MKHS: Second Semester

You better get use to it, First Semester was nothing but didn't read pics and gifs. And you know what?
They were all funny as hell
Ok fella I have to say it, use the "Edit Post" button.
Double posting is frown on here cause its annoying. You can put multiple posts in just one post instead of double posting
Nice to know, anyway the fic's not bad at all. The beginning had a lack of emotion, "The windows are blocked." Should have used "!" at the end.

Everything else was good
Yeper-de-do-dah. lol. The girls that get "killed" will be filled in. I'm positive they start "dying" in the next update, because there won't be any guys to defend them.
That's because its called a surprise.

You readers are too damn spoiled when it comes to fanfiction and the writers happily oblige that.
F!ck that shit, I'll keep you bishes guessing