MKHS: Second Semester

~~Final Chapter Part One~~


Rain: AWWWWWWW SHIT! Yo my nigggas I been waitin all year fo this here field trip bros! We funna hit this beach, get lifted, drank that surp and spank dat dank heh heh y'all know what I'm sayin?

*Rain receives a round of "Hell Yeah "'s and high fives*

Baraka: Y'all nigggas aint bout to do a gawt daym thang. I aint funna let y'all trick me like last year. I the driva of dis here bus and you be lucky as fukk to eben smoke a dandelion while this niggga be in chawge.
Noob: Yo Raka Nakka why you stay bichin at us cuz? You know you talkin to the realest nigggas dis side of the coast my niggga
Baraka: I know yo blacker than black ass aint talkin about a real niggga. My niggga I bust a nut on yo chest right now and have yo shit lookin like a reverse domino.
Noob: "I rust a rut on your rest and rav" Niggga shut yo ol snaggle tooth ass up. Lookin like you chew on rock flavored bubble gum an shit.
Baraka: I turn this gawt daym bus round right nah! Gawt dammit I do it right nah!
Noob: My niggga turn these nuts round with cho tongue my niggga
Baraka: No respek. You ol jigaboo ass nigggas aint got no resek!
Noob: Fukk imma respek a crazy ass bus driva fo? My niggga you smell like dick cheese an motor oil
Baraka: Little shit!
Noob: Asshole

*the entire bus falls silent for 12 minutes*

Moloch: Yo Drahdog, you finally funna spit game at Kitana or what?
Drahmin: Man I already told you this shit. She wit Liu. I aint tryna start shit wit that WATTA TA TA TA ass dude
Moloch: Man it aint even like that tho! I was eatin some dog shit from under the bleachers when I heard they was breakin up and shit!
Drahmin: I aint even gonna ask bro. But fo real tho? You think I got a shot with her? Man imma be one hunnit wit you. Not a day goes BY that I don't think of her. I don't know what it is man, I think I gotta thing for asians. I'm usually mad cold to biches, but when I see her, I just light up you know man?
Moloch: I think it was dog shit. I don't know. I seent a few possums round the bleachers too tho.
Drahmin: Why do I even fukkin try?

Scorpion: Yo Dub, you think anyone funna notice Mileena?
Sub-Zero: Shit my niggga you tell me. You got a rotting dead bich witta a hole in her head sitting next to us. Bich smell like Moloch's locker my dude.
Scorpion: You really think they gon notice? I don't think so.
Reptile: Aye yo Score, why Mileena been sleepin so long?
Scorpion: My niggga who the fukk was talkin to you?! Fukk up out my bidness, she just tired from riding this diyack so loooonnnnng.
Ermac: What the fukk is wrong wit her head doe? Is that a hole my niggga?
Scorpion: The fukk Mac? You tryna get bopped up too? That aint nothin, she just allergic to peanuts
Ermac: So the peanuts made a ho-

*Scorpion smacks that niggga Mac in he mouth doe*

Noob: Ayo BooBooRaka, why we stoppin?
Baraka: Aww shit. Awwwwww shit. Please don't do this to me baby. Not here baby. Pleeeeease don't do this here baby.
Noob: AYO RAKA! Why we stoppin?!
Baraka: We outta gas dumb niggga. And there aint anotha station fo 3 miles.
Noob: We in the desert tho! You mean we gotta go on a whacky adventure that will continue at an undetermined time in the middle of a desert?!
Baraka: What you think?
Noob: Well shit
Everybody on the bus: AWWWW HELLLL NOOOO

To be continued

If I had the choice of dying by laughter, I would read this shit :laugh:

Reverse domino :rofl:
lmao!!!!! xD -dead- omfg..I can't with the story, i think i just hurt my insides by laughing too hard.

I read all that shit in DashieXP's Voice xD
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Here I am reading this like three years after it started, Yung. I marathon-ed both semesters over a few hours on Thursday and I smiled. I remember going through it a few years back and it still is funny in my mind. Always enjoyed the quirky wording, how deep in detail you guys got into with the characters, and having them in so many situations (lot of them relatable). Like I could visualize every part, put voices to text, I thought "this really could be a TV show."

So thank you for that. I'm sure it took plenty of time and creativity, and imo it shined through as a unique view on the cast.

This post was the post that made me feel really good about myself as a writer.
I think that this was the best compliment I've ever received, THANK YOU! :bawling:
Damn, I dunno if i should be proud of the fact that you likes my written chapters, or be impressed that you weeded through all the off topicness in the thread. :laugh:

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You shut your shit before I wheel kick you to hell D:<.

You wrote like 4 episodes. Then again the whole concept of this story was based off team work