Highschool of the Dead: American Survivors


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I didn’t think the world would go to hell the night I stayed up late. I was merely thinking about my future. Regular things like, what college am I going to, will I get a girlfriend anytime soon, or what am I doing to eat tomorrow. Knowing that I even had a future was reassuring enough. However, it’s sad to say that those future plans will all go to hell, along with the rest of the world.
Highschool of the Dead: American Survivors

Chapter 1- Before the Outbreak

`The morning following my future musings was none other than the infamous Fujimi High School. One of the top ten academic high schools in all of Japan for both its impressive academics and faculty staff. The critics can call it school all they want I call it prison.

Before school officially started I was sitting at my desk reading a mystery book. I like to interact with people whenever I please but most of the time I kept to myself. Especially since I was a black American living in Japan. I mostly associated with three groups in this school: Wrestling, anime club, and the other transfer students. . To say the least the three transfer students that I hang out with are my best friends. We had to stick together, that was a simple rule f survival in what seemed like the entire country. We stuck together not because we were all transferred here but to the sheer fact that we had much in common.

My attention from the book breaks as I hear my name called. I look up from the book to see my good friend Paul waving at me to come outside the classroom. I casually smirk and set my book down. I dust off my black uniform and head outside to see my three best friends waiting for me.

From left to right was Paul, Joseph, and Trelon, (I’ve forgotten their last names, I never paid much attention to them). Paul, or vital, as we called him was a somewhat quiet, small built, black transfer student who hailed from Georgia. We called him Vital because he was “Vital” to our survival in this school. In short, this guy was like a portable market. He carried three light blue pouches on his belt at all times. The small pouch on the left side of him carried several lock-picks to pick practically any door. In the many situations that I’ve been with this guy he is a master at lock-picking. Honestly, I have no idea where he got that skill from; maybe just overly intelligent, I do not know. In the middle was a medium pouch that had four granola bars that Vital stored on the off stance that he forgot his lunch. Finally in the large pouch on his right side was a 7-inch switchblade that Vital used for protection and bandages just in case things got sticky. Vital told me that he transferred from Georgia to Japan was because he wanted to experience a different type of environment. Even though Vital mostly kept to himself when he wanted to, I knew deep down that he craved adventure like no other.

Next up was my man Joseph, nickname Shira, short for Shirayuki Mizore. Not common to most people accept our little group, Shira got his nickname from some anime chick that he liked. Nothing is wrong with that except for the fact that you would not expect this larger built, Hispanic boxer to enjoy any type of anime. When I found a manga in his book bag during freshmen year with a heart outlined over the girl’s face I nearly lost it. He even told me that if I told anybody else other than are closest friends about this he would punch my teeth down my throat. I still have all my teeth by the way. Anyway, Shira is classified as one of the many school delinquents at Fujimi High. What sets him apart from the other punks was his ice-cold stare that could freeze hell and his superb boxing skills. Shira fights like a hellhound on the hunt for blood. Ever since he was ten or so, he picked up boxing as a mere hobby. He was a natural at the sport, but five years later, he was simply untouchable. The speed of his fists, the endurance to last twelve rounds and the quickness of a wild cheetah made Shira boss-tier. Thank God he wasn’t bat-shit crazy or anything with his boxing skills. We three had to thank Luna for keeping Shira sane. In short, Luna is Shira’s girlfriend who met Shira at a clinic where her dad and she work at after Shira was stabbed in a fight. They have been together ever since that incident and frankly Luna was Shira’s conscious. Shira was in Japan mainly because he was expelled from his other school in the states for excessive fighting. I know what you are thinking, “But he’s just gonna fight in Japan.” True, the local government in his area suggested that he move to a new location so that it could help “delinquents” like Shira get a better education. Personally, I don’t think Shira is a bad guy at all. He can be pretty cool, when he’s not overly pissed off.

Last but not least we have Trelon, aka Byrd. Byrd got his nickname for having a sharp eye and sharp sense of danger. If there were trouble of any sort, Byrd would be the first to know. Byrd was equipped with the skills of intermediate karate, (above basic) and the advance art of Kendo. He could kick someone’s ass and knew how to handle a sword. Those skills go hand-in-hand with his dark skin, medium built frame, not to mention that he was a bit acrobatic after doing a few years of parkour. Byrd’s reasons for coming to Japan are a mystery to us all. He claims that he just came here to advance his sword skills and karate but he could do that anywhere. I don’t know maybe I’m just paranoid. Then again there’s nothing to be suspicious about Byrd since he was a sociable and overly friendly guy. He enjoyed helping people and was the nicest guy out of the group, Though you wouldn’t get that image from Byrd since he carried a wooden sword EVERYWHERE.
In case you were wondering my nickname is Yung, real name is Quin Bryant. I am a large built, strong black guy who likes videogames, books, and knives. Knives always did appeal to me, they weren’t loud as guns, and they never jammed in a fight so they were practically the perfect weapons in theory. That’s why I carried a 8-inch switchblade in my pocket. I transferred to Japan because I was miserable in the States. I was constantly bullied although elementary, middle school, and even contemplated suicide at one point. Thankfully, my mother thought it best to transfer me somewhere else. Somewhere with a fresh start. Somewhere like Japan. So, with the help of government welfare money I arrived here in Japan at Fujimi High School.

As I contemplated our past, skills, and descriptions Vital clapped in my face breaking my daydreaming.

“Yo Earth to black guy!” Vital yelled.

“What? What did I miss something?” I said out of confusion.

Byrd stepped in and said, “The new zombie flick, ‘The Rise’”

“Oh yeah,” I remembered, “Yeah that movie looks dope. Are we gonna go see it?”

Shira cut in and said,” Damn straight son! We were planning to see it at the midnight release tonight, you in?

“Oh gee I have to check with my parents first.”

We all laugh at my ironic statement

“I hope they have Sheva in it. Or at least a cameo.” Vital states.

Shira, Byrd and I groan simultaneously. His obsession with Sheva Almour from Resident Evil was overbearing. Before that, it was Mileena from MK. The rest of the group and I prayed that this fetish would stop eventually.

Byrd changed the topic, “Hey Shira where’s Luna?”

Shira replied, “Oh she’s sick so she’s at the school nurses office lying down with a fever.”

“Ah, ok it’s just weird not seeing you guys together.”

The rest of the conversation was talk about videogames and other high school talk. Eventually the bell rung and me, Shira, and Vital went to our window seats, (first row) while Byrd went to his class down the hall. Eventually when class started, I slipped back into my usual routine, picked out a mystery novel, and started to read. The class was on English, ironically, and I paid no attention to it whatsoever. This elective was so easy that it almost hurt. While the teacher was rambling, I glanced out the window to relive myself for just a sec. However, what I saw was horrifying. With my glasses on, I saw Ms. Fuko trying to help the gym teacher up from a lying position. As she leaned forward, the gym teacher grabbed her bra, pulled her in and literally bit into her neck. I could hear the screams from where I was sitting at as the blood poured out of her wound an onto the gym teacher.

Frankly, I was stunned. The only thing that could cause a teacher to bite another teacher would be the cause of a zombie outbreak. However, that type of shit only happened in movies and games, right? My eyes were set on the scene playing out in front of me. The gym teacher got up along with Ms. Fuko and slowly started to limp towards an older teacher who fell on his butt shaken with fear. As they neared him, they tore him limb from limb. Together they ripped his flesh with their teeth and spilled his blood everywhere. I swear the rest of the students must have been deaf not to hear that old man crying for mercy. They probably thought it was some kid getting beat up or something; f!cking idiots.

As I continued to stare out the window at the horror, taking place in front of me my concentration is broken off due to a door being slammed to the side. Along with me, the rest of the class turned their heads to that Takashi kid he was suppose to be here earlier. As he approached some auburn girl in the back of the class, I caught a glimpse of his face. He looked like he just saw a ghost, or a zombie.

So, watch think? Oh Vital you can start talking to me again, ass ;). Stay tune for more guys.
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Nah, DUDE! Jill made a Cameo in your story :love:

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“I hope they have Jill in it. Or at least a cameo.” Vital states.

Shira, Byrd and I groan simultaneously. His obsession with Jill Valentine from Resident Evil was overbearing. Before that, it was Mileena from MK. The rest of the group and I prayed that this fetish would stop eventually.

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I feel like Francis from L4D 8)

I've noticed that we're all Blac--- ....

Shira is halfway there so it's ok.

More like negative halfway there :laugh:

I'm Puerto Rican but I don't look or act it at all. Softmore year, I met this dude Bryan. We were really good friends that year.

We talked EVERY DAY.

He found out I was Puerto Rican at my birthday party [August].

He thought I was white :laugh:
Lol that must have been awkward. You guys are gonna love the second chapter. When I get to writing it that is :)