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  • I thought he would grow out of it by now.

    Fvcking no huddle offense blitzkrieg bullshit.
    I was about to ask why you came for me when you guys lost too :laugh:

    This year man...... I'm scared NS

    I was gunna be like "What do you mean these?" Deez Nuts. I'm not that stupid.
    Wow, I forgot to mention that, but Yea. Could you add the Twitter logo and @Torey_17 somewhere on it?

    I dunno, lol. Something like "Don't forget to follow my channel" Idk, something advertisey.. <_<
    Well you should give it a look, it's pretty decent. I've only watched 37 minutes of it cause needed to be somewhere, probably gonna finish it tonight.
    Yea, I just pick up shit and start slashing.. I don't bother to pay attention to colors and what not :rofl:

    Forgive my ignorance, master :cry:
    ..... My pingus is very long, thank you.. :roll:

    I've yet to start on those, I wanted to finish the game first. Scavenging is fun at night, it's boring and brain dead during day time. Lock picking is soooooo frustrating on Very Hard and you hardly get anything good out of Police vans :laugh:

    I have about 70K, I think? I can't remember, but you gotta sell that Coffee to make bank 8)
    It's beyond Rad, I picked it up on the day it released.

    What the fluff? I struggle to make money, mainly because I'm too lazy to lockpick cases for valuables and things of that nature to sell, I kinda hate how small the Map is though, you can explore all of it in less than a day but other than that it's a dope game.

    I finished the game this morning, the story is short as funk.
    Yo, Your Avi :rofl:

    Dying Light is the shit man, I can't wait for the DLC to drop. Kinda wish we had more guns to play around with and the grappling hook breaks the game :laugh:
    Right you are Ken.
    The slide effect sucks big time.

    Good luck getting a non funked up stick my man
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