only imagine what you're going to do for Johnny Cage. Whatever it it we all know it's gonna be f*cking awesome :-D
Damn son

Shang's death was ****ing gruesome son

I like it :cool:

I like that little surprise.
I didn't think a character of his caliber would be killed so early.

No one is safe :mullet:
I can't wait to see the Cage chapter, I have a feeling you are going to write his with a lot of lol-worthy moments and classic Cage one liners.

It had always been his dream ever since he was a little boy, to be the best Kung Fu movie star known to mankind.
He had seen Fist of Fury, Enter the Dragon, and Bloodsport more than 100 times each in his little one bedroom apartment in Phoenix.
An only child, he was raised by a caring (but rarely seen) single mother. She loved her son, but she had to support him the only way she knew how.. and that was shaking her ass at Midnight Steve's for the rent money. Little Johnny was never one to neglect the truth, he knew his mother was a stripper and the kids at school were relentless in their teasing of him for it. They would always get the better of him, until his mother agreed to let him take Muay Thai classes at the rec center.

A student of advanced skill, Johnny was the star of the class after his first week. There was something about fighting that was just second nature to Johnny, he didn't even try hard in his sparring matches.. and this is what caused the birth of Johnny's massive ego. Since fighting was just so easy to him, he developed a bit of a showboating.. taking on all comers, even defeating his trainer. When his opponents would swing and miss their punches towards him, Johnny would laugh and taunt them by pointing at his chin and leaning in for the blow. He was c0cky, all right, but he'd pull back before there was a chance for them to strike. There was only one thing bigger than Johnny's ego, and that was his vanity. His mother had always told him he was the most beautiful child in the world, entering him in beauty contests and preening him to perfection. He was in peak physical condition, and had the looks that made the girls melt during his entire time in school. Always the athletic type, Johnny played baseball all throughout Jr. High and High School.. becoming the star player for The Phoenix Firecrackers. And this is where our story begins, one eventful night after his championship baseball game......

Chapter 3, Part 1 of 2

Johnny Carlton

Phoenix, Arizona. 1999.

As an exhausted seventeen year old Johnny Carlton turned his key into the apartment door, he wasn't surprised to see the apartment empty. It was only 9 p.m., his mom didn't usually "go to the office" until at least 11 or Midnight. He didn't have to look hard, his home was a one bedroom, one bathroom piece of shit. He looked in his mom's room and didn't see her, then checked the bathroom and it too, was empty. "Hey mom!" he called out, just in case she was lurking about outside, perhaps having a drink at the neighbor's. There was no response, so Johnny shrugged and dug about in the fridge. Pushing expired milk, cheese, and flat soda out of his way, he helped himself to some leftover meatloaf from the night prior. "You know," he said to himself as he stuffed his face "I like cold leftovers. Why the hell would I want to nuke this in the microwave? Takes away from the flavor, if you ask me." He poured himself a tall glass of tap water and plopped down on the couch aka his bed, and began his nightly ritual. He grabbed his remote and turned on the VCR, rewinding it to the start of Enter the Dragon.

"Ah, Bruce Lee at his finest. The man had natural skill, I mean.. those stunts! No wonder he was the most famous martial artist of all time. But I'll make it to the big screen," he said with a mouthful of meatloaf "I'll make it even bigger than the man himself... Oh shit." Johnny remembered he had left something outside, he had set it down when he unlocked the front door. He set his plate of cold 'loaf on the coffee table and grabbed his championship baseball trophy he had just won from outside. He walked back inside and nonchalantly threw it in the corner with the others. "Haha, those things are so cheesy. I mean, who gives a damn? Yeah sure, I hit a few homeruns and everyone flips out about it. Where I belong is on the big screen.. playing a pro baseball player.. not being one in real life." he thought to himself as he sat back down on the couch to resume eating the rest of his meatloaf.

His favorite kung fu movie of all time had finished rewinding, and he rose up yet again before pressing play to start the movie he had seen 99 times before. Throwing his plastic plate in the trash in the kitchen, Johnny yet again prowled through the refrigerator.. in hopes the selection would somehow change. "I wonder how pissed mom would be if I had one of her beers?" he inquired to himself, "She probably wouldn't even notice.. I mean, come on.. It's only one." He weighed the pros and cons in his head before giving a nod ans snapping one of the bud lights off of the six pack ring. Jumping from the kitchen onto the living room couch, beer and remote in hand, Johnny front flipped onto the couch while pressing "play" mid jump. Luckily all the lights were off, so he didn't have to worry about a glare. Even though he was inside and the lights were off, Johnny couldn't resist to pop on his favorite shades as he cracked open the beer and let forth a snap of his fingers and pointed at the screen to Bruce Lee.

2 hours passed after Johnny passed out on the couch, his shades askew and half empty beer clung to his hand. He basked in the bright blue light of the screen with the message saying "Please eject tape". The light seeped into his eyes as he raised up from the couch, groggy and still very tired from the match against Guntersville a few hours ago. Johnny didn't want to go back to bed and over sleep for school the next morning, and he also wanted to party a little bit. He called "MOM!" yet again, checked the outside from the living room window, and locked the door. Out from underneath the couch, he pulled out a shoebox and placed it gently onto the coffe table and flipped the lid of it open. Inside was his own personal stash of cocaine, a little bag filled with grade A blow. He grabbed the razor blade and rolled up dollar bill and began to chop up a very small line. "Don't want to overdo it" he whispered to himself, "Only a little bit will do me for tonight." After the coke was cut finely, Johnny snorted a little bit of the good stuff and gave a sigh of relief. Quickly, he dropped all of the evidence back into the box and stashed it under the couch. He rubbed his teeth and decided he might as well go to the bathroom and take a shower before he stayed up all night watching kung fu flicks. He drew back the shower curtain, and inside the tub were the remains of his mother.
Damn son.
All that comedy in his story, just to be hit with 2 bombshells 0_0

This is fanfic writing at its best!
Chapter 3, Part 2 of 2

Johnny Carlton

Phoenix, Arizona. 1999.

A week had passed since Johnny found the slaughtered remains of his mother in his bathroom. He was a shell of his former self, a ghost. The police had literally done nothing but look at the bathtub and ruled it as an unsolved murder. But Johnny didn't need the police to tell him what happened, he already knew. The drug lords that he bought his coke from always collect their due. Johnny was two weeks behind on his payment, and they had warned him that they would get their payment. He had laughed it off; if they had come after him, he would've easily beaten them to death. But no, they saw the opportunity to attack him emotionally instead of physically. When he left for his championship baseball game, they invited themselves into his mother's apartment and brutally murdered her in the shower. Johnny was filled with a white hot anger that he had never felt before.. it burned deep inside of him with agonizing pain. "Those mother f*cking idiots think they can get away with this? Haha, they will feel my pain tonight!" He screamed as he punched more holes in the wall since his mother's passing.

Johnny searched around the house for some clean blue jeans and a black pullover. He was going to 8th street to pay a little visit to the cartel, and he was coming back home with their spines in his hand. As he sat wrapping his hands with boxing tape, he replayed the events of last week in his head over and over. "Oh my f*cking God! Mom, mom! Oh my God, they f*cking killed her!" He had shouted in agony as he drew back the shower curtain. Rushing to the neighbor's room, he banged on their door and explained that his mother was dead in their bathtub and he needed to use their phone to call the police. He sat rocking back and forth, for what seemed like days, before the police arrived on the scene. Chief Curtis and Lt. Kabal met the frantic Johnny at the door as he incoherently shouted bits and pieces on what he had seen at them. "Calm down, son. Let's slow down and just relax, ok? Now, we need you to sit on the couch as we take evidence and try to solve this. The first 48 hours are crucial." Curtis calmly stated to Johnny. Johnny nodded and the two policemen began their work. As soon as they entered the bathroom, Kabal gave Curtis a look of shock and whispered, "Hey, this is that slut who sucked me off last month!" Curtis chuckled and responded by saying, "No way, me too! Haha nice! Well, sucks this kid had a mom who was a total whore." "Well," said Kabal with a sigh, "This is obviously the work of Kano. Look at the way he sliced her throat up. He even carved a big 'K' on her chest." "I saw that," remarked The Chief, as he began writing down 'Unsolved' on his document for the murder. "Well, he pays us pretty damn good for keeping his work under wraps, so it looks like this is an Unsolved case.. don't you think so, Kabal?" "Yep, I'd say it's unsolved. Now let's go back to Midnight Steve's and get some wings.. I'm hungry as hell," answered Kabal.
"Son," addresed Chief Curtis to a shaken Johnny "We are going to look as hard as we can into this case, but so far we can't determine anything. We're going to send in a team to get your mother to the morgue for analysis, so I'd stay at a friend or relative's house for a few days. Then we will let you gather your things and set you up with a guardian." All Johnny did was sit there and say "I'm not leaving." The two officers looked at each other and shrugged, and gently closed the door behind them as they set off to the strip club.

Johnny's brow had furrowed and face became red hot as he recalled the events prior. He had just finished wrapping up his fists and he walked into his mother's room. Johnny grabbed the money from her dresser and was about to exit when he noticed a sliver of white peeking out of her jacket pocket, hanging behind the door. It was a note to Johnny from his father in California. It read:

"Dear Caroline,

As you know, I'm not all that good with words. I've tried to be in the boy's life but you never let him anywhere near me. I can see why, Lord knows I don't want him to turn out like his old man. But look, there's a reason why I'm writing you. I'm on the set of this big motion picture in L.A. and I'm Jean Claude's personal assitant! You've told me that our son loves Kung-Fu action movies like I do, and guess what? We need a teenage version of JC's character in this movie, and I told them Johnny would be perfect.. and you know he would, Car. If he's ever going to get out of that shithole in Phoenix, you're going to have to let him have this opportunity. It could be the chance of his lifetime! Just please talk to him about this, I'd love to see him turn into the star I know he could be.
Enclosed in this letter is a plane ticket to Hollywood for him to star in this movie, "Caged: The Legend of The Fist". I really hope you let him start living his own life for once.

Sincerely yours,
David Carlton."

Johnny could seriously not believe this news. He finally got the chance of a lifetime.. his big dream had became a reality. But there was no time to start jumping up and down just yet, he had a little unfinished business left. Stuffing the letter into his back pocket and heading out the door, Johnny gave one last look at the apartment and gave a sigh of relief that he would never have to step foot in that hell hole again.

Arriving at the doorstep of the place where he usually scores his cocaine, Johnny gave a knock and waited for the reaction. A slit in the door slung open and he was met with two beady little bloodshot eyes. "Password." The eyes said to him and Johnny responded quickly with "R.S.S. D.R.E.W., now let me in Hugo, I got to pay off my debt and get some more powder." The slit closed and the door creaked open as Johnny pushed his way inside. He was met with two thugs with Mac10's in hand, pushing them at his chest. "Boss!" one of the thugs called out, "There's a kid out here. Do we waste him right now or what?" "Do ya bloody mind?!" The Boss screamed as he sharpened his knife, "I got things ta do here, mate! What's he 'ere for?" Johnny smirked as he dropped into the splits and punched both of the thugs as hard as he possibly could in their genitals. As they moaned in pain, he grabbed their guns and sprayed their heads clean open in mere seconds. "What the f*ck is goin' on here?!" The boss screamed as he turned around to met with a young man pointing a gun in his face. "Now that I have your attention," laughed Johnny, "Do you know where I can get some good blow without my mom getting killed?" Johnny kicked The Boss in the chest so hard it cracked the ribcage on impact, sending him sprawling into the air like a crash test dummy. Johnny pounced on his victim, sitting on the cracked ribcage and pounding on the face of The Boss until the tape came off of his wrapped fists.

"Do you know.." spat The Boss to Johnny through his blood engorged mouth, "Do you know.. who the f*ck I am, mate? I'm Kano, Lord of the Columbian Drug Cartel!! You think you can just walk right in here and rough me up and get away with it? I'll set my dogs on you, and we'll swarm on you like a plague. There is no running away from The Cartel, there's only death. You'll... *cough* You'll pay us what you owe, or we'll take again." Johnny picked this crumpled mess of a man up by his shirt collar, and stuffed the $500 he owed into his mouth. "So, you got your money. I feel alot better, don't you? Feels like.. a weight.. has been lifted off my shoulders haha." Johnny picked up Kano's knife from the floor and liberated Kano's head from his body. "What about you, Kane Kane? Do you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders? You do? Well, that's just GREAT!" Johnny shouted as he punted Kano's severed head clear across the room. "Now if you'll excuse me gentlemen," He addressed to the pile of corpses, "I've gotta plane to catch."
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Damn! That was insane! I've re-read it almost twice now. Also, I wonder if Sonya (If and when she gets a chapter) will also have a problem with Kano. Anyway, I love this. Keep it up.
Damn! That was insane! I've re-read it almost twice now. Also, I wonder if Sonya (If and when she gets a chapter) will also have a problem with Kano. Anyway, I love this. Keep it up.

Thanks man :)
Sonya will most definitely be having a chapter, and it will take place right after Liu Kang's!
Liu Kang, Part 1 of 4 will be added this week :cool:
Bad. If your going to post a story, USE THE POST A NEW THREAD BUTTON!!

Also TaBB good lord man!! You made me have more respect for Johnny Cage than anyone. I mean the ending is pure OMGWTFBBQ every single time. These are great, your great, and I can't wait for the next dose :-D!