Highschool of the Dead: American Survivors

I never really watched the anime of this so I don't really know any of the characters. I read the first few parts so far, it's pretty interesting.

Yah boy Wraith is gonna appear tho right? :mad:

I could be the cracked out janitor who is still washing the floors even though there is zombies everywhere.
Janitor spot was already taken.

I can include you but you'll most likely be eaten :D. Cool with that?

Ahh okay, I'm still wading through all the Jill BS to find actual chapters. Didn't see Low's post.

Yea I don't care if I get eaten. It's cool bra.
Unless you wanted to be in it for the long run...

I certainly wouldn't object, I'll leave it up to you to decide. I thought up two quotes my character could say, you don't have to use them but I thought they could be kinda funny.

"I never thought I'd miss New Jersey...."

"Why the hell did I come to Japan?"