MKHS: Second Semester

So much gay.

I don't understand these stories. Are these just kids with their names, are they the actual charaters just without their powers, do they have powers? What the stars is going on?!?
So much gay.

I don't understand these stories. Are these just kids with their names, are they the actual charaters just without their powers, do they have powers? What the stars is going on?!?

Write some more Hood Style.

The Prank: Part 4 the Konclussion part 1

(15 min. later ,the groups have been searching for "The Killer")

Rain: Holy Argus, he really is like trying to find a ghost. ("Ghostface" appears)
Ghostface: Unless, the ghost wants to be found.
Scorpion: What's up?
Ghostface: Just chillin, and killin. Ohhh double pun, son!
Smoke: Two in one line, I think that's a record.
Ghostface: (laughs) Yep, that one is goin in the pun book. (All the guys laught) So, do you guys want to die first? Ermacs group said they don't mind.
Rain: Yes, we should because we can see how they react to our deaths.
Scorpion: Genius.
Smoke: Oh, dude you could "kill" us then lay our bodies outside the dorm, knock on the dorm door, ditch, and then call them.
Ghostface: That's Genius!!! Then I will "kill" the last four infront of them. (excitedly) Im gonna go find Noobs group, wait here. (begins to run down the hall way.)
Smoke: Wait!! (Sub. haults) Thank you, and how do you know where they are at.
Ghostface: You're Welcome, and duh!! Cyrax and Sektor. (Talks into the headset) Thanks guys. (sprints down the hall way.)
Cyrax and Sektor: (Through their headset.) Yeah, you better say thank you b****. (laughs)

(We are now looking at Noob's group.)
Noob: Where the hell is he.
Kenshi: I don't know man.
Reptile: Claudia is gonna kill me.
Noob: Dude you have gotta chill.
Reptile: I'm just feeling guilty, she's probably worried sick.
Kenshi: It'll be fine dude.
Reptile: Ok, if you guys--(Ghostface pops up) HOOOOLY SHIIIIIIIT!!!! (All the guys are loosing it.)
Ghostface: (laughing) Aw, dude he almost p***** himself!
Noob: (laughing) I think he s***!
Kenshi: (laughing) I think he did both..... judging by the smell of him! (Note: Reptile really didn't soil himself.) (All but Reptile are laughing hysterically now.)
Reptile: Ok ok. You got me. What's up?
Ghostface: (trying to control himself) I-I--I.... Dude, did you see the air he got! (They all continue laughing)
Noob: (laughing) Yeah dude I would say you reached a few feet higher!
Reptile: Keep laughing, Ima go Godzilla in this b****! (laughter stops after a little bit)
Ghostface: Ok ok. Anyway, Smoke had an awesome idea of me "killing" his group, you, and Reptile. Smoke wants to see the girls reaction to all of this. Then I can put you guys infront of the dorm, knock, ditch, and call the dorm.
Kenshi: What about me?
Ghostface: You, are gonna be with Ermac's group. You, Noob, and Reptile were running away from me. Noob, and Reptile ran a different way, and you just kept running. You guys are gonna go back to the dorm. You inform the group this, and go back to the dorm. Stick with this story.
Kenshi: One, where are they? Two, what if they try to say I'm the killer?
Ghostface: They won't, because Ermac's group witnessed it. Cyrax. Sektor. Where is Ermac's guys at?
Cyrax: The Cafeteria.
Ghostface: They're at the lunch room. Go!!
Kenshi: Ok. (he leaves)

(Moments later we are at the dorm and the guys burst in.)
Chameleon: HOLY S***!!!!!
Frost: (worried) What happened? Where is everyone?
Kai: We don't know!
Ermac: We were at the middle of a hallway intersection, and we see Kenshi, Noob, and Reptile bookin' it down the hallway, with the psycho in pursuit. Kenshi is yelling at us to run. Then, we saw Noob, and Reptile turn down another hallway, and Kenshi kept running are way. We saw the guy run after Noob, and Reptile. In short, as Kai said "We don't know!"
(The girls start to worry, and the phone rings and everyone, becomes quiet. Ermac picks it up.)
Ermac: What?
Ghostface: Where is Kitana?
Ermac: Stop playing--
Ghostface: NO, YOU STOP F****** GAMES, AND PUT HER ON THE PHONE!!!!! (Jade takes the phone.)
Jade: (worried) Please, where are the guys?
Ghostface: (chuckles) Ah ah aaaahhh. We don't wanna ruin the surprise now, do we.
Jade: (pleading now) Please, just leave us alone.
Ghostface: Aww, that's sweet of you to beg, now put her on the phone. (Jade begins to tear up and hands Kitana the phone.)
Kitana: Hello
Ghostface: Hello, sweetheart.
Kitana: What do you want? (Here's a knock.) (Talking to friends) Don't answer it.
Ghostface: I just wanted to talk. Listen and do exactly as I tell you ok.
Kitana: Please, ju--
Ghostface: Ok.
Kitana: (sobs) Ok.
Ghostface: Good girl. Now tell someone to open the door, but don't step outside.
Kitana: Please, don't--
Ghostface: Do it. If they don't step outside they'll be fine.
Kitana: Ok, hold on. (talks to friends) Open the door, but don't step outside.
Chameleon: No wa--
Kitana: DO IT!
Kenshi: Ok! (opens the door) Oh my gods. (Steps outside)
Kitana: No! (Just then you see the killer stabs Kenshi then pulls him away. Kitana starts crying.)
Ghostface: Sshh. Sshh. Sssssshhhh. It's not your fault, you told him not to step outside.
Kitana: Please, don't kill anymore.
Ghostface: I'm sorry love, but I won't make any promises I can't keep. You want to know what happend to your friends do you?
Kitana: Yes.
Ghostface: Well look, don't touch. Bye bye. (hangs up)
Ermac: D*** you! (Steps outside to also "meet his fate.")
(Everyone screams. Kai and Chameleon take this oppertunity to attack. Kai swiftly punched "The Killer" in his face while Chameleon did a back flip kick to the chin. The girls take this opportunity to run. Kai goes for a lunging roundhouse but is caught and stabbed. Chameleon hits "The Killer" at least trying to help aid the girls escape. The girls stop, and watch as Chameleon fights on. Chemeleon tries to rush him with his shoulder , but "The Killer" then thrusts his knife into Chameleon. The girls then run away crying, and the killer dispatches Chameleon, and runs after them. "The Killer" catches up to Frost, and drags her away while she is kicking, and screaming. He puts his hand over mouth, and drags her behind a corner. The girls continue to run away.)
Ghostface: (whispering) Shut up. Frost it's Sub-Zero. (She is muffled but you can still tell she said Sub-Zero.) Yes, it's a prank just pretend like you're being stabbed.
Frost: Ok. (pretends to be stabbed and is dragged off.) I'm gonna kill you.
Ghostface: Yeah, maybe later, but right now I'm killing you. Let's go, and get the guys and I'll let you all out.

(Later on all the guys, and Frost are outside with Cyrax and Sektor watching the girls freak.)
Sektor: Oh my gosh, this is great. (laughing)
Noob: HEEELLP! (All the guys look over at Noob, who is being beaten up by Frost, who is shouting profanities.)
Smoke: Sorry dude, but most of us are gonna get it.
Scorpion: Sub. is gonna get it the worst.
Cyrax: Ohhhhh Yeahhhhh!!!

(They turn their attention to the screen where "Ghostface killed" Claudia, Sophia, and Kira.)
Kabal: Ohhhhhh! It looks like Kung, Reptile, and Kano is gettin it.
Kung Lao: S***!
Reptile: Aww d*** it!
Kano: Don't remind me.

(We are now with the girls, who are panicing.)

Li Mei: What are we going to do?
Mileena: Just calm down. We have to stay calm if we're going to get out of here.
Tanya: Skarlet, can you come with me to the restroom.
Skarlet: Yeah, just hurry up. (They walk to the restroom.) Ok, hurry.
Tanya: Ok ok. (A moment later she finishes, and starts to wash her hands.) Lets go.
Skarlet: Ok. C'mon hurry up. (They go for the exit before "The Killer" grabs them both, and they try to scream.)
Ghostface: (Trying to quiet them) Shut up. It's me Sub-Zero. It's just a prank.
Tanya: What? Was Rain in on it too?
Ghostface: Yeah. So was Johnny. (Sub. explains the whole prank.)
Tanya: Oooh. I'm gonna kill him for making me cry like that!
Skarlet: Oh, Johnny's dead too! Not as dead as you will be when Kitana finds out.
Ghostface: Yeah, I know. You guys scream, get the girls attention, and I'll kill you.
Tanya: Why, should we go along with it?
Ghostface: C'mooon! You do it now. (Tanya is not budging) Pleeease.
Tanya: Nope.
Ghostface: I'll tell principle Khan you raped Rain!
Tanya: (Gasps) You will not.
Ghostface: Try me. (He rubs his hands together evily, nowing it's check-mate.)
Tanya: Fine we'll do it.
Skarlet: "We'll" uh uh. Not doin it.
Tanya: If I have to do it, you have to. Please.
Skarlet: Fine. (They run out of the door into the hallway screaming. The girls look to see what's going on. They witness Tanya's "lifeless" body on the floor. Then they see "The Killer" run behind Skarlet, and "stab" her. The girls start running, and they're all crying at the same time. Note: These next two sentences make you feel like you're watching the crocodile hunter, just sayin. "The Killer" spots his new target. He sprints after her, and tackles Sonya to the ground.)
Sonya: Keep running, don't stop!!! (The girls listen and keep running around the corner. Sonya starts to cry as the killer looks down on her.)
Ghostface: Sonya, calm down. It's just a prank it's me Sub.
Sonya: What?!
Ghostface: Everybody, except the girls were in on it. Calm down. (She starts hammer fisting him in the chest.)
Sonya: (While performing her onslaught on Subs chest.) You sons-of-b**** scared me to death over a stupid prank!
Ghostface: Yes, and if you want to see everbody else get way more frightened than you. Then I'll let you out.
Sonya: Fine, I'm gonna kill Jax when I see him. (Sub begins to explain the whole prank to her as he walks her and the other "victims" out.)
You suck!
Ghostface: I know, see ya.
Sonya: (As she walks out the door.) No you won't, because Kitty is gonna kill you.
Ghostface: You know, that is a really popular statement.

(Now I'm gonna go and skip over Li Mei, and Mileena's death, because I'm lazy.)

Kitana: What are we gonna do?
Jade: I don't know Kitty, we just gotta-- (Ghostface appears)
Ghostface: Hello ladies.
Jade: Leave her alone! She didn't do anything to deserve this!
The Prank: Part 4 the Konclussion part 2

Ghostface: Shut the f*** up! I'll give you a ten second head start. (They start running.) One.......Two.......Ten! (He runs after them, and gains up on them. He dive tackles Jade to the floor, while Kitana runs into Subs dorm and blocks it off. She then realizes Jade is out there.)
Kitana: S***! (She starts to take her barricade down, but here's Jade yell "Don't come outside!" and then starts to scream in pain.)

(Meanwhile, in the hallway: Sub is explaining to Jade what is going on.)
Ghostface: Go get everybody, and tell them to come in.
Jade: Ok. You know--
Ghostface: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Kitana's gonna kill me. Go! (She leaves, and he turns his attention on the door.)
Kitana: (Crying hysterically.) Oh my elder gods.
Ghostface: (Calling to her.) Kitaaaaaanaaaaaa. (He begins kicking in the door, and Kitana slumps down on the floor.) Let me in now! (He breaks down the door, and starts shoving the make-shift barracade out of the way. He closes in on her slowly, and raises the knife.)
Kitana: (Screaming) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sub-Zero: (While she is screaming he is trying to calm her down.) Baby....Babe.....Baby!!!! (She stops screaming) It's me.
Kitana: What?
Sub-Zero: (He talks off his mask) It's me babe. It was all a joke.
Kitana: Oh my gods. (She walks up to him, smacks him HARD, then hugs him.) You scarred me. I thought you died.
Sub-Zero: Everybody is ok, see. (Everybody walks in.) I will never put you thru that again, ok.
Kitana: You better not. How did you do it? (Sub explains the whole ordeal.) (joking) I hate all of you. (Everybody laughs.)
Sub-Zero: C'mon guys lets get cleaned up, pack up the gear, and have a real party at the dorm. (Everybody cheers)
Kabal: What about the bars?
Sub-Zero: We will take them down later. (That night, everybody cleaned up, went to Sub-Zero's, and partied harder than ever before. In short Sub and Kitana, Smoke and Jade, Scorp and Mily, Noob and Frost, Rain and Tanya, Reptile and Claudia, Cage and Skarlet, Jax and Sonya, Lui and Li Mei, Kung and Sophia, and Kano and Kira, all got laid, and had the best sex EVER.)

Finally I finished. So how was the Konclussion?
The ending was really lack luster, I'm talking about the everybody partied and had sex part.

Everything else was nice though
MKHS Bonus Non-Canon Chapter That You're Going to STFU and Read

Community Service

Sub-Zero had just exited the guidance department, having had a conversation with his guidance counselor, Raiden. He was looking pretty glum, his feelings noticed by his best friend Smoke. The grey ninja walked over to him in concern, placing a hand on his shoulder to get his attention. "What's wrong, Sub? You're looking down today."

"Turns out I have some more work to do on top of all this schoolwork. Mr. Raiden told me all about it, that I really needed to start stacking up good things for the future. And by that...I service."

"Community service? Hey man, I know it sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do. High School is full of fun experiences and all that usual stuff but you have to work hard too. I know I sound like a teacher or someone like that, but it's the truth."

Sub-Zero looked over at Smoke, nodding his head and standing up straight. "You're right, Smoke. And I bet I can make this community service a unique experience. I heard the school store needs new management." Sub-Zero fist-bumped Smoke before departing to the main office to apply for the volunteer work.

[The Next Day]

Sub-Zero had set up shot in the main lobby, being surrounded by materials and for the cafe portion, his own cooler brought from home along with all kinds of frozen treats. He smiled at his accomplishment, sitting back in his chair with his feet up on the counter when suddenly, he heard some grunting across the hallway. Sub-Zero got up from his chair, seeing a yellow stand being pushed into the space across from him with the title, "Scorpion's Inferno." The Lin Kuei ninja clenched his fist, knowing exactly what was happening.

Sub-Zero looked over to see his rival, Scorpion, setting up his own school store and snack shack when suddenly the Shirai Ryu ninja caught glance of him. "Well, well, well. Look who decided to work for the school, and sell piles of frozen dog shit to all our good students."

"Quiet!" Sub-Zero shouted, "Like yours is any better. What the hell do you have to sell?"

"All kinds of delicious foods! The spiciest you can get and all these erasers and pens are spawned from the Netherrealm itself!"

"What are you trying to do?! Kill the whole damn student body?!"

"No! I'm selling them the good shit! You watch! My profits are going to break through the goddamn roof!"

Sub-Zero just scowled at him, sitting back in his chair when suddenly, the school bell for student entry rang, the front doors swinging open as the student body entered. Sub-Zero checked his phone to see that his girlfriend princess Kitana had texted him. He smiled and starting texting back when suddenly Scorpion shouted from across the way.

"You still going out with that slut, Sub-Queerbo? How many guys has she been ****ed by? I lost count last year."

Sub-Zero took a deep breath, containing his anger when suddenly, someone approached Scorpion's stand. Sub-Zero couldn't make out who it was, being camouflaged by the crowd of students. He tried to take a closer look but their identity was given away when he heard them say, "Scorpion!!! I made this teddy for you!"


"But this one's different! It talks! It has a string and everything!"

"Mileena..." Sub-Zero said to himself. "My girlfriend can't stand her. No one can. Except Baraka of course and even she sometimes gets under his skin. How did she even make it to High School? She treats it like elementary. She treats everything like elementary."

Sub-Zero's eyes were then suddenly covered by a pair of soft hands, followed by a calm voice saying, "Guess who."

"Kitana? Of course!"

The beautiful Edenian Princess giggled, wrapping her arms around Sub-Zero. "So you're working for the school now? Volunteer work right? It's so cold back here! How much ice cream do you have in that cooler?"

"I overstocked didn't I? I guess I just like to be prepared. That douchebag's stand over there might just melt most of my inventory."

Kitana sniffed the air, smelling a huge scent of spices flowing from Scorpion's stand. She immediately squinted and covered her nose, coughing a little. "Oh my god! You can smell all of it from here! I think he's going to need to hand out waivers to his customers if he expects them to shop there."

Sub-Zero let out a hearty laugh, patting Kitana on the back when suddenly, he got a costume. "Hold on Kitana, hall monitor is here."

The school hall monitor, Stryker showed up at Sub-Zero's stand, twirling a pair of handcuffs around his finger. "You got a permit for this, buddy?"

"Permit? No. This is a school store. I'm putting in volunteer hours..."

"As far as I'm concerned, you need a permit to sell items in a school, especially if you're a student." Stryker pulled out his notepad, filling out a detention slip.

"Stryker! C'mon man! You can't be serious."

"Serious as a heart attack, buddy." Stryker licked his finger before grabbing the page and ripping it out, slapping it onto the counter of Sub-Zero's stand. "Have a good day, kid."

Moloch: My niggga, on the real, when we gonna get some ass?
Drahmin: Everyday you on this shit bro! Niggga, pussy aint the only in the world that matters.

*Scorpion walks by*
Scorpion: *cough* gay niggga

Moloch: I just don't understand this shit. Nigggas like Reptile be gettin' bad ass bitcshes and we can't even get a fukking handjob from Sheeva bro!
Drahmin: Aight first of all Mo, you already know Reptile be doin that weird shit with his tongue on bitcshes' assholes. I got to smell Jade's thong when she left it in the locker room, that shit be smellin danka than Kabal's mask! So I aint doin that. And second, Sheeva aint shit. That bitcsh look like my ass wit some titties, I don't know why you stay trippin on her shit.

*Moloch smells his loincloth*

Moloch: I guess my niggga. You hella depressin an shit doe.
Aye look, Noob is comin this way. Lets ask this niggga how he do it.
Drahmin: Nah, nah! Don't tell that nig-
Moloch: Aye Noob! Noob!

*Noob looks over and jerks his air dick in their direction then keeps walking*

Moloch: We got money
Noob: Ayeeeee! My nignuts! Y'all tryna get lifted?
Moloch: Nah dawg, we was funna ask you about that pussy?
Noob: That what niggga? Fukk you sayin?
Moloch: I mean the pussy you be gettin, I see you all the time with some bitcshes.
Noob: Shieeeereet Negro! That's all you hadda say! Fo only 15 'allahs each I teach you errythang I know! And I know some shit!
Drahmin: Fukk ass niggga! 15 allahs?! I bet yo ass aint be knowin shit!
Noob: Man you one-ah them nigggas huh? You the type-ah niggga that be buyin a bitcsh some flowers and suckin her toes in the same night. Stick wit my baby d and you'll be swimmin in poonani!

*Moloch pulls out 15 allahs, Drahmin reluctantly does the same*

Noob: That's what the fukk I'm talkin bout! Aye yo come on. Sonya right over dair,imma show you how do what it do!

To be continued, when i wake up
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"that shit be smellin danka than Kabal's mask!" :rofl:

Hood style is the shit. Rim me, for Jebus cos this shit is holy.