Highschool of the Dead: American Survivors

Chapter 4 cont.. Or so vital thought until byrd sliced his,shovel to bits and knocked him out cold with the hilt of his sword leaving him unconcious while Saeko laughed at the poor fool revealing she watched the whole thing and takes a liking to Byrsd's sword skills :twisted:
Chapter 4 cont.. Or so vital thought until byrd sliced his,shovel to bits and knocked him out cold with the hilt of his sword leaving him unconcious while Saeko laughed at the poor fool revealing she watched the whole thing and takes a liking to Byrsd's sword skills :twisted:

*Gasps* Oh Noeeezz! D:

Too bad our stories are Non canon :rolleyes:
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*Gasps* Oh Noeeezz! D:

Too bad our stories are Non cannon :rolleyes:


Lol wut

Chapter 4: Sacrifices

Battling the undead in a narrow hallway is a real pain in the ass. As Byrd and I fought the endless zombies pouring into the hallway, we were only restricted to vertical attacks; Byrd’s slashing and stabbing and me vertically chopping.

We fought for several minutes finally getting a little break as the pile of zombies we killed started to trip the other walking undead.

“Yung!” Vital called out “switch out, I don’t want you to tire yourself out.”

“It’s cool,” I said lightly panting, “we need to find a way through this shit or find a way to unlock the door.”

“The door is made out of steel. Plus we can’t break the lock so its damn… near...” Vital smacked his forehead and exclaimed, “I can pick the lock!”

I stared at Vital for a few seconds before shouting, “Well pick the goddamn lock then you forgetful idiot!”

“Oh hush you love me all the same.” Vital made his way back to the door. “Give me some time.”

“Sure, we’ll try to hold them off for awhile.”

As Vital went to unlock the door, Byrd and I went back to chopping up the walking dead. I explained to Byrd our fortunate discovery and his eyes lit up with hope. With more confidence following through us, we took those pale bastards on like helpless practice dummies. Countless ax and sword slashes later and the damn things still kept advancing to rip our flesh apart. It would be a miracle if Byrd and I could keep this up forever but we we’re only human after all.

With a zombie slowly limping towards me I dried my sweat drenched hands against my jacket and gripped my ax once more. I swung my ax over my head looking to impale the latter’s head but…

“I have the door unlocked!!” Vital exclaimed as a distinctive pop followed.

However, the sudden outburst cause me to redirect the blade of my ax into the thing’s shoulder. Shrugging off the injury like a champion, the thing grabbed my upper body and tossed me to the ground. I barely heard the others shouting my name due to the deafening moans of the undead in front of me. At that moment I felt as if I was going to die. Byrd was behind me and he could easily have killed it if were not for the other zombies approaching. This was it, the end.

I slammed my fist hard to the bottom off that thing’s jaw to give me some breathing room. “The end” my ass! We had to get out of here at all cost. I kept pushing on the damn thing but this bastard was strong. During my apparent struggle, Byrd was stabbing the zombie on top of me while at the same time dealing with other undead trying to walking around me. Finally, Byrd landed the killing blow to the back of its neck allowing me to deck that f!cker in its face.

Unfortunately, as I rose to my feet another one of ‘them’ grabbed my ankle and yanked me back to the ground. With my other foot I stomped on its face preventing it from biting my ankle. When would these things learn that I don’t want to walk around like a dumb mindless zombie! This time I was able to stand up next to Byrd who just dealt with three of ‘them’ as well. I still needed to get my ax before we left but I couldn’t move just yet due to the lack of energy.

To save my ass was none other than Shira would barreled his way past Byrd and I and drove his fist through the skull of one approaching zombie sending it flying through the horde clearing a path. Holy damn all of that in one punch, is all I could think about.

“Thanks Shira,” I stated, “Nice way to f!ck all of them up with one punch.”

“Yeah, yeah stop by my room later. Pick up your toy so we can bounce.”

Of course, I picked up my ax from the dead zombie’s shoulder and ran back to the door where Vital was waiting for the three of us. Once we got close enough, Vital opened the door and the five of us we’re finally able to escape that hallway. After Vital locked the door behind us, we all stood there panting for a while catching our breaths.

Shira broke the silence, “Well that wasn’t too bad right?”

Luna screamed, “LOOK OUT!!”

We all turned all too late to see the big-breasted zombie lady teacher nearing Shira’s neck ready to bite into him. Acting quickly on her toes, Luna knocked Shira aside and took the gaping zombie’s mouth to her own neck.


“Luna!” Shira shot off the ground and started pounding the undead teacher with his fist to get the thing to back off.

Byrd, Vital and I idly stood there shocked at what just happened. One of our friends was bitten which meant that eventually, she would turned. That sudden realization triggered something in me to run over to Shira and Luna resulting in one split zombie’s head open with the ax. I gave it two more strikes completely turning its head into mush.

“Luna! Luna if you can hear me say something!” Shira cried.

Either going into shock or with the pain too much for her to speak Luna remained silent. Vital stepped in to wrap his jacket around the bite mark making a make shift bandage.

Byrd shifted over to me and pointed out something in the distance. “A bus,” he started, “and people. Yung that’s our ticket out of here!”

“Good,” I said, “If we didn’t have a ticket out of here then I would have killed every single one of these mother!ckers out here.” I took in a deep breath and yelled, “HEYYYYYY! DON’T LEAVE US!!!”

Luckily enough, one of the members of the group with a bat heard me and motioned us to come on. Unfortunately, the scattered schoolyard of the undead also heard me. It didn’t matter, these motherf!ckers were not going to stop us from escaping here.

I gripped my ax and turned back to my crew to tell them what the plan. “Listen up, Shira you stay close to Byrd in me as we plow through the zombies. Vital cover our backs. With that out the way,” I booted a zombie near me to the ground and decapitate another approach me, “LET’S MOVE!”

Before this whole day went to shit, I would have described our struggle through the zombie-infested crowd like the usual times where school would end. Students all over the place trying to fight their way to their after school activities was a struggle. However, this time was different. This time I had an ax to behead the living dead with one swipe. I swung like a maniac through the horde, cutting through ‘them’ to forge path to approach the bus. Byrd was equally slicing his fair of our former classmates as well. We were half way to our ticket out of here.

Finding a break through the horde I saw that the way towards the bus was clear of zombies thanks to the kid with the bat and Saeko from earlier. I pointed to the direction of the bus and said, “Keep moving! It’s clear of ‘them’ and I want everyone on board!”

Shira ran right past me with Luna still in his arms, as did Byrd and Vital to protect the two because the horde was advancing towards the bus anyway.

Once they were past me I turned my head to see if any zombies were near my group but what I saw was absolutely horrifying. A teacher, I think the English teacher with the dark hair and glasses, had his foot raised to a student clenching at his leg begging to save him. The teacher said something that I didn’t quite catch and forcefully drove his foot into the kid’s face breaking his glasses. Afterwards he walked off as a small group of zombies began to devour the kid like tossed meat into a lion’s den.

I was both shocked and angry. How dare that asshole do something so evil like that while the world was ending? I could go over and spill his guts right now if I wanted to. Oh to see that bastard die would be satisfying but damnit I had to get on the bus as well.

I was able to make my way to the bus before the English teacher and headed to the middle where my friend’s were, panting as I sat next to Byrd while Vital was sitting behind us next to Shira and Luna. Luna was looking bad by the minute, turning a little pale and heavily breathing. How long would it be till… no I can’t think like that. Anyway, the bus doors closed shut and the engine revved up as we speed away from the courtyard. Turns out the only one capable of driving, this vehicle was Nurse Shizuka. I took a moment to close my eyes for a little bit but was kept awake with the sudden banging of the undead being ran over by our bus. Our well endowed school nurse yelled for us to brace ourselves as we crashed through the school gates, skidded to the side and drove off from our hellhole. Finally, safe, for now.
---------- -- --- ---- ---------- -- --- ---- ---------- -- --- ---- ---------- -- --- ---- ---------- -- --- ---- ---------- -- --- ----

With the initial adrenaline fading away from slashing through a crowd of zombies I had nodded off at some point. Probably when we left the school gates, I don’t know. What I did know was that some guy was yelling very loudly about ‘them’. Couldn’t these dude take the hint that after we’ve seen people eating other people that it was time for quiet time? Asshole.

“Who the hell brought one of them on them on here!?” Screamed some dude.

My eyes snapped opened as I turned my head to the back of the bus to see a blonde and black haired person pointing at Luna catching everyone else’s attention as well. Her bite wound was literally leaking blood all over the seat and coughing blood at the same time. Shira was trying desperately to clean it up.

“Are you guys f!cking crazy!?” The dude continued to scream. “She’ll turn into one of those f!ckers and eat us all! Hell no we gotta throw her out of here!”

The blond guy attempted to run over to Luna but Byrd hopped over me and punched him hard in the stomach making him spit up a little. Byrd then kicked the blonde guy to his back as the blonde guy clenched his stomach in pain.

“I suggest you back the hell off before I do something much worse,” Byrd threatened.

The silence on the bus was tense as no one said anything. Endless thoughts speed through my mind. How could we possibly get rid of Luna? Then again, the possibility of her turning and eating us all was too much to risk as well.

“Well this is certainly a situation we’ve gotten ourselves into,” A familiar voice stated from the back off the bus. That slime ball English teacher stood up and held out his arms. “Look at all of you? Can’t decide whether or not to throw this girl out or keep her. This sort of dilemma is the reason why we need a leader. Someone capable of making decisions, someone who has the experience for issues such as this, someone… Well of course, someone like me.”

I couldn’t believe this prick! Our friend was dying and he’s practically making a speech as if he was a candidate for presidency.

“I know what you’re all thinking, how could I be any different from you? Well the difference my lil kiddies is that I am older and more experience. Not to mention that I can take action, just ask these students that I save right here. If I am appointment leader then all of your hard decisions will be made by me. Hard decisions like this one in front of us. I believe for the safety of our well-beings that you should cast that girl out to ensure that we still survive. Now doesn’t that sound fair?”

A second passed before the students that arrived with this prick started clapping. Eating up his promises and ultimately defeating us.

He gave a slow bow to his audience and turned back towards us to say, “It seems that the majority has spoken.”

Shira piped up and yelled, “You guys are crazy if you think we’re giving up on Luna! We’ll fine some way to help her! But if you think you can take her I like to see you b!tches try!”

Shira started to rise to his feet as did the blonde and black haired dude who got knockdown earlier. Byrd, Vital, and I had our weapons ready to throw down until Luna cried out, “Stop!”

“Luna, are you…” Shira began but was cut off by Luna’s finger.

“Joesph,” coughs, “I can’t slow you down anymore. We both know this is the end.”

“Bae don’t talk like that…”

“I can’t help it, you and I know I must go. Besides, I rather die knowing that I didn’t hurt anyone that I cared for, especially you three. But I need one of you to kill me, so that I do not hurt anyone.”

“I won’t do that!”

For the first time I spoke up saying, “I will.”

“Yung you can’t-“

Luna pressed her finger to Shira’s lips and slowly shook her head and kissed Shira’s forehead. Shira knew it was the end turned his head, and bit into his lip[s to prevent the tears. He wasn’t so successful.

At first Luna tried to get up by herself but she was so weak that she immediately fell back down. Shira got up, picked Luna out of her seat and carried her out the bus doors with me following behind. Away from the bus windows, Shira set Luna down on a nearby bench and walked off without saying a word. I had already brought my axe with me waiting to grant Luna peace. Just like before except this time I actually had to do it.

“You’re a good friend, you know that Yung?” Luna stated.

“I try to be.” I replied.

“Well you are. After you finish with me, promise you’ll take care of Shira. He needs to bounce back after I’m gone. He’ll need you guys.”

“Yeah I know.” I said as I raised my ax into the air letting the slow stream of tears fall to the ground.

“Goodbye, Yung.”

“Goodbye… Luna.”

As if in slow motion, I let out a loud scream and brought the ax down on Luna’s head. I had closed my eyes at the last second but I knew I hit my mark when I heard the distinct sound of her head being spilt open. I stood there for a moment before taking the blade out of her skull. Luckily enough, there was a sheet close by allowing me to cover up the remains of our dear sweet Luna. God help me I didn’t want to go back on that bus.

Reluctantly, I made my way back on to the bus to see Shira with his head down facing the doors near his original seat. Byrd was gazing out the window silently crying while Vital was covering his face with one arm.

“So, is she gone.” Shira asked.


“Did you… did you cover her up?”

“… Yeah I found a blanket.”

“Good, because she wouldn’t like to be left there with out some sort of… protection.” He sniffed at the last part as he began to fully break down and cry on the spot. “Luna! Why, why, why!? LUNA!!!”

It was heart wrenching for everyone to see on the bus (maybe not for the English teacher but f!ck him anyway) especially me since I’m the one who had to end her life. I dropped my fire axe and ambled towards Shira. Once closer to him, I gave him a tight hug trying to calm him down even though I was on the verge of breaking down myself. I sat him down in his seat and sat next to him as he continued to cry on my shoulder. It would be a miracle to help this man to get over her.

In the mist of crying, the English teacher started talking again but I blocked out most of his words. After he finished the bus doors opened again and I heard Takashi call out to a girl name Rei. That must have been the girl with the auburn hair.

I still couldn’t get my mind off Luna, she looked so peaceful once she knew that she was finally able to leave this shit situation. My thoughts were interrupted by a very loud horn and shining lights. I looked up but couldn’t see anything as we burst forward a little avoiding something that came out of the blue and skidding across the pavement.

Once we stopped I looked out the window to see a city bus on fire and Saeko yelling at the tunnel entrance where Takashi and Rei were trapped in. Next thing I knew more of ‘them’ started to emerge from the bus on fire. Shira didn’t bother to move so I gently laid he’s head on the window to continue his grieving. I stood up but realized I wasn’t needed due to the fact that the fire was killing the zombies already. Saeko was already on the bus telling Nurse Shizuka to find a different route as we drove off leaving behind the wreckage of the bus along with Takashi and Rei. I pray that they were alright, but after killing one of my friend’s along with countless amounts of former students at our school I must say that at this point I don’t even think I believe in God anymore.
I'm seriously hoping we are gonna be at nurse shizuka's house sometime in the future just to see how Vital will act ;)