Mortal Kombat, The Revision

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Chapter 4, Part 1 of 4

Liu Minamoto Kang

Cambodia, January 1968.

The Vietnam War.

"Alright, get in the goddamn barracks. All of you." barked Lt. Richmond to the soldiers while they marched into their camp.
It had been awhile since Liu had seen so much action in one day he thought as he set his captured Soviet AK-47 next to his bunk.
He kicked off his boots and laid his jacket and helmet up on the now un-occupied bed above his bunk.
The previous owner of that bed, Little Stevie, died today.. by a bullet right through the teeth.
Liu looked at Stevie's family picture taped above his bed, and hung his head in dispair as his parents would have to hear that their 18 year old son was shot today.
Lt. Richmond walked into the barracks just as everyone was settling in.
"What happened today," he said through gritted teeth, trying his damndest not to scream his head off in anger, "Was no one's fault. We didn't know we'd get to that abandoned stock pile of ammunition and weaponry.. and the Viet Cong would already be there. It was a trap, and we fell for it. A few men died today, and..." The Lieutenant took off his cap and pushed the thin grey hair from his line of vision. "And we know they're in a better place. Not here in this godforsaken jungle. Anyways, get some rest. We're shipping out at 0500 hours." The Lt. closed the flap of the barracks tent as he strolled outside into the rain, looking to force some new recruits to do push ups.

Liu had no emtional attachment to his bunk mate, Stevie.
As far as Liu knew, he was just some young buck from Arkansas looking to serve his country.
Liu asked himself constantly why did he get himself into the situation he was in..
Was it for the service?
Or maybe it was for the pay?
No matter why or how, he was in the thick of it now.
Liu was 19 when he signed up for the Army, coming straight from Navarro, Texas.
He knew that he was out of school, no job, and no woman.
And it looked like The Army needed his help.
Liu Kang had been in the Army for 3 years, he was 22 now and he didn't want to be here any longer.
Friends he made here died everyday, so he stopped trying to make friends quite a while ago.
He kept to himself, shot enemies in their foreheads, and just tried to make it alive to the tent everynight.

About 3 hours had passed since the Lt. had visited the barracks tent.
Liu sighed and grabbed his flask of whiskey under his pillow, and the shoebox under his bed that contained a notebook, a few stamps, 2 envelopes, and a pencil.
Liu wrote to his mother everyday, telling her that everything was going fine where he was stationed and there was little activity.
He didn't want her to worry.. and she didn't need to hear that he was fightin for his life everyday.
Wincing from the sting of the liquor burning down his throat, he started his nightly ritual of a bedtime letter.
As soon as the pencil hit the paper, Lt. Richmond called to Liu inside the barracks.
"Hey, private!" he whispered to a startled Liu, who was reaching for his rifle.. he knew you could never be fully relaxed in the hell they were in.
"Something I can help you with Lieutenant?" Liu asked as he tiptoed his way to the entrance flap, careful to be quiet so as to not wake the other soliders.
"Yeah, you can get your ass out here and have a cuban with me." Lt. Richmond exclaimed as he brought forward two geniune Cuban Cigars from his back pocket. "What you did today was remarkable, private," continued The Lt. "The way you picked up that Soviet Rifle and blew those smug little bastards away! Haha, those pricks got what was comin' to 'em. Too bad we lost some men along the way.." Richmond's sentence trailed off as he was haunted by a vision of today's events. He could never really get used to seeing people murdered right in front of him like that. "I don't smoke, Lt. Richmond." stated Private Kang, who was trying to collect the attention of his Lietenant. "Whaa? Oh yes, right. Of course you don't. Well, I just want to congradulate you on a job well done today, Private. You took the reigns when others seemed to buckle down. Here's the cigar in case you change your mind." Richmond said boastfully as he handed it to Liu. Private Kang nodded in approval, and was about to go back into the tent when a thought occured. "Well, I do have some Whiskey if you're interested, Lt. Richmond." The Lt. turned around in disbelief, "Alcohol? No thank you, that stuff will muddy your mind and your actions. My best advice would be to quit drinking now, Private. You can develop a dependancy on that shit. Just.. try to get some rest. We have a pretty big task for tommorrow. Going to try to radio some backup from 5th company and see if we can't get that tank unstuck from the mud next to Echo Camp." Liu once again nodded and headed back into his tent. Throwing the itchy blanket over himself after he finished his letter, Liu sank into a deep sleep around 2 AM.

What he didn't know was that in 3 short hours, his world would be flipped upside down.
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