Highschool of the Dead: American Survivors



Nigguh have you never seen The Walking Dead?

You kill the person AFTER they become a zombie. Not before :cry:


Andrea killed her sister AFTER she became a zombie, you heartless bucket of KFC :mad:
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That's why it had to be more dramatic. Besides in HOTD that already happened with Takashi and his friend. So I spiced that shit up. Also I'm sorry but its still better than escort missions right :lol:

Right? :afraid:
I hate HOTD :mad:

And I dislike you :mad:

And I can't even get back at you because everyone you like, I like as well :mad:

I want to Siberian Blizzard you into the ground :mad:


And that scene in the Walking Dead was dramatic as hell :mad:

You scoundrel :mad:
I think Vital just spoke for all of us. It's about damn time you had two months for inspiration on this fic. Stop torturing me with maybe's just say you're not gonna do it for a while.
Let me drop some knowledge on you, real life problems sometimes get in the way
I'm not going to drop every thing just cause you readers are getting impatient. I'm serious in this post, chill the f!ck out.

Vital Loose Cannons is the anime I was making up, how can you forget? Anyway its in the fan artwork section
Dude, I forgot all about it because it's been a while since you've sent me a PM asking for suggestions about it.

I'm not impatient lol, I've been busy with stuff too so that's why I haven't wrote any updates as of now. Plus the longer the wait, the much more rewarding the Fic is to read 8)
I was talking about Grandmaster up there.

Vital I know you've been busy, do you think you can look at the Loose Cannons thread though? Please