MKHS: Second Semester

Look at the sentence you just typed.

You dare defy the goddess? Reported for sexual harassment

I was talking about my goddess. You kiddin me? I can't go to sleep without my nightly Edenian goddess fuks. :rofl: :cheers: :puke: Wait I think your goddess is either Sonya or Black Canary, Yung.
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Draw him with slick back hair please, thank you.

Also mucho gracias Noob, I didn't think you were reading such, mockery of my work.
The Prank: Part 3 Bishes

It's a long one

Jax: D***, the powers out!
Smoke: I can't get a signal off my cell!
Mileena: The telephone doesn't work either!
Rain: The windows are blocked!
Sektor: Cyrax and I can go fix the power.
Li Mei: Alone! Are you crazy!
Cyrax: Well do you wanna sit here in the dark?
Sektor: Does anybody wanna come with us? (Nobody answers) Come on Cyrax.
Cyrax: Thanks alot. We're risking are a**es to get power for you guys. (They both exit)
Kitana: (sobbing) Oh my gods, why him?
Jade and Mileena: Kitty. (They hold her but can't get her to stop crying.)
Frost: What do we do?
Lui Kang: I say, Stryker, Kabal, and Kano go as a group, and meet with Cyrax and Sektor. Jax, Johnny, Kung Lao, and I go get this creep. The rest of you stay here.
Li Mei, Sonya, Sophia, and Skarlet: No!
Jax: C'mon girls. We have to.
Lui Kang: Ok, lets go! (They run out)
Li Mei: Be carefull!

(moments later)

Johnny Cage: (laughs) What do ya think there thinking?
Jax: They're probably scarred to death cause we're leaving.
Kung Lao: I wonder where Sub is?
Ghostface: Right here.
Lui Kang: What's up dude?
Ghostface: Nothing. I was just chillin in the teachers lounge. Man they got some nice s*** in there. What's up with you guys?
Kung Lao: I knew the teachers lounge conspiracy was true. (They all laugh)
Jax: We just left the ladies and the guys to go "whoop yo a**".
Lui Kang: Kano, Kabal, and Stryker are in a group to go help Cyrax and Sektor.
Ghostface: Good. You guys will be "easy pickins." Well I'm off to kill Mustard and Ketchup.
Johnny Cage: (laughs) I love how you said that like it's a normal thing to say.
Ghostface: (laughs) See ya around, Death Row. (leaves)
Kung Lao: (chuckles) He is way too into his character.
Jax: Oh well. What are ya gonna do?

(Moments later back at the dorm.)

Smoke: Hey guys the T.V. is working.
Noob: Nothing else is.
Frost: We might as well watch.
Reptile: What the hell is this.
(We are now watching the television. It appears the camera man is peaking around the corner at Cyrax and Sektor. The camera now momentarily views the floor where we see two hands, one of which is holding a knife. We know now the camera is attached to his forhead and the camera man is the killer.)
Mileena: Oh no.
(The killer then creeps up behind Cyrax and Sektor.)
Kitana: Oh no. Please don't....
(The killer "slits Sektor's throat", and Cyrax retaliates. There is a struggle and the camera hits the floor, still filming. In the midst of the struggle, Cyrax is "stabbed repeatively". The killer then films their "lifeless" bodies.)
Ghostface: Sleep well. (chuckles)

(Back to the dorm)
Kitana: (crying hysterically) What do you want from me?
Jade: Oh my elder gods.
Mileena: C'mon sis, you have to calm down. (holding Kitana still)
Li Mei: Why are you so calm?
Mileena: I'm not you dumb b****, but we have to try to stay calm!
Scorpion: Calm down babe.
(They continue bickering until Li Mei takes a swing at Mily. Mileena weeves the punch, like a boss.)
Mileena: Oh, heeeeell no!
Jade: You guys stop fighting!
Li Mei: Stay out of it!
Smoke: SHUT! THE F***! UUUUUUUUUUUUP! Mileena's right you dumba****, but if your fighting like moron's YOUR NOT! CAALM!
Scorpion: He's right we need to keep a level head to make smart dicisions. (Kitana is now wailing) Will you SHUT! UP!
Smoke: Holy s***.
All the girls (besides Kitana) : (hug her) It's not your fault Kitty.
Kitana: Yes it is. I'm sorry Noob. I killed him. (sobs)
Noob: You listen to me woman! You did'not kill my brother! Don't you dare keep sayin it! (holds her) My brother loved you with all his being. He wouldn't want you to sit here, and blame yourself. Nobody blames you except yourself. (Stands up) Scorpion, you f****** make my brothers girl cry like that again...I'll kill you before the psycopath will!
Scorpion: Is that a threat? (now in Noob's face)
Noob: It's a PROMISE!
Smoke: How about I whip both your asses, like daddy, and send you both to your room.
Noob: Not a good time for a joke.
Smoke: (mocking Noob) That's a promise. (The rest of the guys stand up to show Scorp. and Noob, it will get ugly.)
Scorp. and Noob: Fine. (they both compose themselves)
(The T.V. turns on again to see Kano, Stryker, and Kabal walking down a hallway with their backs turned to the killer.)
Kano: We gotta hurry up.
Kabal: Well if you guys weren't so slow and force me to walk your pace...
Stryker: Shut up. Do you always have to remind us your fast. (The killer slowly makes his way to Kabal.)
Frost: Kabaaaal! (The killer "stabs" Kabal, and his "dead" body drops. Stryker then responds with a hard right to the jaw. Kano pulls out his knives while he and Stryker run away. The killer then races after them.)
Jade: RUN GUYS! (We now see Stryker slip in water, and fall. You here him curse, and see Kano try to help him up.)
Kano: C'mon mate. (Kano see's the killer's approach, then defends Stryker while he tries to stand up.)
Stryker: Leave me dude.
Ghostface: You should listen to your friend and leave him with me.
Kano: Over my dead body.
Ghostface: THAT CAN BE ARRANGED! (Kano then swipes at the killer with one of his knives, but the killer grabs it and knees his stomach.) So weak. (chuckles)
Kano: Oh yeah. (Kano then "stabs" the killer with his knives in both legs. We hear the killer yell. The knives are still jammed in each of the killers legs. The killer pulls them out, and laughs maniacly while Kano tries to help Stryker. The killer then throws the knife, and it "stabs" Kano in the head just as he turned around. The killer then stands and laughs again.)
Ghostface: You can't stop me.
Stryker: How--(The killer then "stabs" Stryker. The last thing you here is more maniacle laughter, and the T.V. shuts off.)
Noob: D*** IT! I'M DONE WITH THIS S***! Rain, Scorpion, and Smoke, you're a group. Reptile, Kenshi, and I are a group. Ermac, Kai, and Chameleon are a group. Let's go out there and get this a**hole.
Frost: Don't go guys. (When they go outside the drom they find Cage, Jax, Kung, and Lui. They are all "dead" from stab wounds.)
Smoke: Girls, stay here. We'll be right back. (Kira, Li Mei, Sonya, Skarlet, and Sophia are all devestated.)

So guys whatcha think. GRUSOME right? I would love to hear your guys input on it.
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