Highschool of the Dead: American Survivors

you know vital you deserve an out of the ordinary facepalm

Chapter 3: Escape

With more of ‘them’ put out of their misery by Vital and I, we finally made it to the nurse’s office. By the ear splitting screaming coming from the room and the small line of the undead entering the room, I would say Vital and me made it in time.

I bum rushed the nearest zombie and split its face with the ax while it was on the ground. Vital came up behind me and bashed a zombie’s face in with his mini shovel. For good measure he stomped on the undead’s head caving in its skull. I cut off another head and finally entered the nurse’s office to see Shira battling three of ‘them’ on his own, Luna clinging to the school nurse on the bed, and a student with glasses holding his shoulder pleading for those things not to come any closer.

Shira ducked a swipe from the zombie on his right and returned with a vicious hook to the thing’s jaw causing it to fall. He moved his upper body away from the other two pale demons hands and positioned his whole body under the both of them. Shira then launched both his fists into the bottom side of those things jaws delivering two uppercuts at the same time. It was tempting enough not to yell, “Shoryuken!”

Wasting no time, I swung my ax to end the thing’s life while Vital stabbed the face of another until it died. Both Vital and I stood up at the same time just as the middle one stood up as well. At the same time, Vital and I swung our weapons at the blind undead. My fire ax decapitated its head first while Vital’s shovel smacked it’s head across the room into the hallway like a baseball.

“’Bout time! You guys took your sweet ass time to get here.” Shira excitedly stated.

“Sorry Shira, I forgot to turn in an assignment to history class.” I joked.

All three of us let out a chuckle but we cut it short due to a symphony of loud moaning coming from the front door. Vital and I turned around and sure enough, more of ‘them’ approached us. I gripped my ax to battle the first zombie coming for me and swung at its head. As the first zombie fell another one followed looking to tear into my face with its blood-stained teeth. Fortunately, Vital smacked the moaning in the face knocking it into the other zombies. I closed in on another zombie to chop it down to pieces until I noticed a purple blur behind it. Before I could chop the pale demon, the purple blur smacked the zombie across the room. I stopped, no; I was stopped in mid swing by the purple blur’s hand on the belly of my ax. Upon closer inspection, the purple blur was actually a girl with purple hair and a wooden sword. Hm, she looked familiar.

“An ax? Too slow for my taste.” The purple cutey stated surprisingly in English.

I replied, “Hey leave Old Dusty alone. At least ‘they’ don’t complain.”

The violent beauty smirked, turned around and smacked the shit out of the nearest undead with her wooden sword. I didn’t even see the damn thing coming. Suddenly, the mysterious violent beauty struck three of ‘them’ with a beautiful spinning horizontal swing.

“Wooow.” I heard Vital say. Before I knew it the moaning and zombies had stop.

“Well you guys sure make a brother feel useless.” Shira said with Luna beside him.

“Yeah… I second that,” said a low voice.

Everybody glanced to the guy on the floor with the glasses and a gaping bite mark with blood gushing out of it.

“Holy hell what happened to you?” I said.

“I was… trying to protect Nurse Shizuka from those things and I got bit.” He involuntarily coughed up some blood onto the floor. “That’s when this guy came in and started slugging the thing that bit me to death. Of course, I couldn’t help when more of ‘them’ came in here. Now, I am going to turn just like ‘them’ because I am too weak. I’m so sorry…” His voice trailed off.

“This is a problem.” I started, “We can’t help him, he’ll eventually turn just like the rest of these guys. Hell we’re lucky he didn’t turn when we were fighting ‘them’ just now.”

“Well what can we do?” Vital began, “It’s not like we are going to get rid of him right?”

A dead silence carried throughout the room.

“No, we can’t do that. There has to be some way to help him! Maybe if-“

“Cut it out Vital.” I interrupted as I stepped in front of the guy on the ground glancing back at me with a fearful expression. “Unless you prefer to be an animal like the rest of ‘them’, we have to do this.”

The guy on the ground continued to look back at me with the same scared expression. After a few moments his expression shifted from fear to understanding. Also to my surprise he smiled.

“I guess you’re right. I rather die than eat other living people. Please… don’t miss.”

I simply nodded, gripping my ax even tighter.

“Yung…” Vital called but stopped seeing that there was no stopping my decision.

Mere seconds seemed like an eternity as I raised my ax in the air. Taking someone’s life? I never would have imagine that shit in years, yet here I was playing an improvised God. To make matters worse the guy on the ground was smiling. Smiling and waiting for me to end his life; to grant him peace was his final wish. To leave this world of pure hell was what he wanted.

I had the ax over my head now, panting and sweating simultaneously.

I began to cast the ax down on his head.

Between his eyes with his smiling face.

I couldn’t do this.

I slammed the ax between his legs through the tiled floor and fell down on my backside. I was shaking and breathing rapidly. I almost took a life. I could’ve… Me taking…

Suddenly, I felt a soft hand palm my shoulder. I turned around to see the violent beauty walking past me and standing in front of the guy on the ground. She kneeled down in front of him and asked for his name in Japanese. I did not catch his last name but it appeared that he said his name was Isshi. The purple girl nodded and said something else in Japanese before she stood up.

Isshi continued to smile as she raised her wooden sword in the air. Before she brought her weapon down on his head, Shiki looked in my direction and nodded at me. After that, his blood splattered on the window courtesy of the mysterious girl with the wooden sword.

“Holy shit!” Vital exclaimed as he dropped his shovel. “I didn’t think you guys would actually do it! Now he’s just laying there with his head open! I think I’m going to be sick.”

Sure enough Vital went over to the trash cans to puke out his breakfast. The violent beauty stood up, grabbed a bed sheet to cover Shiki’s remains and turned around.

“You ok?” She questioned.

“I… I’ll be fine.” I stated as I wiped my tears of some unformed tears. “ It was just too much too handle.”

“That’s understandable, you’re only human.”

“Yeah I guess you’re hugbuh.” I finally looked up and saw the girl’s full features to realize that she was extremely cute… and she had a nice rack. Just, just throwing that out there.

“Is there something wrong?”

“I guh buh,” I coughed to stop from bumbling my words, “nothing’s wrong. I uh, what’s your nam (and number)? I’m Quin.”

“My name is Saeko Busujima, Captain of the Kendo Club. It is a pleasure to meet you Quin...”

“Oh Bryant. Quin Bryant.” I waved my hand in the direction of Vital and Shira. “This is Paul, Joseph, and his girlfriend Luna.”

“Nice to meet you all.”

Shira spoke up, “So what’s the captain of the Kendo squad doing in the nurse’s office?”

Saeko responded, “Well, when this whole, ‘mess’, happened, I figure I look for survivors while I was searching for someone else. Obviously, he is not here so I’ll keep moving. Would anybody like to come with me to escape?”

The huge breasted nurse Ms. Shizuka spoke for the first time with an adorable voice, “I’ll come with you! I don’t want to be here with these things!”

“Alright, anybody else coming?”

“Sorry,” I started, “We have to look for our friend Byr- I mean Trelon. Speaking of our friend, have you seen him? I think he’s in the same club as you.”

“Oh Trey,” Saeko smirked as Ms Ms. Shizuka stood out to her, “I believe he’s in gym class. Anyway we have to go, later.”

“Thank you, hopefully will meet again.”

Saeko nodded and left along with the nurse who left saying, “Be safe!”

With the two of them gone Vital finally spoke, “Damn that chick was sexy! Damnit why did an outbreak have to happen today!”

Shira retorted, “Man please, you wouldn’t talk to her even if it was the end of the world 10 years from now.”

“Damn, that’s some cruel shit right there.” I said as Vital fuming in his place with no comeback to deliver. “Listen, we do not have time to talk about Vital’s hormones. Our buddy Byrd is out there and we are going to find him before we get the hell out of here. Luna stay close to Shira, Vital keep your business in your pants. Let’s go.”

I picked my ax up and nodded back at the guy on the ground; still smiling. A little late but I had to show some respect. Vital gripped his shovel while Shira held his girlfriend by her hand. I readjusted my uniform jacket collar, slid open the door, kicked a zombie in its temple and ran with my friends behind me. Clearing a path to get out friend and escape this hellhole.

---------- -- --- ---- ---------- -- --- ---- ---------- -- --- ---- ---------- -- --- ---- ---------- -- --- ---- ---------- -- --- ----
Several minutes later and I was partially covered in living dead blood. Someone would think that these assholes would run out of blood after they’ve been turned.

None of that mattered as we trekked through the hallways of the last school floor. Strangely enough it was extremely quiet. No noise, no moaning; all peace. It was best to pay special attention to our surroundings on this floor. First things first, we had to find-


Byrd! I recognized his deep voice down the hall followed by a crash. I sprinted down the hallway, turned the corner and met face to face with an undead figure. As it blindsided me and knocked me to the ground I blocked my face for my premature death yet nothing happened. As I dropped my guard, I noticed that the thing was dead, actually ‘dead’ dead. I pushed the damn thing off me and was just in time for the show.

Generally, in movies I thought all that samurai stuff was cool but fake at the same time. Byrd had the curtsey to prove me wrong with his impressive sword skills. Cutting through rotten flesh with a katana that he produced from nowhere, Byrd was swift as an air current slicing the undead is neck’s decapitating ‘them’ one by one. An upward slash to the bottom of the jaw, a diagonal slash across the neck, movements so smooth to gaze at to amaze anyone. For some reason Byrd resembled a male copy of Saeko.

After Byrd finished severing the rest of the group’s heads with his impressive swordplay, we finally looked at each other. I noticed that he was shirtless only wearing his black uniform pants with blood covering his left leg.

I spoke first, “Byrd you gave me a damn heart attack. I thought you were a zombie with a sword, which is when I knew the world was screwed.”

“Hahahaha! I mean there’s already one with a Bazooka so why should you worry about one with a sword? Byrd responded.

We both chuckled as I stood up, just in time for everyone else to round the corner.

“BYRD!” They all said in unison.

“Hey guys! Ah man I am so glad to see all off you safe.”

Vital spoke, “Yeah you too,” he glanced at Byrd’s leg, “uh Byrd… did you, um, get bitten?”

“Huh? Oh no! I stomped one of ‘them’ in the face is all. He lifted up his pants leg to reveal his non-wounded leg. “See.”

“Ok whew. I thought we had to kill someone else.”



Shira interrupted, “Byrd what happened on your end? Why do you have a sword? Why are you shirtless?”

“Well,” Byrd began, “To the make a long story short I was in gym class when a teacher came in and bit a girl after the announcement was made. Of course everybody panicked so I hid under the bleachers until things died down. It was a horrible sight to see, other kids devouring each other, screaming, it was just pure chaos. When the opportunity to leave came I took it, of course I had to fight some of ‘them’ off just to get to the locker room to change. I just finished putting on my pants and belt when one of ‘them’ attacked me. I fought it off and ran out with no shirt on. As for the sword, well I got it from the katana shop that I work at for volunteer work. I kept my custom-made katana here for “safe” keeping. Anyway, I rushed to this locker, got my sword, more of these things came and then you guys found me.”

A slight pause was present after Byrd finished his story.

“, that wasn’t a short story at all.” Shira jokingly said.

“Oh shut up. So are we getting to get the hell out of this place or what?”

“Hell yeah,” I said, “we getting out of school early. But first take my jacket, we need to hid them nips from the zombies so that you don’t scare them off.”

Getting out of the school through the first door was impossible. Most of the student body was turned and lazily limping waiting for another victim. Fighting our way through our ex-classmates would have been suicide. The best action was to go the “secret route” developed by none other than me. It was a narrow side hallway for students to skip class; it was hardly used by the faculty staff so it was perfect until today. As for today, our “secret route” must have been discovered.

“Who the put this nlock on this damn door!? And when the hell did we get a new door!?” Shira shouted.

“Bae… calm down,” Luna weakily said/

“They must have noticed more students using the door to skip class.” Byrd explained. “Maybe I should cut the door handle off.”

“Don’t bother,” Vital said, “This door is made out of steel, you’ll just dent the door and damage your sword. Instead we’ll use- oh shit.”

“I don’t like the sound of that,” I stated, “what’s wrong?”

“I… I left the key ring in the nurses office.”

“Ah hell, how did you do that?”

“When I was barfing in the trash can I guess they fell out of my pocket… sorry Yung.”

I blew some air out of my mouth, obviously frustrated. “Ok fine, we’ll just have to go back and get them.”

“Yay another field trip through hell, my favorite.” Shira sarcastically stated as we started walking to the end of the hall.

Since I was the unfortunate one to be in the front, I was the first one startled by the big hairy hand to grip the corner. I rocketed backwards as the figure made its way around the corner to reveal the infamous Janitor BB.

“Hey,” the Janitor began while stumbling with a bite wound on the leg, “why did you guys take my keys? Huh?”

None of us responded.

Well you lil’ shits!? I wanted my goddamn keys to get my liquor! How dar-“

Our beloved Janitor was yanked behind the corner with several pale hands wrapped around his body and face. Following the scream and flesh being torn apart was another figure who emerged from around the corner. Only this time the figure had blank eyes, a gaping mouith, and a profuse limp. Following the lone figure was many other figures just like this one.

Seeing the undead stagger towards our way in this narrow hallway gave me one word to express the situation.

Well I guess i'll entertain you.

"That's the only way we're getting out of this shit hole so let's move!"
Vital why did I make you the smartest guy in this fic? You're so..... Gawd.

It's a qoute to foreshadow future events in this fic to answer your question :mad:
Vital why did I make you the smartest guy in this fic? You're so..... Gawd.

It's a qoute to foreshadow future events in this fic to answer your question :mad:

Cuz, some dumbass author made the decision to, and I knew that.. I was just testing you <_<
The one with the shovel, who didn't speak up to his crush, and puked cause someone had his head split open