Highschool of the Dead: American Survivors

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Chapter 6- Down time

Driving on the recently empty Yukata Bridge was amazingly peaceful. It was reassuring to know that none of 'them' were able to catch up with us in the car along with that we haven't seen any of 'them' for awhile now. If we had been walking across the bridge then we would be extremely cautious yet the opportunity to joke around was finally here.

Shira in the middle of chuckling asked, "So he floored that dude with a single punch? Damn Byrd I didn't know you were my son."

Byrd quipped, "Child support records say otherwise."

The whole car burst out laughing. It's funny cause three of us are black.

"Oh yeah!" I suddenly remembered, "Byrd and I found some great stuff back there."

Byrd piped up from the backseat and said, "Hey your right, happy birthday young man."

Byrd reached into his backpack to bring out the black brass knuckle knives. Handing it to Shira in the passenger seat, his expression receiving his new weapons was priceless.

"I... um, whoa," a baffled Shira replied.

Byrd stated, "Yeah I figured since you box with the undead and all you should be able to have a backup plan in case things go sour. Judging from the way you punch the dead better watch out."

"Do I get anything guys?" Vital jokes.

"Why in fact you do son." I reached into the cup holder and pulled out the cup placed there and said, "There you go son, happy birthday."

Shira and Byrd busted out laughing while Vital gave off a rather foul look at me.
"Oh I'm just joking my dude."

Shira spoke up and said, "Yeah Paul this is probably the few times of peace that we get anytime soon."
Strangely enough Shira was right, the setting sun basking the vehicle in its rays without the petrified screams of the living and the moaning of the dead was in fact peaceful. Maybe… no, it was too unrealistic to hope for peace just yet.
“Hold on,” Byrd started, “What’s that up ahead?”
Glancing farther up the bridge, four figures appeared to be walking in the same direction of the car.

“So much for peace,” Shira said as he put on his black knuckle knives.

“Hold up,” Vital said, “The dead would not walk in an organized line like that. Besides it look at how they walk with the straighten postures. Also I think I see one or two of them holding something.”

I slowly stopped the car and say, “ Say that they are alive. How do we know they won’t try to raid us if we stopped by them?”

“Drive past them if they get violent,” Byrd offered.

Shira replied, “They may have a gun.”

‘Aah too many risks,’ I thought. My instincts were telling me to over there and inspect the group. On the other hand, I could follow my gut and drive right past the group. Either way I did not want to cause any unnecessary trouble for my group.

“AAAAAH!” A piercing woman scream was heard near the group ahead surveying from a distance my group diverted all attention to the road ahead. A woman, was limping and reaching for the group of hour to help her. Unfortunately, two undead pushed her down from behind and began to eat her.

“Damnit,” Byrd sighed, “they should at least try and do som-“

Suddenly, a gunshot erupted causing one of their head’s to jerk back in a bloody explosion killing it instantly. The shooter prepared to fire another shot yet someone stopped him/her to shoot again. ‘Probably to conserve ammo’ I concluded. The group up ahead appeared to tense up as 6 or 7 zombies advanced to the group. That is when a decision had to be made.

Switching from park to drive, the car sprung forward into the direction of the undead.

“Wait, you’re just going to charge in without a plan,” Vital questioned.

“Stay in the car and cover our backs with the gun if we need it Vital. I personally want to try out these new toys right Shira? Byrd?”

“Hahaha. Excellent,” Shira said as he slipped on his weapons.

“Of course,” Byrd said as he grabbed his sword and sheath.

I accelerated advancing the speed of the car and honked the horn to catch the dead’s attention and the group ahead to step back. Before I hit the moaning bastards, I harshly applied the brakes knowing that these assholes weighed a ton. At the right speed, I was able to flip two of ‘them’ over the car and stop the car perfectly to hear their heads split open with a loud crunch.
One of ‘them’ tried to attack my driver side yet I opened the door at the right time knocking it on its back. Finishing the job, I stabbed the demon in between its eyes with the machete killing it instantly. To my left I heard Shira yell before smashing the thing’s face in putting it down permanently.

I was preparing to take down two zombies in front of me until a double swishing noise went by my head. Before I knew it the two zombies were falling down dead (again) before they hit the ground. Looking back I saw Byrd’s arms stretched out as if he threw something. Looking at the zombies on the ground I saw two knives stuck to their foreheads.

It did not take long for me to put two and two together to figure out that it was Byrd. Nice aim. Complements were going to have to wait because the last zombie had to get cut down. I took a running start until an explosion rang to my left damn near giving me a heart attack. Before I knew it, the undead was lying on the road with its head splattered on the asphalt.

I turned back to the car to see Vital who gave me a proud smile for a response. Damn, he was practically a natural with that thing. Still, I kinda wanted to look cool for the group behind us. Speaking of which…

“Are you guys alr-“ oh shit.

Finally taking the time to examine the group, I realized that it was Saeko, Takagi and Kouta along with the auburn hair girl from class. It’s a very small world indeed.

Saeko spoke up first, “Well that was pretty heroic,” mockingly grabs her skirt and does a courtesy dip, “thank you for saving us damsels in distress.”

“I’m not a damsel though,” stated Kouta.

“Well today you are a damsel in distress. Now give me your hanker chief,” Shira jokingly said causing everyone to chuckle.

“I don’t get it though,” Vital spoke up stepping out of the car, “why did you guys leave the bus? Also did you leave Nurse Shizaku back there on the bus?”

Takagi gave a frustrated sigh and said, “We left because that idiot teacher would not stop talking about leadership and other crap. Of course we brought Ms. Shizaku with us, do you take us for some idiots? Anyway, Takashi and Ms. Shizaku went up ahead to confirm this apartment complex that her friend use to stay in.”

The auburn haired girl spoke up and said, “We need a place to stay for the night so that was our best option.”

“That’s pretty smart,” Vital responded, “spending the night out inside a car during the zombie apocalypse does not sound like the best option leader,” Vital finished as he rolled his eyes.

I frowned and grumbled. Honestly, I had completely forgotten about nighttime, perhaps the most dangerous time to be surrounded by the undead; damn you Vital making me look stupid in front of all these girls.

The auburn girl said, “Well your welcome to come with us. You did sae us afterall.”

I smile and said, “Thank you kindly… uh…” what the hell is her name!?

Auburn girl replied, “Rei Miyamoto, I was on the bus but I left with Takashi because of that prick teacher.”

I nodded, “Yeah I hear you. Can’t really grasp how those dumbasses back on the bus can even listen to him speak for so long.”

Byrd said, “Maybe his dramatic arm movements seduces them into amazement.”

Everyone could not help but to laugh at Byrd’s simple joke. Even Tagashi cracked a smile and giggled.

Saeko must have stopped laughing first because she said, “Oh Takashi and Shizaku are back.”

Sure enough when we all looked up from our laughing fit two figures were off in the distance on a motorbike. When the two got closer and pulled up next to the car, it was Takashi the spiky haired bat wielder, and the large chest Nurse Shizaku. Hello Nurse.

Takashi got off the bike and said, “Hey are you guy alright?”

Rei responded, “We’re fine Takashi, these four saved us when ‘they’ showed up.”

Takashi nodded and smiled at Rei then turned towards my group and said, “Thank you for helping us out.” Since I was the closet he
nodded his head in my direction.

Returning the gesture, I nodded in return and said, “I should be thanking you. If you hadn’t held the bus like that we would have never gotten out alive.”

Takashi out of surprise said, “Oh yeah you were on the bus! Well glad to see you guys survived. Alright, Ms. Shizaku friend does have an apartment up ahead this same road. Since you guys have a car and are probably staying with us, we can all drive there together.”

Rei spoke up and said, “Can I ride with you Takashi?”

“Uh sure. Will the rest of you be able to fit into the car?”

Nurse Shizaku spoke up and said, “Of course! Also good job finding a car so we do not have to walk all the way you good boy!”

I was so busy blushing that I did not notice Shizaku skip over to me and place a long smooch on my cheek. I think my heart exploded causing my brain to play so many images of my future with this beautiful woman. Me and Shizaku holding hands through the park, me proposing at a famous restaurant with her surprised at the big ring, me and her walking out of the church while I carry her bridal style, me and her in Hawaii having the most wildest, erotic newly married couple sex ever!

Some distinct snapping abruptly interrupts my fantasy. The person snapping was Byrd standing over me trying to revive me through words and snapping.

“Yung, yoohoo, you ok?”

Sitting up and wiping the drool off my mouth while I smiled and said, “Damn back to reality. Alright I’m ready to drive.”

The car was a five-seat vehicle; that was fact. Fitting four more people into to the small car was going to take some doing.

After some thinking, I had finally came to the conclusion; all the girls and nurse had to sit on the boy’s laps (bullet proof plan).

At first Tagashi complained but I countered with, “You could always walk there.” Shut her down.

Anyway, Shizaku, my baby, sat on Shira’s lap, Tagashi sat on Kouta’s lap much to her embarrassment and much to his enjoyment. Vital sat in the middle while Saeko sat in Byrd’s lap.
I fixed the mirror a little and saw Vital’s salty expression. Hmm, hopefully he will not be too mad at the blushing Byrd for long. I was beginning to start the car until O heard a moan coming from behind us. I saw the girl who we saved from being eaten earlier on slowly limp towards the car.

“… I can’t leave her like that,” I turn back to Vital with my hand outstretched and ask, “Can I use your gun?”
Vital seemed to have a question yet kept it to himself and wordlessly handed me the handgun. Stepping out of the car, I grip the weapon with both hands considering that I was new at firing a gun. Finally, having my aim set, I pulled the trigger instantly killing the girl as she fell back into a puddle of her own head with a wide hole set in her forehead. There was no reason to leave her in a tireless body roaming about the streets like that.

I got back into the car, handed Vital the gun back, and pulled off to follow Takashi and Rei on the motorbike. As we continued down the bridge, I had thought if my action was justifiable or not. I glanced into the side mirror at the unmoving bodies and realized how heartless it seemed. This experience was changing me; and I did not know if it was for the better or for the worse.
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