Mortal Kombat, The Revision


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Chapter 1, Part 1 of 2

Kuai Liang

Connecticut. 1994.

"AAHH!!" screamed the 17 year old Kuai Liang, drenched in a ice cold sweat.
"Goddamnit" he mumbled to himself.
Every night for the last week, it was the same nightmare.
Captured by a hoard of ninjas, and turned into a robot..devoid of all emotions and killing the innocent.
He checked his alarm clock and was unsurprised at the hour.
"3 o clock in the f*cking morning.. Jesus, when will I ever get a good night's rest?" he thought as he rose from the bed.
His hand fumbled around along the wall in his pitch black room until he found his lamp switch.
Pushing his jet black hair out of his face, he grabs his pack of cigarettes laying on the desk.
"F*cking empty. Great. Guess I'll sneak into Bi's room and see if he has any." he said aloud as he pushed himself from his matress onto the freezing floor.
Creeping ever so quietly down the hall, he pushes open the door of his older brother's room and peeks inside.
"What the f*ck are you doing up so late, homo?" snipped Bi-Han, who was sitting on his couch and staring intently at a porno.
"Whatever dude, I had a crazy ass nightmare.. You don't have any smokes, do you?" asked Kuai, looking around nervously in fear of their father getting up and noticing he was out of bed.
Bi-Han didn't break his stare at the magazine as he tossed his younger brother a pack of Marlboro Lights.
"You better be lucky I have a carton of these, dick; And DON'T let dad catch you smoking. If he does, you got these from someone else, I'm not being held accountable for your problems," whispered Bi-Han as he walked out of the room. "I'm going out to a party at this guy's house. If mom or dad asks, tell them I went to a friend's house to study."
"Alright, cool. Thanks for the cigarettes, by the way." Kuai responded as he headed downstairs.
Bi-Han had been the Quarterback of the football team, top of his class, and head of the debate team his senior year in '93.
The girls went crazy for him, the guys were envious of his natural good looks and charisma, and the teachers and faculty loved him.
Hell, everyone loved him, and this left an immense shadow that Kuai basked in all his life.
Growing up with a strict Japanese father, overly emotional New York mother, and his local legend older brother.. Kuai didn't have a strong family bond like his friends did.
If he asked his dad for help, he would just lecture the hell out of him.. telling him to swallow emotions and excell academically.
His mother..why even bother? She would call the police if someone was being mean to her "baby."
The only family member he could talk to was Bi-Han, and he's just been getting wasted everyday since he graduated.

Kuai tiptoed down the hall and out of the garage.
Ripping off all the plastic from his pack of cigarettes, he pulled one out and left it dangling from his mouth as he searched his pockets for his lighter.
"Oh God, please tell me I didn't forge-Yes!" he exclaimed as he pulled out his bic and lit his cigarette.
Leaning next to the garage door, he exhaled the smoke from his lungs.
He told himself, "These will calm me down.. these will ease the stress."
He wondered why he had this nightmare, why he obsesses with it every day.
It all just seems to real.. the removal of his skin and it being replaced with metal panels.
Gears and wires being forced into his body where the functioning ones had been taken out.
He shuddered at the recap of it all, and flipped his cigarette and went back inside.
He entered his room again, and slipped into his bed.
Slowly.. everything bled black until he was no longer awake..

"F*CK!!" Kuai screamed as he jumped out of bed.
He didn't want to go to school today.. he just wanted to sleep a little while longer.
Throwing on his jeans, Chuck taylors, and his favorite blue pullover, he rushed out of his room and upstairs to grab some breakfast.
"Morning, son." greeted his father who was sitting at the table and enjoying his cup of steaming hot coffee.
"Hey, dad.. do we have any cereal or something? I gotta eat it fast, I might be late for the bus."
"Haha, today wouldn't be any different now, would it? You have got to get on a better sleep schedule, son.. you look awful. Eat that grapefruit in the fridge, you need some vitamin C. And drink some milk, too.. my god, your as thin as a rail"
"Grapefruit and milk? No thanks, dad.. that sounds disgusting. I'll just skip breakfast, not like it's important anyways. I gotta go catch the bus, see ya dad."
"Bye, son.. try to bring that History grade up today!"

Kuai rushed outside to be greeted by his best friend, Hanzo.
"Sup, dude?" Hanzo asked as he tied his long brown hair into a ponytail.
"Not much, same old shit from dad.. 'Bring your history grade up!' Like I give a f*ck."
"Haha, I hear you on that dude. Well, we better make it down to the corner before we miss the bus like yesterday" said Hanzo as they walked in unison to the bus stop.
"Hey," said Hanzo, as they waited for the bus "We should go down to that new martial arts place by the mall after school. Cedric and and Sam enrolled last week, and Sam's dad owns the place, so we could probably get in for free."
The bus rolled up as Kuai nodded his head yes, he wanted to give a better response but his mind was on something else.
He was thinking about the dream from last night, how today's grey rainy skies were just like that day's.
Kuai made it through the school day just barely doing any work at all, drawing pictues of the devil on all his papers and turning them in.
He really just wanted to go home and not have to deal with the jailcell of being in school.
The day dragged on for what seemed like a lifetime, until the bell rang after 6th period.
Sprinting out the door, Kuai threw his books in his locker and met Hanzo outside.

"Goddamn, I thought today would never end," gasped Kuai, who was short of breath after running from Ms. Thompson's class to the parking lot.
"So," he said after he had recieved a few seconds to regain his breath "You said you want to go down to that Karate place?"
"Yeah dude, it's going to be radical. I can't wait to start busting open heads and cracking spines!" Hanzo screamed as he chopped and kicked the air, making his best Bruce Lee impersonation.
Cedric overheard them in the from his car, and approched the two with sheer arrogance.
"You two little b*tches think you can make it at the Lin Kuei Academy? Psh. Yeah right, get real! Hanzo, I know for a fact you won't even get in the door, we don't allow poor kids."
"You f*cking dick!" shouted Hanzo, enraged at the disrespect and c0ckyness of Cedric.
"You KNOW I can kick anyone's ass in here, Hell I used to beat you up all the time in Middle school!!" Hanzo screamed, purely seething with hatred that Cedric would bring up the fact that he was poor.
"Take it easy, douche bag. I'm not letting you in, but I've never seen Kuai fight.. so I'll see if the Grandmaster will let me spar with him.
Kuai, get in the car. We're going to The Academy. Hanzo, you can come and watch.. if you want." Cedric said with a sneer.

Arriving at the "Academy" (merely a dojo), they were immediatley greeted by The Grandmaster.
"And what do we have here?" he asked, eyeballing Kuai and Hanzo "Fresh meat? If you boys think your cut out for this place, your wrong. You don't just walk right in here and start fighting, it takes years of discipline to get to where my pupils are today. Look, you might as well just walk right out of here."
"Grandmaster, only one of them is here to spar with me, the one in blue.
All of the students in here are no match for me, and I grow tired of fighting Samuel.
Please Grandmaster, if not for just one round" pleaded Cedric to his sensei.
"Alright, FINE! But you look here, if you knock him out.. this never happened." said The Grandmaster.
Kuai's mind was going a mile a mintue.. he had never even been in a fight before.
Hanzo knew what he was thinking. "Don't worry dude, you can lay this b*tch on the floor in no time. I've kicked his ass so many times.. Trust me, it's easy." Hanzo reassured Kuai.
"Ok," Kuai thought to himself, shaking from being so nervous "Here goes nothing."
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"What the f*ck are you doing up so late, homo?" snipped Bi-Han, who was sitting on his couch and staring intently at a porno.

I ****ing died at this part :laugh:
Can't wait for more.

Hoping Cyrax makes an appearance as the token black guy.
I ****ing died at this part :laugh:
Can't wait for more.

Hoping Cyrax makes an appearance as the token black guy.

He did :laugh:
I wanted to keep like a modern tale, so I renamed Cyrax as Cedric.
Cyrax is totally not a regular name, I kept Bi-Han's, Kuai's, and Hanzo's names the same because those are real names.


I'll do these for other characters too, Like Reptile=Ryan or Raiden will just be "Ray"
Thanks, bro :mullet:
And I inspired you?
F*cking awesome :cool:
I love inspiring people :)

Part 2 of Chapter 1 will be up shortly folks

You think I should do it?


**** it, I'm gonna start writing it tomarrow. It's not gonna be long but it's better than nothing.
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Chapter 1, Part 2 of 2

And out of nowhere, Kuai felt Cedric's fist slam onto his face with the weight of what felt like a cinder block.
He grabbed his nose, and felt the blood pour out from it like it was a water faucet on full blast.
Cedric didn't let up, he unleashed a flurry of jabs onto Kuai's stomach.
Kuai didn't know what was going on, he felt nothing but pain.
He had never been hit in the face before, he felt like he was going to pass out.. but his adrenaline was too strong.
Cedric laughed and kicked Kuai in the ribs, sending him to his knees.
Kuai no longer felt pain, he was absolutely drowned in rage.
"Not like this," he thought. "I'm not getting my f*cking ass beat by this b*tch!"
Cedric raised his fist to deliver a knockout blow but suddenly dropped it.
"Dude, what the hell is happening with you?!" Hanzo screamed from across the room.
Kuai had never felt so cold in his life, his veins were rushing with liquid nitrogen. He wasn't aware of anything of anything else in the room except for him and the man who broke his nose.
"Get the HELL off of me!!" he cried as he shot an ice beam from his hands.
"I'LL TEACH YOU TO F*CK WITH ME!!" shouted Kuai as he pounded his fists onto Cedric's fear-stricken face.
Cedric was laying in a puddle of his own blood, looking into Kuai's now Enraged Ice blue eyes. "Dude, what the hell are you?" he said as he covered his blood smeared face.

All at once, the room came rushing back into focus to Kuai.
He could see the look of horror on Hanzo's face, and the terrorized Lin Kuei students cowered in the corner of the dojo.
The Grandmaster gave a slow clap and he emerged from the shadows.
"Now THAT," he remarked "Was something I haven't seen in a long, long time. You.. you have a special gift. Your raw power and sheer intensity for combat is unparalled in all of my students, even my son. You, come with me." "Cedric," he said in pure disgust as he threw a towel at Ceric's feet. "Clean yourself up." "Yes, sensei" mumbled Cedric as he bowed before his master.
"Ok, look. This is some bull shit!" shouted a confused and enraged Hanzo. "What the f*ck?! He just shot Ice.. out of his Goddamn hands! Will someone explain this to me?"
"All will be explained soon enough. Now, Kuai.. is it? Kuai, bring your friend with you into my office." said The Grandmaster.

Walking behind The Grandmaster, Hanzo had an opportunity to ask Kuai a few questions before they entered the office.
"Dude, what the f*ck? Have you ever done that before? And holy shit! You straight up slaughtered Ced!! It looked like you were going to try kill him with your bare hands" whispered Hanzo as he tried to keep up with the both of them. "Dude, I have nooo idea. I have never been that mad before in my life. When he hit me in the face, it's like it turned me into a whole new person. I don't know how it happend, or why.. but I like it." responded Kuai as he walked beside Hanzo, staring at the his hands the entire time.
Kuai's hands were covered in ice, and it was spreading up his arms.
"God, what the f*ck is happening to me?" he thought.

As they entered his office, the Grandmaster wasted no time with his words.
"Now pay attention, because I'm only going to say this once.
You are the last Cyromancer alive."
"What the hell is a cyro-"
"BE QUIET!" yelled The Grandmaster as he slammed his fists on his desk.
"Now, you see that ice growing all over your arms?
Yeah, that's going to coat you whole body if you don't shut up and listen to me.
Now, we don't have alot of time, so I'm going to try to make this as quick as possible.
There is a way to control this, but unfortunatley I can't spend half my life training another Cyromancer.
We are going to have to fix this the quick way."
The Grandmaster opened up a closet and Kuai realized his biggest fear had come to life.
Inside the closet were gears, wires, a full body metal suit and helmet.
"I have tested this suit on Cedric and my son, Samuel, to enhance their capabilties.
Unfortunately, all tests have resulted in bitter failures.
They lacked a power source as strong as yours, and I believe you are the only one capable of wearing this and it actually work.
This should rid you of this excess power, leaving you normal again.
So, put this on unless you want to turn into an icicle."

Kuai had no other option, even as his mind was wrapping around what was happening, he felt the ice creep up to his neck.
"I'll do it, just as long as I can be normal again afterwards." he said quietly.
"Good" The Grandmaster said, as an wicked grin crept across.
As Kuai snapped on the segments of this mechanical abomination to his body, Hanzo couldn't believe what was happening.
His best friend, turning into some kind of freak.
"This better f*cking work," he thought to himself.
Just as soon as he finished thinking that last word, he saw two figures out of the corner of his eye.
Cedric, snapping the helmet onto Kuai's head and pressing some buttons on the wrist of Kuai's suit.
Samuel, ripping open the front panel of the suit and cutting into Kuai's chest.
"WHAT THE FU--uhhh" Hanzo collapsed on the floor as The Grandmaster laid a vicious blow onto the back of his head.

Kuai tried his damndest to scream, but the wires were already enveloping his throat.
It felt like sand paper was spreading through his insides.
"Samuel, input the auto-lock function of the suit.
Cedric, begin the memory wiping phase of the automation sequence.
Well," laughed The Grandmaster "Welcome to the Lin Kuei. I hope you take solice in the fact that you will be the first of our Cyber Initiative program. Go ahead and look around, because this will be the last thing you remember as a human."
Kuai looked at the floor, where his best friend Hanzo laid, lying in his own blood.
His eyes have never felt so heavy, maybe now he could finally rest for once in his life..


"What is your name?" asked The Grandmaster, peering into his creation's eyes.
"I am LK UNIT 52O. Awaiting orders, Grandmaster."
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