MKHS: Second Semester

That 3rd sentence was like :laugh: to :afraid:
Also you guys got me started on an idea :D. G. Sub you mind if I post your story on fanfic?

EDIT: @Shira's post: What the fu- wah, gah, huh!?!?
Mizore i have a lot of respect for you. But if you ever talk about Sub in such manner again. I will have sex with Mai Shiranui infront of you, then put on a ghostface costume and stab her ferociously infront of you. I'm sorry I had to go there but you don't talk about my bro Sub's like that.

Dammit. Im forced to double post because I can't copt text.

Go ahead lol I don't mind. There's only one woman you can talk like that about as a counterattack.

And if you did, I'd have to kill you *twitches* =D
I ain't telling him shit, I might f!ck him up if he found out too.
You might be new but not new enough to get a face full of fist :)

You will never find out :lol:
Truce matey

Yes. I don't wanna find out. May the Elder gods bless you both with peace and prosperoty with both your ideal ladies. Our children will speak of and learn from or harmfull word war. They will know of peace and respect. lol holy crap wut did I just say?