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Prep Rally!/Sleepover Friday​

*Principal Khan makes his way to the half-line of the gym where all of the MKHS Students are awaiting him to speak.
Principal Khan: [Tan Khaki pants and a black and gold t-shirt with the MK Dragon on it] *Clears throat* Students of MKHS! It is with great pleasure to announce the end of the First Semester and the beginning of the Second Semester!
*Applause and even some whistling*
Principal Khan: The beginning of the year went by relatively well except for a few minor interruptions. Hey, MKHS is all about not sweating the small stuff. Also, before we beginning the prep rally I just wanted to say I’m proud of all of you students for producing such excellent grades and hope to see more of that in the near future. Without further a due, let’s get this rally started!
*The students cheer as the cheerleaders: Mileena, Kira, Frost, Tanya and 14 other girls cheer some type of cheer thing. Teachers give out honor rolls to A and B students. In addition, coaches announce who made the team this year and what not. Know with all the boring shit out the way let’s get to the real reason why you guys are about to read this*
Principal Khan: Ok students the finale of this prep rally has finally arrive. After getting the idea to make a sketch show after a science project these group of students are here to teach us valuable lessons that we should relearn. Without delay, put your hands together for Mortal Komdey.
*Huge ass black screen slowly descends in front of the MKHS students. Both Liu Kang, and Smoke appear on the screed after a cool title screen*
Liu Kang: Hey guys and welcome to *cough* wel- *Violently coughing* I said wel- *Continues with violent coughing*
Smoke: … um. Well guys we want to-
Liu Kang: No! I got this. *Takes random script and glasses from nowhere* … *Throws script away* Haha I can’t read.
Smoke: *Facepalm* Ok well where gonna teach you heathens core lessons that you should take to heart at this school.
Liu Kang: It’ll be educational and helpful. Though there is slight cursing involved.
*Sly grins from both students*
Smoke: Hopefully these sketches will be better than them stupid cheerleaders.
Liu Kang: Whoa!
Smoke: *Shrugs* I’m being honest bro. It’s all “GO TEAM, GO!” a flash of the ass and makeup. Yeah takes serious skill to be a slut.
*Suddenly, the camera pans over to Scorpion, Sektor, and Stryker in cheerleading outfits*
Scorpion: Talking the shit I see.
Sektor: Sounds like someone needs an A-S-S kicked.
Smoke: *Holding up hand* Wait no I was kidding!
*Too late. They jump him in a cartoon fashion dust cloud. Camera pans back to Liu Kang*
Liu Kang: *Sighs* Well guys enjoy these sketches. *Liu Kang turns around and Kitana comes out of nowhere performing an elbow drop on Smoke* Oh man. Smoke’s funeral service will be held on Thursday.

*In a classroom with Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Smoke, Sektor, Stryker, and a shirtless Scorpion with Kitana as the teacher*
Kitana: Ok class I want you to remember the importance of this test as this will be the final test of the year. If you fail then there is no going back… *Looks at Scorpion* Scorpion why don’t you have a shirt on!?
Scorpion: I’m exercising my First Amendment Ms. Khan. I’m protesting the use of shirts for they are a nuisance to society and must be extinguished!! *Flex’s chest twice after pounding the table*
Kitana: … Whatever. *Bell ring which is really Kung Lao making some sort of noise with his mouth* Study long and hard for this test.
Sektor: hehehe. Long and hard. That’s just like my *Death stare from Kitana* ruler.
Smoke: Like I’m going to study for this BS. I’m going to pull an all-nighter playing that Battlefield.
Kitana: Smoke! This test is of great importance. You must-
Smoke: *Puts his fingers on Kitana’s lips in the shush moment* Shhhhhhhhhh, sh, sh. *Wiggles his finger and puts it over Kitana’s upper lip*
Kitana: *Through clench teeth* What are you doing?
Smoke: I’m giving you a mustache. *Through clench teeth* Appreciate it.
*In Smoke’s room*
Smoke: This is awesome!
Liu Kang: No doubt. Anyway, I gotta go cause we got that test tomorrow and I just wanted to play before I studied.
Smoke: Ah man forget that bum ass test. Kick it with me and play this awesome Battlefield.
Liu Kang: Oh that’s a good idea. Oh wait, I rather not have a dead end job at a strip club when I get older.
Smoke: Ah come on Liu we know your gonna get a good job. Besides we all know you wouldn’t cut it as a stripper.
Liu Kang: *Single tear falls* You just hating. Anyway, you better get off in like thirty minutes and study.
Smoke: Ok, ok. *Liu leaves* What Liu doesn’t get is that I’m too poor to give a shit! *Starts pressing buttons on the controller*
*Next day*
Kitana: Ok test time. Smoke wake up! Smoke!!
Smoke: *Staring in one direction* … Huh? *Blinks*
Stryker: I think he died for a second. That or he had a mini seizure.
Kitana: Whatever. Let’s take the test now.
Smoke: *While everyone is taking a test* Ok let’s see. Read this passage. Call me Ishmael… *Stares at the paper without blinking*
Kitana: Pencils down.
Smoke: *Blinks* Damnit! I fell asleep!
Liu Kang: I take it you didn’t study.
Smoke: … No.
Scorpion: So that means you failed the test?
Smoke: Yeah…
Kitana: Not necessarily. Smoke you do realize there is a thing called a re-test right?
Smoke: Really!? Hell yes!
Kitana: Yes this be exciting for you but I want you to learn one thing from this. Try to be more responsible with your choices. Last time I check pulling an all-nighter on a videogame doesn’t past a test for you. The way you do things will carry out throughout your life.
Smoke: *sighs* Your right teach. I’ll definitely make sure I study for the retake.
Kitana: That’s what I like to hear!
Smoke: Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a quick nap. *Stares straight ahead into the camera*

**Back to Liu Kang who is now aided with Scorpion**
Liu Kang: Now wasn’t that a good lesson to learn?
Scorpion: I still don’t understand why I had to take my shirt off.
Liu Kang: *Fake cigar in his mouth* You wanna stay in this industry don’t ya boy.
Scorpion: … Yes. *Starts sobbing and taking off his shirt*
*In the background we see Kitana and Stryker carrying a heavy sack with them*
Liu Kang: Hey guys what’s in the bag?
Stryker: … Bagels.
Liu Kang: Can I have one?
Kitana: Not unless you want a SMOKED bagel.
*Both Stryker and Kitana laugh and carry the sack away*
Liu Kang: The hell? Whatever, enjoy this sketch on drugs. *Looks at Scorpion with his shirt still on* You still ain’t naked yet boy?
Scorpion: … Damnit.

Stryker: Hello. You know who I am and I’m sure you read the title. Drugs aren’t good for you. Neither is alcohol. Instead of running off boring ass facts and telling a sad tale I’ll explain it to a high school standard.
*In a red bed with his face showing*
Stryker: If you don’t do drugs then you’ll get this!
*Camera zooms out to like 10 girls all around Stryker*
Stryker: *Getting out of the bed* However, if you do drugs then you’ll be here. *Gets in the bed with the guys from early with roses in their teeth* Ewww. Or you’ll be doing this. *Grabs a trench coat and takes down a wanted poster of his face* Put ultimately you’ll be here if you keep doing drugs. *Takes off trench coat and lays down on a chalk outline with Kung Lao and Sektor looking at his body*
Kung Lao: So this individual died from foul play.
Sektor: That’s right sir. He died from eating a crystal meth-heroine-crack burrito.
Kung Lao: What would make a man eat something like that!?
Sektor: Due to the munchies from the 50 blunts he smoked early sir?
Kung Lao: Understandable.
Stryker: *Gets up* So yeah drugs are a big no-no guys. Besides they’re not cool in the slightest. So if you wanna have a healthy life and live to see your grandchildren attend college, say no to the drugs. *Walks back to the bed with the 10 girls in the bed* Besides there’s a bunch of thugging perks to be drug-free.
*Winks at the camera and the sketch ends*

*Liu Kang is by himself now*
Liu Kang: Well guys we are done to the final sketch. Now this one is important. Actually all of them are important but this one is equally important in its important importantness.
*Smoke walks in with a bagel in his hand*
Liu Kang: Your alive!?
Smoke: Liu only two things can kill me: Fire breathing midgets and angry pregnant ladies.
Liu Kang: Both are rare to come by.
Smoke: Your telling me. Hey you want this smoked bagel buddy?
Liu Kang: Oh boy a bagel!! *Takes bagel* All I need is some dragon blood! *Leaves while Smoke just looks at his bagel questioning it’s existence*
Sub-Zero: Hello, Frosty the Snowman here. Wait, *looks at note card* Scorpion!
Scorpion: Got em’ again! *Runs away*
Sub-Zero: Looks like someone won’t be getting any sleep tonight. Excuse Scorpion’s ignorance. I’m Sub-Zero and I’m here to talk to you beautiful people about distractions. *Starts walking* Now I know where all teenagers and the hormones be a raging but we got to keep them in check. Sometimes we get distracted over the stupidest stuff ever. *Nyan cat playing on a computer screen. Sub-Zero Sparta kicks the screen* No! Some distractions are ok. *Picks up an ice cream cone from a stand that says free ice cream* Oh free ice cream! *Throws it away* Some distractions will derail you from school like this.
*Points to Kitana eating a cheeseburger on a wall with her hair blowing in the wind and wearing like a tight spandex suit*
Sub-Zero: *Staring intently* I want a cheeseburger. No, I urge for one. *Continues to walk* Anyway, some distractions you should definitely veer away from like drugs and what not.
*Stops where Sektor and Smoke in the middle of a drug exchange*
Sub-Zero: Smoke are you buying weed!?
Smoke: Um, uh hell no! *Throws baggie on the ground* Thine heathen beseeched me and approached me with thine devil’s vegetable! I shall take my leave! *Grabs a monocle and top hat and does his haters-gonna-hate walk*
Sub-Zero: Good man. *Starts walking again* But hey if you keep your mind focus you’ll do great in this here facility. Whether the distraction be big or small you’ll do fine if you keep your mine right for school and the occasional hanging out with friends. *Stops walking*
Stryker: *With a bible in tow and a sweater around his neck* Good day brother! Care to hear the fine word of Jesus!?
Sub-Zero: Get the hell away from me! *Pushes Stryker somewhere* Damn atheist trying to distract me with prayer and shit. *Sighs* I hope this message got to guys in a clear manner. Cause distractions aren’t worth anything in the long run. It’s all about hard work, patience and…
*Stops talking as he sees a bunch of cheerleaders washing a car in short shorts and bikini tops*
Sub-Zero: *Frowning and hands on his hips* That’s not fair.
*Skit ends*

**No we have everyone that was in the sketches around to take the final bow**
Kitana: Well that’s the end of it guys. Hope you liked it.
Sektor: They better! If not we’ll force feed them these lessons with a spoon!
Stryker: And we won’t give you any milk.
Kitana: *Sighs* Great now you got these guys all flustered.
Kung Lao: More like overly pissed off! *Rips off shirt*
*Liu Kang breaks a table and Smoke drags a tied up Scorpion across the screen*
Kitana: Enough! Let’s go get ice cream.
All six boys: YEAH!
Kitana: *Gets picked up by the six guys who are chanting ice cream* Remember the lessons and carry them throughout life!!
*They exit while Sub-Zero enters*
Sub-Zero: I know damn well I’m getting my payment of two chickens before I leave.
*Black screen with THE END written on it*

**By the time the whole school settled down from laughing they’re guts out, Principal Khan had one more thing left to say**
Principal Khan: That was great. I haven’t laughed like that in years! Well students for the rest of Friday we won’t get too serious seeing how we had this great rally today. I just wanted to say two more things and you may leave to your classes. First thing is that all practices are cancelled today. The final thing is that Homecoming will be two weeks from now on a Friday. To purchase your tickets just head to Ms. Khan’s room and pay the 20 dollar fee for one person and 40 dollars for a pair. Also voting will be held next week for Homecoming king and queen, prince and princess. Well that’s about it guys, now enjoy the rest of your day!
*And they did. Bunch of teachers played fun games and the students relaxed knowing that a new semester is starting. Know let’s go to the front gate (Math) where students are chilling and talking with the buds and what not after school*
Johnny Cage: That was all too hilarious! *Still laughing at earlier today*
Jax: My favorite sketch was the last sketch! Could not stop laughing.
Kung Lao: Man there where so many bloopers with that sketch. Couldn’t get through it without laughing so much, haha.
Johnny Cage: Nonetheless fun as hell. So what you guys doing to night.
Liu Kang: Nothing. Watcha got in mind movie star?
Johnny Cage: Well I have to leave on Saturday and I wanted my friends to come over me and Jax’s dorm so we can party.
Smoke: Did I hear, *Dramatic turn* sleep over?
Jax: Yes you did kind sir.
Noob: Hell yes!! Me and Smoke are there. Unless you aren’t busy sucking face with your wife.
Smoke: No I don’t you goon. Ironically, Jade is having a sleepover with Kitana and some other females.
Johnny Cage: The volleyball players right?
Smoke: You got it.
Jax: Well that’s nice. What about you Kung Lao and Liu?
Liu Kang: You know damn well we coming over *Grins*
Johnny Cage: We should invite some other people to keep it fresh.
Liu Kang: Oh I have an idea who I’m going to bring.
Smoke: I gotta pay Ermac back for giving me them kick ass roses to give to Jade.
Johnny Cage: Awesome. Wait Liu who are you bringing?
*Dramatic transition to Rain’s locker*
Rain: Sleepover?
Liu Kang: Yeah. You know hang out with friends and what not.
Rain: Didn’t think I was consider a friend amongst you guys.
Liu Kang: What gave you that idea?
Rain: Don’t know really.
Liu Kang: Anyway, you interested by any chance?
Rain: Hmmm. Yeah you know that’ll be cool. I gotta ask the ol’ parents but I’m sure I’ll be there.
*Door opens*
Tanya: Rain! *Starts walking to where Rain and Liu is* Your suppose to be doing your job in here!
Rain: Ugh, see what I have to deal with. Loudmouth bimbos just talking for no reason.
Tanya: *Violently grabs Rain’s ear* Well this loudmouth bimbo is your boss. And your boss demands you to do your job!
Rain: Ah stop that! *Still gets dragged anyway*
*Door to the student council (MKSC from now on), opens and closes*
Liu Kang: …. *Pinches himself* I did not see that. Yup, didn’t see it at all. *Strolls off to his dorm room*
*Transition to Johnny Cage opening the door finding Skarlet bending over reaching for something behind the couch*
Johnny Cage: [Damnit Skarlet why you got a nice ass?]
Skarlet: *Looks back to find Johnny standing in the doorway* Oh hey Johnny! I dropped my cellphone could you help me get it please?
Johnny Cage: Anything for you. Oh I learned this trick while on the set of my new movie. Watch this. *Kneeling down, Johnny Cage punches the ground and Skarlet’s red phone jumps up and lands in her hands* Tadah!
Skarlet: Wow! That was so cool!
Johnny Cage: Hey what can I say? It was just a lil trick I learned.
*Skarlet jumps up and hugs Johnny Cage, unexpectedly like she always does. Johnny lost his balance however and fell with Skarlet on top of him*
Johnny Cage: Ow. Skarlet I like hugs like the next guy but you gotta warn a man.
Skarlet: *Rubbing head* Sorry.
*Pause for a minute*
Skarlet: Oh I’m sorry for pinning you down like this! *Gets up*
Johnny Cage: Nah you were fine. *Gets up* So watcha doing tonight Skarlet?
Skarlet: I’m going to my first sleepover ever! And it’s with my new volleyball teammates.
Johnny Cage: Oh so you did make the volleyball team. Great job Red! *High fives* Well me and my buds are doing the same so I hope you have fun at your sleepover.
Skarlet: I definitely will! *Grabs bag and hugs Johnny* Have a save flight tomorrow. *Passes by Jax who’s carry a four pizza boxes and three liters of different soda* Hey Jax! Bye Jax!
Jax: See ya later Red! *Puts stuff on the table* She seems awfully happy. You ask her out or something?
Johnny Cage: Not yet bud.
Jax: Johnny my boy, *puts hand on Johnny’s shoulder* one day we’ll tell these females that we wanna date.
Johnny Cage: Yeah one day bud. Let’s set up the other T.V and get this party started!
*Ok so school ended around 3:00. So (counts on fingers) It’s now 5:40 pm. Let’s go to the girls sleepover. Wait… how in the hell am I gonna write something I don’t know about… F*ck it, television knowledge don’t fail me now! We go to the Khan residence where the girls are in the living room eating cookies*
Kitana: Hey guys how are the cookies?
Jade: Freaking amazing as always.
Sonya: I swear these cookies are better than a bakery.
Mileena: Why thank you.
Skarlet: You made these?
Mileena: Yup!
Kitana: I mean she would make an excellent wife don’t you guys think.
*They agree while Mileena blushes*
Jade: So Skarlet how do you like being part of the volleyball team?
Skarlet: I love it! I’m so glad that I get to be a part of something instead of being on the sidelines.
Sonya: With that attitude it sounds like you can win championships all by yourself.
Skarlet: Oh please, not without the help of you guys.
Kitana: Well cheers to the new season!
*They clink whatever drink they have in their class*
Mileena: Well of course you have to deal with Kitana’s bossiness.
Kitana: I am not bossy!
Jade: I second Mily’s motion.
Kitana: Hey!
Skarlet: Well she’s a captain so I’m don’t mind all that much.
Kitana: And that’s how Skarlet became my new best friend.
Jade: Oh whatever you know you love me.
Kitana: Yeah. Yeah.
*They share a laugh*
Skarlet: Do you play volleyball Mily?
Mileena: Oh no I’m a cheerleader.
Skarlet: Oh that’s cool.
Sonya: She only became one because she wanted to shout Scorpion’s name over and over again.
Mileena: Hey!
Jade: Besides Mily is a girly-girl.
Mileena: Got a point there. I don’t really like to sweat all that much. Besides I can call my boyfriend’s name all I want you goon!
Sonya: Hey nobody was stopping you.
Mileena: Good.
Kitana: Ok enough of that. I say it’s time for a little, truth or dare!
*While they play that, we see Jax and Johnny Cage sitting on the sofa*
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Jax: Hmm where are those guys?
Johnny Cage: Who knows?
Jax: Maybe they’re not coming.
Johnny Cage: Not unless they want to reproduce.
*Knock at the door*
Jax: Got it. *Opens door*
Smoke: YEAH! Wreaking havoc on you b*tches like it’s my occupation! Gonna put you in the dirt make you take a dirty vacation!
Jax: … Smoke have you’ve been listening to the black station again?
Smoke: Yes. *Puts head down and laughs* What’s up big man?
Jax: *Pounds Smoke’s fist* Nothing much. *Notices Ermac behind Smoke* Hey Ermac.
Ermac: Hello. We’re here with Smoke and his pal.
Jax: Awesome come right on in and make yourself at home. *Smoke and Ermac enter* Where’s our favorite shadow figure?
Noob: *From down the hall* Right here!
Jax: Holy shit!
Noob: *With two shadow clones carrying two big ass bins of candy. They put it down and reconnect with Noob* Sup Jax.
Jax: Did you pull a heist on the Willy Wonka factory?
Noob: Nope. I sent shadow clones all around Chicago collecting candy on Halloween. I got a shitload of candy back at me and Smoke’s room.
Jax: Damn. Both of you guys are fat asses.
Ermac: We understand how Noob is a fat ass but how is Smoke one?
Johnny Cage: Are you kidding me? This kid here ate like 200 wings at this one place and is the current record holder there.
Ermac: Well, well damn.
*Knock at the door*
Jax: Got it. *Opens door*
Kung Lao: You hurry up and buy!!
Jax: Hahaha! This is my room though.
Kung Lao: You think I give f*ck!? This not library, hurry up and buy! Liu Kang, get my pistol!
Liu Kang: Why you no hurry up and buy!?
*All three laugh*
Johnny Cage: Haha what?
Jax: These two like to act like angry Chinese people at a corner store.
Noob: Damn no wonder you two are in that sketch group thing.
*All of a sudden Scorpion and Sub-Zero teleport out of nowhere*
Scorpion: Told ya I can tele- oh.
*Sub-Zero takes his ice hands and places it on his shoulder to put out the fire. After doing so he takes a white glove and slaps Scorpion in the face and puts it in his back pocket*
Johnny Cage: Damn what an entrance.
Sub-Zero: Damn skippy son.
Stryker: *Opens door* Yo guys.
All of them: Aye it’s Stryker!
Stryker: Your thugging right boys!

*The door of the Khan residents open, and all the girls pay attention to Rain*
Rain: … I don’t care what’s happening. Where is our parents?
Mileena: Still at school.
Rain: Uh-huh. Well I’m going to leave a note telling them I’m going to a sleepover.
Jade: Knowing Rain it’s probably an orgy.
Rain: Nothing like that. Sleepover with my buddies.
Jade: … You have friends?
Rain: *Rolls eyes* And you have a boyfriend. I didn’t think that was possible either but hey, we’re just both filled with surprises. Just came to get my shorts. *Goes up the stairs*
Jade: He better be lucky he doesn’t sleep here tonight. Otherwise you two would be missing a brother.
*Both Kitana and Mileena giggle*
**Take a quick break real quick**

*Back at the boys room where Sub-Zero [Balrog] and Scorpion [Ryu] are having it out in the popular game Street Fighter*
Sub-Zero: Scorpion you ain’t shit!
Scorpion: Your shit talking won’t get you far Sub!
Johnny Cage: This is for all the marbles!
Noob: Lol I can’t believe we’re having a tournament to see who gets the first slice of pizza.
Scorpion: Silent child!
*After about 15 seconds later, Scorpion does a jumping fierce punch and does Ryu’s Second Ultra*
Stryker: Oh shit Scorpion’s is straight thugging on Sub-Zero!
Scorpion: 10% health left Sub. Sounds like to me your f*cked kid!
Sub-Zero: Kung Lao blast that shit!
*Kung Lao pulls out his phone and plays guile’s theme loudly*
Scorpion: No matter, that slice is mine!
*Scorpion does an EX Hadoken but Sub-Zero counters with Balrogs Ultra and wins the round*
All of them: OOOOOOHHHH!!! OHHHH!!
Sub-Zero: Hell yeah! *Nut chop in Scorpion’s direction* Excuse me while I enjoy my slice, b*tch!
Scorpion: Damn you and your Guile theme comeback Sub-Zero!
Sub-Zero: *Eating slice of pizza* Sorry busy not giving a shit, you mad boy?
Rain: *Opens the door and enters the room* Hey fellas did I miss anything?
Jax: Oh shit Rain?
Rain: Yeah. Liu invited me.
Noob: Fan-f*cking-tastic! Now it’s a party!
*And a party it was. Let’s head back to the girls sleepover*
Jade: On a scale of 1-10, how cute are the guys we hangout with. Smoke is an eight for me.
Kitana: Oh not a full-blown ten?
Jade: Well he has some chub where is lower abs should be, but it the rest makes up for it.
Sonya: I think Jax is a eight too. He’s a cute, muscular, surprisingly smart, sweet, why the hell am I still talking.
Mileena: Hahaha. Scorpion is an automatic ten.
Skarlet: In my own opinion I think Johnny is an eight.
Sonya: I can’t agree with that at all. Personally he is a douche.
Skarlet: Well I think sometimes he’s sweet in a way.
Kitana: Yeah Sonya nobody ask you to open your mouth!
Sonya: Woman if you don’t get back in that kitchen!!
Kitana: Hey Mily could you set up the movie? I’m going to make a huge tub of popcorn! *Goes to the kitchen*
Sonya: Well I’m gonna get comfortable. *Goes to her bag and comes to a shocking discovery* I forgot my sweat pants!
Jade: So?
Sonya: Well I’m not going to sleep in my jeans so I’m just gonna have to sleep in my panties…
Jade: Oh hell yeah! Judging by all the guys stares I would guess that you must have a nice ass. *Sneaky grin*
Sonya: *Covers butt* Shut up!
Jade: I mean if I was Jax I would tap that ass in a second.
*And thus the pillow fight started. Now let’s go to the fellas to see them enjoying a nice card game of BS*
Rain: B*llshit.
Jax: Damnit! *Takes big ass pile*
Johnny Cage: Two 4’s
Rain: B*llshit.
Johnny Cage: But I- okay. *Takes back card*
Kung Lao: Um, Um *Throws all his cards down* Eight 5’s!
Rain: You better pick those f*cking cards up boy!
*They all laugh*
Smoke: That was priceless.
Liu Kang: It’s rather nice sitting here with your friends not worrying about any problems or females.
Rain: Amen brother.
Johnny Cage: Well actually guys, speaking of females I think I might actually love this one chick.
All of them: ………
Rain: Say what?
Noob: Well I’m glad for you Joh- ARRRRRGGGGHHH *Clutches at his heart* My heart!
Smoke: Ah come on guys we should all support Johnny. Even though she might be a stripper with two kids.
Scorpion: Can, can he do that Sub?
Sub-Zero: I don’t know, to the internet!
Kung Lao: Guys let’s hear what Johnny Carlton got to say for himself.
Johnny Cage: Thank you sir. Ok well all I have to say is she brightens up my day whenever we’re together. Personally, she makes me happy all the time.
Rain: That was pretty nice my man.
Stryker: That was a thugging confessing bro.
Johnny Cage: How long does your b*llshit last Stryker?
Stryker: Till tomorrow kid.
Ermac: Who is this person of sunshine bringing?
Johnny Cage: … Well.
Noob: Come Johnny boy. We won’t judge.
Scorpion: Yeah you can tell us lil fella.
Johnny Cage: … Skarlet.
All of them: …….
Rain: Who is that?
Jax: She wears red mostly. Junior. Petite.
Kung Lao: Ohhh. The quiet gal.
Smoke: My head is filled with f*ck. So Jonathon with his out-going persona likes a quiet girl? This is more of a mindf*ck than Inception.
All of them: Agreed.
Rain: how come you didn’t ask her out?
Johnny Cage: *Tapping cards on the table* How do I put this… I’m afraid to ask.
All of them: ….
Noob: I have no son.
Liu Kang: Who is this man?
Johnny Cage: I mean I don’t know if she’ll say yes or no.
Smoke: Oh I get it.
Jax: One day you will.
Johnny Cage: Hopefully my man.
*They play the rest of the game with Rain winning*
Rain: Damn that was an eventful card game.
Kung Lao: Yeah we learned that Johnny does have a heart. It’s just buried under all the hookers.
Johnny Cage: Whatever! What about you kid?
Kung Lao: What about me?
Johnny Cage: Do you have any love interest?
Kung Lao: Not really to be honest. I’m afraid all the girls are taken haha.
Johnny Cage: Last time I paid attention to anything Kitana and Sonya are single.
Kung Lao: Kitana is what I would like to have as a friend. Sonya on the other hand… Well I heard she was into, *licks lips* black guys.
*Everybody busted out laughing. Smoke even fell out his chair laughing and holding his stomach*
Jax: F*ck all you guys. Besides me and Sonya aren’t even like that.
Rain: Still with the b*llshit!? You know damn well you and Sonya wanna make them babies!
*A second wave of laughter*
Jax: Ok. Well I’m gonna go take a piss and ponder your asswhooping. *Goes to the bathroom*
Rain: He is going to f*ck my shit up. I can feel it in my loins.
*Well it’s around 12:15 am. and Smoke, Noob, and Ermac passed out from a candy coma. Kung Lao, Stryker and Liu Kang went to sleep. Only Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Jax, and Johnny Cage plus Rain were still awake lying down in a circle*
Sub-Zero: Hey all joking aside, I hope both of you guys get the girls you’re looking for.
Jax: Well thanks man.
Rain: Personally I don’t get why you guy aren’t dating yet. I mean it looks to me that you guys have an awesome friendship, why not bump it up to the next level.
Jax: Probably because she still hasn’t had time to recover from her last break up. There’s no way of putting a clock on a girl’s feelings. You just have to know when the time is right.
Scorpion: Spoken like a wise man.
Rain: Yeah well you love birds shouldn’t wait too long. Don’t know when some f*cker with balls of steel will take your dream girl from your nose.
Scorpion: Did that happen to you Rain?
Rain: Nah that could never happened. It couldn’t have happened cause I never learned how to love…
Sub-Zero: What about that Tanya chick?
Rain: Hell no.
Johnny Cage: What’s wrong with her?
Rain: F*cking bossy as hell, talks to damn much and is a try-hard.
Jax: You know opposites attract.
Rain: Huh?
Sub-Zero: Well she’s talkative, you’re not. She is a try-hard and you’re a slacker.
Rain: Hpmh whatever. Well what about you Sub-Zero? Where’s your dream girl?
Sub-Zero: I don’t have one. But I do know who I want to lose my virginity to.
Johnny Cage: Well your sure as hell not gonna get it on a silver platter.
Sub-Zero: I want to lose my virginity to a MILF.
All of them: 0-0…..
Rain: Sub-Zero you stay the hell away from my mother.
Sub-Zero: Nothing like that. Well maybe not at first *sly grin*
Rain: I f*cking mean it boy.
Sub-Zero: Hahaha I’m f*cking around. Besides I don’t wanna get destroyed by Shao.
Scorpion: Sub-Zero you are one crazy f*cker you know that?
Sub-Zero: And that’s why you all love me. Cause I’ll spine rip you guys if you don’t.
Jax: Hahaha oh Sub-Zero you crazy kid. Goodnight.
Rest of them: Night.
Johnny Cage: *Softly to himself* Skarlet, would you ever date a douche like me?
*At girls sleepover where all the girls are asleep accept Skarlet*
Skarlet: *Softly* Johnny, would you date a silent girl who voices her opinion rarely?
Both of them: *Sighs* I wish I knew.


Wait... Why did I write this? Nobody is gonna read this five paged post! *Puts hands on his head*
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That was... *speechless.*
I could not stop laughing the entire time. Glad to see this story is going well! =D
I've always liked these stories before i got on trmk since I would really like to be a part of this
Props to you
Thanks you two much appreciated lol. Hey Byrd, you can be apart of it by being a substitute writer.
too long didnt read ;)

Havok your back :-D!!

I read all 5 pages... Mileena a cheerleader! YES!!! a dream come true :)
Anything to please your fandom Vital :)

I like! Very impressive! So, is the writing rotation switched or anything?
Nope the writing cycle is still the same.

Wait, why is Cage sharing a dorm with Jax still? I moved him out a little while ago.
You did. But can the guy comeback and visit his friends?

i do have something down but i wonder when its cool to post it
I will definitely let you know when to post if we need a substitute writer. Hold on to that story though :)

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