Highschool of the Dead: American Survivors

Its not chill when someone always hassle you for something that they enjoy to do.
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Chapter 5- Plan of Action

I only realize that I am in a dream towards the end. After my unexplainable dream comes to a conclusion it always ends clearly with me waking up and realizing it was a dream. This time however, I remembered everything. While I had seemingly passed out in the bus, my brain began to replay the images from yesterday at a blistering speed. However, I was able to recognize all of it; the screaming, 'them', killing Luna all seemed to be so clear in my nightmare. At the end of the dream, a clear image was displayed before I awoke; my family gathered around a table for dinner as we use to.

My eyes snapped opened completely forgetting that I was not in my bed as usual. I realized that I was still on the bus next to a window highlighting the sun-filled sky. Hard to believe everything went ape shit yesterday and now everything is slightly peaceful. I looked out the window expecting to see 'them' stumbling towards our bus yet I was greeted with the sea of cars stuck in the traffic flow. I chuckled a little; I guess something’s cannot be helped even if doomsday is happening.

I checked my right to see Byrd polishing his katana and Vital conversing with a pink hair girl along with a big dude with square glasses. I searched for Shira in the front and found nothing slightly worrying for my friend. I rapidly stood up which was a horrible idea making me feel a little dizzy knocking down the fire ax onto the ground.

The noise naturally drew all of the attention to me making all conversation cease. Normally, I would crack a joke to draw the stares off of me yet this time I coolly set the ax back on the seat.Everyone seemed to ease back into their own activities yet Vital spoke up and said, “Yung! Ah man did you sleep like a rock or what!”

I chuckled a little, sat down across the seat from Byrd and replied, “Yeah I’m surprised I even slept like that.”

Byrd set his sword down and said, “I’m surprised you even slept at all after yesterday. I took a short nap but woke up because of the nightmares.”

Vital stated, “I had the same deal except I woke up later than Byrd.”

“I had nightmares too but at the end of it… well let’s just say I need to tell you guys about it.” I explained.

“Why not tell us now Yung?” Vital questioned.

“Because I need all three of you to listen.” I explained. “Speaking of which, where is… where is Shira?”

Vital began to answer my question until we heard the bus doors swing open with a swish noise. Stepping on to the bus was Shira with his hands his pockets and a blank emotional mask. Forgetting my actions from yesterday for that brief moment was a mistake. I reached out to Shira to touch his shoulder yet Shira shot me the coldest of glares sitting me back in my seat. After the brief stare down, Shira went back to the seat where Luna’s blood, still remained on the seat. This was going to be a difficult afternoon if I don’t talk to Shira soon.

Byrd placed his hand on my shoulder yet another male voice spoke up and said, “I really hope you two sort things out.”

I turned my head from Byrd to the front right to see the other big guy with brown shoulder length hair and square glasses. He continued with, “I may not know you guys all too well but seeing what’s happening around us it’s important that all groups stick together.”

That was what I needed to hear. A complete stranger lifted my sprits with that fact alone . “I… Thank you uh…” How can I not know this guy’s name! I’m pretty sure he was in one of my classes.

“Oh my name is Kohta Hirano and the girl next to me is Saya Takagi.”

I didn’t even see this girl behind Kohta but sure enough a pink haired female with glasses leaned forward to acknowledge my friends and I with the adjustment of her glasses and cold stare. My fuzzy memory began to return to me about the two; Takagi was the smartest (and assholeish from what I heard) of our sophomore class while Kohta was a quiet guy who merely sat in class. I think I remember him saying something about going to America to train with guns for one of the ice breaker games at the beginning of school.

Anyhow, I began to introduce myself, “My name is…”

Before I finished my sentence Takagi spoke up and said, “Quin Bryant, 15, sophomore, slightly above average grades, American transfer student and member of the wrestling club. I’ve already known about you and your friends because I am a genius which means we’re all acquainted, yaay.”

I took a moment to choose my answer carefully once I made my decision, I said, “Well that was impressive, you know my dick size too?”

Byrd and Kohta had to stifle a laugh while Vital broke out laughing. (Unbeknownst to the group, Shira smirked while he was looking out the window.)

Takagi immediately turned a shade of red while she stammered, “W-w-why would I know that!? That’s just, ugh!!”

I chuckled and responded with, “Relax I’m just messing with you, I haven’t cracked a joke since… Well since yesterday.”

As if mentioning a loved one who recently died, the small circle fell silent once again. This was to be our fate, always remember that hellish event at school and mourn it?

How, tragic.

The silence was starting to chew into my conscious making me ask Kohta the only question in my brain at the time, “Did you make that nail gun man?”

As time slowly moved forward from yesterday’s events conversations of school and future dreams ambled by, the time that I revealed my plan was drawing near. Overall the quicker we left the more our chances were to see our families alive and frankly I was getting sick of staying on the bus.

As Kohta and Vital argued about something Resident Evil related, I excused myself to go outside to go to the bathroom. No way in hell was I risking talking to that teacher and his cult of dumbasses.

Nurse Shizaku was quietly reading a book of some sort when she looked up to see me approaching the front of the bus. She kindly asked, "Going outside for some fresh air?"

I responded, "Yeah pretty much, nature calling and all hehe."

She giggled a little and pulled the lever to open the bus doors. I walked out, got to the railing of the bridge and unzipped my pants to take care of my business. For odd reasons, while taking a piss I just think. How exactly are we going to get back home? Are we going to find better weapons to equip ourselves against them? For what I knew there wasn't any actual gun shops around the area.

Before I knew it my stream had ended after my last question. I put my junk back into my pants so I wouldn't scare the children. Who knows, maybe the others would have some answers. I made my way back to the bus doors that opened upon my arrival. I boarded the bus ready to return to my seat but in my way was the same scumbag teacher from earlier talking to Nurse Shizaku.

Being someone to avoid conflict at first, I simply walked past him. However, he spoke out and said, "Well, for a second there I thought you were trying to escape from the guilt of yesterday."
I should have returned to my seat, yet my feet halted next to Saeko's seat.

"Of course, not everyone can make hard decisions such as killing someone's love ones such as yourself."

"That is enough Mr. Shido! That's very mean of you bringing up someone's friend like that." Nurse Shizaku claimed.

Mr. Shido carried on with, "Such decisions do not go unnoticed my boy. It would be genuine if you we're to join me and my group. A group where we can survive anything with our wits and teamwork. So why not join the family?"

The entire bus was anxious for my answer. I was not entirely big on speaking in front of groups yet I slowly faced Shido's snake like face and said, "I would never join a murderer's cult in a million years."

Everyone in the front of the bus had seemed to breathe a sigh of relief yet Mr. Shido's began his retort with, "Murderer? Hahahahaha. You must have seen me helped that poor boy into the courtyard yesterday."

Saeko spoke up for the first time asking, "What boy in the courtyard?"

I responded, "A student tripped and sprained his ankle trying to get on the bus. This, asshole, kicks him in the face leaving the kid to be eaten by 'them'."

Everyone gasped at the truth of Mr. Shido's true colors. Not phased at all, Shido raised his arms to a shrug and asked, "Yes but doesn't that make us the same?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" I angrily replied.

" You see, if I had brought that student on to the bus he would have been dead weight. I merely did what was necessary in order to survive, just like you."

The realization was like a sudden snakebite. I knew where he was going with this yet there was nothing I could do when he pointed at me and said, "You killed that girl because you knew there was no chance for her! No medic or prayer could have helped her soul so you choose to end her yourself in order to survive. Hehe, exactly who is the real murderer here?"

He's right.

I fell to my hands and knees in total defeat. He was right, there was no chance for Luna whatsoever, she was going to die.

But he isn't right. She wanted to leave this world. I did the right thing right? I did...

As the tears slowly rolled down my face and my fists clenching, Mr. Shido strolled over to my down presence and began to speak again. "Tch look at you. Nothing but a hypocrite, if I were that girl's boyfriend, I'd kill you myself!"

Shido was about to begin another plethora of insults yet he was cut off with a sickening thud that sounded like one hell of a punch. I raised my head just in time to see Shira's arm extended connected with Shido's face. Given the properties of gravity, Mr. Shido went flying back with such force that his head bounced off the ground before he skidded to a stop holding his jaw.

Shira rubbed his knuckles and said, "That is way too much talking coming from you man. Should have just respected my man's decision from the start." Shira placed his hand on my shoulder and stood me up. "My friend may have killed my Luna but he never did it out of pleasure or this 'in order to survive' bullshit. He did it for Luna's request and that I can respect."

I was amazed, no, surprised as hell. Shira was here defending me even after I killed Luna. In truth, this turn of events made me feel, rather happy.

Mr. Shido angrily stood up clenching his fists looking as if he was about to fight yet Byrd and Vital came to back us up. Mr. Shido must have recognized that he was defeated for he simply unclench end his fists and adjusted his classes.

"Hmph I see the weak will continue to repopulate." He smoothly walked past us yet had the audacity to whisper to me, "If you we're in the same position as Luna, I hope some makes the same decision as you did."

Asshole. I would kick him in his spine if the shit shack had a vertebrate but I choose to leave it alone.

Vital handed me my ax and asked, "You want to take a walk to cool off Yung?"

I kindly took my ax and said, "No. The four of us are going to take a long ass walk."

Byrd confused said, "What do you mean?"

"This is the plan I was talking about, we need to go back to America to make sure our families are safe."

I quickly saw the news sink into each one if my friend's faces. All of them knew the importance on why we had to go back home.

"Oh God I completely forgot! My mom..." Vital stated, "She has to be ok!"

"Well what are we waiting for? Back home we go." Shira commanded.

"Agreed." Replied Byrd sheathing his sword.

"Leaving so soon?" Saeko asked with a smirk on her face. "I pray that all of you will be safe."

"Get home safely!" Kohta cheered.

"Hmph, good riddance." Claimed Takagi.

As me and my group headed to the front of the bus, I turned to the group I had just met not to long ago and said, "I hope you guys get to your loved ones safely too. All of you be cool and do not let 'theme' turn you. You guys are too awesome to be pale brain dead zombies."

With a thank you said to Nurse Shizaku and a step off the bus, my friends and I headed back to the entrance of the bridge beginning our journey back home.

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“So,” Vital said as we entered the first part of town that was fortunately abandoned, “How exactly are we getting back home?”

“Umm,” I paused, “That’s a great question. Did anyone ever tell you that you ask great questions?”

“You didn’t have a plan to begin with!”

“Shhhhh!!” The three of us simultaneously hissed. Alerting those things was the last thing on my list to escape.

“Look I wanted to discuss the details on the bus but I did not want to stay any longer. Besides walker clears up my head.”

Byrd question, “Well what are our options?”

“We could fly there in a plane.” Shira stated.

“Yeah let’s check the airlines, I’m sure out of all the places that’ll still be working during a zombie apocalypse.” Vital saracastically retorted.

“No you butt plug I meant take a plane ourselves.”

“That would be all wine and good but none of us knows how to fly a plane.”

Byrd piped up again and said, “Actually I do.”

The three of us came to a halt and asked, “You do!?”

Byrd pause for a moment, looked each of us in the eye and said, “Nah not really.”

I almost wanted to head butt him if I was not laughing the type of laugh when nothing comes out. Vital was so anger that he walked off while Shira face palmed laughing as well.

“Ok,” as I wipe a tear from my eye, “maybe we can catch a boat?”

Shira calm down as well to say, “But we don’t know how to pilot a boat either.”

“I think sailing and driving a car is like the same thing.”

“Well hey I don’t know how to drive yet so I wouldn’t know.”

“I know how to drive actually. For real this time.” Byrd stated.

“Well hey there’s the plan, find a working boat and hopefully sail back to Japan.” I say.

“You make it sound so easy.” Shira said.

“Well hey glass half full right? Well anyway, we should look for supplies maybe even weapons as well to take with us.”

After I finish my sentence a loud Ping! Sound came from an alleyway farther up ahead of us. We all jog over to see if Vital had taken care of some straggling zombie and sure enough one laid at his feet with its pale brain out of its head.

“Guys,” Vital began, “Our supply and weapons problem has an answer.”

Behind Vital was perhaps apocalyptic heaven; a grocery store with other storefronts along with a sword shop. An actual sword shop! I take a step, not believing our luck, until I heard the distinct moaning sound of the undead to my left. Sure enough a small cluster of zombies ambled to our direction probably from the shovel hitting one of their own.

“Should we take care of this ugly es?” Shira said cracking his knuckles.

“You’ll just attract more,” Byrd stated before he picked up an empty beer bottle from a trashcan and launched it to the wall that the zombies were passing. Taking the bait, the undead immediately turn around to satisfy their hunger.

I gathered my friends into a circle and whisper, “Here’s the plan, Byrd and I will go into the sword shop to pick up weapons. You two go over to the grocery market and gather supplies. I am pretty sure we’ll be done first so Byrd and I will head over to you guys. Got it?”

Everyone addressed me with a nod as we began to move to the stores passing by straggling zombies who did not see us approaching into the shop. As Byrd and I approached the sword shop, Kobyashi’s, we entered the through the door and was met with the sight of all types of weapons of the short. Kendo wooden swords, short knives, katanas and other weaponry filled the stores walls.

“Good to see that a place like this hasn’t been looted yet,” I start, “Well let’s get the weapons.”

“Think Shira would like a katana?” Byrd asked.

“Umm, I wouldn’t think so. Look for some gloves I guess.”

“Yeah sure, let’s find gloves in a sword shop.”

I chuckled and began my search. As much as swords were cool and all, they were not exactly my cup of tea. I kept looking until I decided that none of the weapons was exactly for me. I needed something that could be a back up if I ever dropped Old Dusty. Oh great, I’m naming weapons now. I smiled as I headed to the back of the store to check out the international section that had an interesting selection; however, the most interesting thing about it was that a certain weapon set was missing; one long machete blade under the South America label was there yet the other blade was missing. Curious as always, I made my way over the counter top to see if maybe the weapon was in the manager’s office.

Upon opening the door I was greeted with a gruesome sight as the same as yesterday. One of ‘them’ was on his knees eating the insides of the old storeowner picking at the corpse like a desperate vulture. Next to the already dead old man was a shotgun clutched to his hands along with his head blown wide open, curtsy of the shotgun blast I take it. The sight was overwhelming yes but I noticed something as the dead slowly turn towards me; the weapon, a long machete, off the rack was planted in its stomach.

Clumsily walking towards me hoping to make a mal out of me was a horrible decision on his part. I plant my foot into the thing’s stomach, remove the machete with its entrails out and finally pull off a nice clean cut to the throat severing its head. Oh yeah, these are the weapons I have been looking for.

Byrd walked in sword at the ready asking, "Yung are you alright?" He saw my newfound weapons in my hands confirming that I was alright so he relaxed his posture. Byrd then glanced to the old corpse and immediately turned pale.

"Did you know this guy?"

"Yes. He made my sword for me after stopping a thief one day. He was nice man, to see him go like this... At least he didn't turn like 'them'."

I put my hand on Byrd's shoulder to comfort him. As much as I wanted to say the cliche hero line "I'm sure he was a good man," I felt that this was enough.

Byrd finished his moment of silence for the shop owner and then reached down to take the double-barrel shotgun off the owner’s dead hands.

"Well damn I thought you were going to close his eyes like the movies."

"I don’t think we have time for that so I just grabbed the gun. Now let’s search for ammo."

"Business as usual huh? No wonder Saeko likes you." I teased.

"What!? That's! Hey! Don't do a low blow like that! I just respect her strength, abilities and personality as a kendo master."

"I think you forgot about her body in your nouns Byrd."

"... Just, look for the ammo."

"Yes sir Mr. Saeko."

That comment earned a good punch to the side ribs. Worth it.

As I held my side while searching for some ammo I asked, "In all seriousness though, do you like Saeko like that Byrd?"

"Well... yes."

"Right so there's nothing wrong with it?"

"Besides the fact that Vital likes her as well."

"Oh are you serious!? Well that sucks, love triangles in high school are such bullshit."

"Amen. I have no idea what to do man. Admit my feelings or let my friend go out with her."

"Yeah but at least you don't have to worry about love triangles where we're going."

"Oh yeah, I completely forgot we were going back to the states. Hopefully if this ever blows over I'll come back to tell her."

"That's pretty romantic actually, no homo." An opened cabinet to the top right later I found it like an Easter Egg on Sunday. "Bingo!"

Byrd helped me stock the items on to the counter I was standing on and said, "Six boxes of shotgun bullets, two pistols and six boxes of pistol bullets, a small key ring with two keys, along with severely throwing knives. Damn."

"No kidding, now how do you figure we carry all this?"
Before Byrd could answer my question, from the front door of the shop the quick shuffling of footsteps was enough to already Byrd and I. Byrd grabbed the shotgun while I grabbed the two pistols even if they were not loaded. We burst through the manager's room and aimed are weapons at a frantic Shira and Vital carrying two back bags on their backs and one back bag in each of there hands.

Vital said, "Thank God you guys are still here." Vital handed Byrd and I our empty black and blue back bags and continued with, "We have a problem."

I asked, "What could be as bad as the undead walking around?"

On cue with my question was a brick crashing into a car window outside sounding the alarm. Followed by the crash were angry voices too distinct to be the undead.

" that is a problem."

Shira said, "Yeah of course. Hope you guys got all the things you need cause we need to go."

"Alright head out back and see if there's a car or something, Byrd and I have to get the weapons."

We all moved to the back making haste before I stopped Vital, "Take this pistol and ammo, reload cause there's no bullets in the chamber."

"I uh, I'll try to load it." Vital took the gun and cartridge of ammo and headed to the very back to clear out the manager’s office.

"Yung hand me the keys." Byrd demanded.

No questions asked I tossed the keys to Byrd and continued filling the ammo in my bag.

"I got everything," I said as I zipped up the book bag, "you ready to go?"

Byrd turned around with the coolest weapon I had ever seen, two black brass knuckles combined with a thick switchblade at the end. Byrd grinned and said, "Early Christmas present for Shira."

He stuffed a first aid kit into his bag before we heard footsteps at the front of the store again. We both knew it was not our friends so I peeked out to see who it was. A middle age man with a burly complexion and physique had a meat clever on his person overlooked the restaurant while a scrawny kid started to loot it.

"Go to the manager's office, that old bastard always kept the good shit in there."

. Byrd and I crouched at the closed door, as the kid got closer to our spot.

Byrd said, "Get ready to dip Yung."

Flinging the door opened startled the kid for sure but the real shock was Byrd knocking him on his ass with a single punch. Byrd jetted to the right and I followed his path as well. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the middle aged man getting ready to chuck the cleaver in our direction which made the scramble to do the door that much quicker. As I closed the door behind me, the clunk of the knife landed against the door. Looking to my right I see a chair to post under the door handle to give us some time to escape.

Outside of the store, we moved to a parking lot with a car at the back parked in an empty space. The obstacle however was three of the undead lingering to our friends. Vital knocked a zombie back a couple of inches with the shovel he had acquired from the school yet it didn't go down from the impact while Shira was able to knock his zombie a couple of feet back with a right hook. Byrd went to decapitate the middle zombie while I did a jumping slash to the back of the other zombie trying to attack Vital.

With the dead taken care of I said, "Alright to the car quickly!"

Shira yelled, "Shotgun!" As he slid across the hood to the passenger side.

Byrd tossed the keys to me as I got to the driver's side. After a few moments I opened the car door, clicked the button to unlock the doors and we all got in just in time for the back door of the shop to fly open. Started the car that roared to life, switched the gears from parked to drive and sped to the right to exit the parking lot of the sword shop while receive threats from the man and kid.

On the street were other survivors who were killing the dead and looting shops as well. Some who took notice of us tried to stop us by throwing objects at the car yet it was no use.

We sped through the street back the way we came safe and stocked for whatever came at us.

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