Among Enemies

I'm just going to let you guys know now.
Tab is a ****ing trooper, theres no way you're catching me writing that much :laugh:
I'll still try to keep them lengthy, but damn, I can't compete with Tab's wall.
I'm just going to let you guys know now.
Tab is a ****ing trooper, theres no way you're catching me writing that much :laugh:
I'll still try to keep them lengthy, but damn, I can't compete with Tab's wall.

:laugh: Thanks man, and I'm damn sure it will be 100% badass.
I can't wait to see where you take the story from your point of view.
Tab was devastated, I've never seen him like this. I tried to help him up but he shook me off. I looked around at the carnage, a once beautiful lake was now victim to an ever growing carpet of gore and tragedy. I look to NS who was pacing back and forth cursing everything and everyone around him. Sky was just staring at the boy who was still weeping over his father's body. Trying my damnedest to get a hold of the situation I shout "Alright, shit, we have to ge-" "Alright everyone listen up" Some wannabe Bear Grills doucher interrupts.

"We need to head to higher ground and fast. Over that way is-" "Over that way is death ass hole!" I snap back with. "I f*cking heard you on the plane. You're from New York, you have no idea where the hell you are or where the f*ck to go!" NS looks at me with fury like I'm an idiot. "What the hell is your goddam problem Low!? This guy says he knows where to go, lets follow him!" "NS is right for once, this isn't f*cking Skyrim, you can't use your faggy magic to find a way out of here." Sky says in response. "Just trust me! This guy has no idea where he is right now!" I begin to calm down when he screams "Kid shut your goddam mouth! Now listen to me damnit! If you want to lead your little retard brigade to death, then fine by me, but you're not going anywhere with our medic kit!"

I look over at Tab who finally removes his eyes from the body of the man he tried to save. "You're medic kit? You're ****ing medic kit?! Did you just risk your goddam life to get this shit! F*ck you ass hole!" Me, Sky and NS start to tense up, we know where this is headed. The survival ass hole runs at Tab like a bull or some shit. I swear to god I thought his head was about to fly off when Tab hit him with a left hook. But he still managed to tackle him to the ground. Tab is a hell of a fighter, but he was exhausted from that dive. "Get the **** off me!" Tab screams. I run over and pull him off and throw him down. Two of his buttbuddies try to join the fray, but NS and Sky step in and start fighting too. I have to hold Tab's crazy ass back from attacking further the dude further. This was the last ****ing thing I needed now. First Jasmine now this? "We have to get out of here" I yelled, trying to get them to calm down. Tab snatches the pack and takes off. NS breaks free and helps me get the other dude off of Sky with a swift size 13 to the face. We make a bee line for the forest. Survival dude screams "If I ever catch you again you're ****ing dead! You hear me?! You're ****ing dead!" His voice fades from our ears as we jet off into god knows where.

"Give me a reason. Give me one goddam reason why I shouldn't break your f*cking neck Low." Sky says in a calm yet threatening voice as he wrings the water and blood out of his hair. "We could have been out of here, following an actual expert. But no, you had to be all macho know it all AND GET US STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF A GODDAM FORREST!" I was trying to keep him reassured, but he was starting to piss me off. "Look Sky-" "Look my dick" Tab says "We need to cut out all this b1tching and get the hell out of here." I was getting really ****ing tired of everyone cutting me off. "Oh are you gonna save us like you saved that dude back there? You big f*ckin' hero?" "Don't test me Low, I'm not Jasmine, I wont take your little temper tantrums whenever you get butthurt." "Yeah and I'm not a biker, I'm make sure your dumbass stays on the floor once I beat your ass." "F*cking do it then fa-"

Sky nails Tab right in the head with a pine cone. "You two drama queens done? Because as much as I would love to watch you two have hot make-up sex, we need to get the hell out of these woods before night falls." I turn my attention to Tab, who at the moment still looks like he wants to kill me. Feeling like a complete ass hole, I extend my fist with hopes of receiving a much needed bro-fist. I notice Tab's scowl disappear from his face as he punches my hand fairly hard. But whatever, Sky was right, we needed to find out where the hell we were. "Well?" NS' impatient ass said. Still a little heated I reply "Well what shit for brains? Do I look like a GPS?" "No, but you do look like my ass after a hot dump, pre wipe. I was talking about food. What are we gonna do for food yo?" "I don't know, I doubt we can go back to scavenge the plane's food, not unless we want another fight." "**** that douche on man dick" Tab suddenly replies. "I'll beat his ass WITH the food. Cheeto stains half way up his ass hole."

"Well I did see a few rabbits around here. I'll catch one." Sky says to himself. Tab says "I'll kill it I guess." "I'll cook it" I said. "And I'll eat it haha" NS' dumbass jokes. We almost got killed and this assclown is making jokes. Needless to say, the pine cone shower he received for it was well deserved. I get a fire going in preparation for the glorious and bountiful feast we were about to be blessed with. After about 45 minutes of trying, Sky finally manages to catch one. He turns away when Tab snaps its neck to kill it with little pain. I damn near puked as I was skinning it with the Swiss army knife from the medic kit.

I'm not a chef, so I have no idea what kind of crack I was smoking when I decided to volunteer to cook this shit. Put it on a stick and roasted it over the fire. NS was just sitting staring at it, practically drooling. Sky was laying down with his hands over his eyes. The sun was setting, but Tab was still looking from the way we came just in case Survival Sammy decides to pay us a visit. My inner Martha Stewart gets the best of me when I decide that roasted rabbit probably isn't that delectable. So I sprinkle a little dirt and rub a leaf on it, not exactly sure just what the **** it was supposed to do, but it sounded like a good idea at the time. "This tastes like f*cking ass!" That ungrateful lard ass screams as his mouth is full of that "f*cking ass". "Well sorry it isn't barbecue ribs dibshit." Tab and Sky don't say a word as they cram as much as they can in their mouths.

They didn't eat before the flight. So we fill up on a single rabbit, well, as full as we could get anyway. Later that night NS' felt the need to try the berries in the bushes. That idiot was shitting like someone turned a faucet on in his ass. With no Barbie: My First Camp Set, we just slept on the forest floor. Something is ****ing poking me in the sides. I brush it away but whatever it is keeps doing it. Some Without a Paddle shit is going on! I think that queermo Sky is spooning me! I open my eyes to the sight of NS and Tab being held by some hillbilly freak. And a double barrel shotgun, pointed right at my face. "Rise n shine n1gger"
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"Get up boy, we'ze gone hab fuuunn with y'all." Says this crusty looking mother****er. I yell "Get the **** off me you hillybilly fagge-" White, its all I can see for a few seconds. Then the back of my head starts throbbing like a b*tch! Ass hole knocked me upside the head with the butt of his gun. "Mmm, yessah, this one'll do real fine" One of those sick ****s is holding Sky down at gun point, his mouth is duct taped. The look in Sky's eyes made me fear him more than the gun at his head. He takes a big ass whiff of Sky's long hair, I gagged as I saw some of it go into his nose. "HUWOOOOOOOOO! Goddam boy! You n me gone be real good friends, thats for damn sure! Hey Aim Ass help me-" " Now I done teld you Cowboy! Its Ames!" "Boy you know goddam well I don't care fer yer fancy city bull shit! Now help me drag these Kansas City f@ggets into the back of the pickup!"

Ames ties my hands behind my back, the same with NS and Tab who look like they're unconscious. Please don't let these two ass holes be dead! They throw me, Tab & NS in the bed, but Sky is placed in between Cowboy & Ames in the cab. I can't see whats going on, but I hear Sky's muffled sceaming. I don't know what the f*ck is going on, but I'm starting to wish NS had bought 40 PS3's instead of these goddam plane tickets. I spend a good 10 minutes trying to get this tape off when Tab finally wakes up. He opens his mouth to yell for help "Shhhhhut the **** up, they'll kill us right here!" I whisper. "Where the f*ck are they taking us?!" He says in a hushed voice. "I don't know man, but something ****ed up is happening to Sky!" "NS. NS!" Tab whispers. But there is no response. The back of NS's head is bleeding pretty badly. We try for the rest of the ride to get this tape off, I swear this shits made of steal. I can't even think to myself, Sky's muffled screams dismantle my every attempt at thinking.

When we finally stop, my heart starts beating 60 beats a second. Cowboy grabs us out of the back and lays us on the dirt floor. "Which one you think she'll want first?" Cowboy asks. "Hell if it matters, Rita'll eat anything. But give her the chunky one first, he's out like a damn light, wont be givin you much trouble I reckon. Cut him loose too, they wriggle round even when they out, funna as shiet I tell ya what." Ames says, never once taking his eyes off of Sky.

Ames asks him in a sick manner "Can you squeal boy? Huh? Well if ya can't then thats okay boy. See cuz imma teach ya, ya hear. IMMA MAKE YOU SQUEAL LIKE A PIIIIG BOY! Huheheheheeeh" I notice Sky's arms and part of his face are covered with shallow cuts. Ames was cutting him with a razor blade while they were driving. As Ames drags us 3 into their small wooden house, I see NS' eyes slowly open as Cowboy sharpens an axe. Ames drags us inside and thats when I see the most bittersweet sight I've ever seen in my life. Hung up on the wall are the freshly skinned hides of the Survival man and they people that went with him. I was sick to my stomach.

I almost felt good for a second for making the call to not go with them, then I realize we're about to suffer the same fate, so, aww shucks. "You got dinner yet!?" I hear some woman yell from a room. "Almost! Hold yer goddam horses!" Ames yells before directing his attention to Tab. "Ya know boy, I've learned my lesson in the past. You try to force someone to suck yer dick, and they'll bite it! So much easier when dey aint got no teef to bite wiff." Ames pulls out a pair of pliers from a toolbox on their table. Tab freaks right the f*ck out "I dare you b1tch! I ****ING DARE YOU! Put that shit in my mouth! I don't need teeth! You'll have to reach up in my mudd hole to find your baby carrot!" Ames just started laughing as he walked towards him with the pliers.

Tab just keeps screaming and screaming! I close my eyes, I can't see this shit man! This is too ****ing shit! I hear a loud thud and feel something hit my leg. I open my eyes and there was just blood everywhere!
It was one of the greatest things I had ever seen in my life. That hillbilly prick gasping for air as he lay on my leg with an axe in his back. NS standing over him with a scared yet triumphant look in his eyes. This shit is just too crazy, just between you and me, I shit a little. "Cut me loose. CUT ME LOOSE!"

Sky finally screams at the top of his lungs. NS grabs a knife from the table and cuts Sky loose first. Sky immediately jumps up and rips the axe from Ames' back and slams it repeatedly into his head. His face was ****ing insane, but I was glad he was on my side. NS cuts the rest of us loose and we hear Rita yell "What the f*ck is goin on in dere?!" Sky pauses for a second and says to us "Hold up guys, I gotta go feed Rita" Sky walks into the back room with the axe and we hear screams that could make a grown man smile.

Sky doesn't even look at us as he walks out the door. I guess its safe to say he's keeping the axe. Trying to break the tension NS says "Damn Sky, you didn't even buy him dinner." Sky stops dead in his tracks, and laughs. "Shut the hell up NS" He jokingly adds. We were hungry, but trust me when I saw were weren't really in the mood for what they had in their fridge. We take a few beers, their axe and wouldn't you believe it? The ****ing shotgun had no bullets. But we take it anyway. Truck was out of gas too, remind me to pack a four leaf clover next time I go on vacation. None of us talk for a while. We head off in some random ass direction. After a few days of walking, sleeping and hunting, we see a sign in the distance. "Heavy Hitters: Fat Camp"
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I can't stop laughing!

This story is f*cking nice, please, don't ever stop with it :-D
Very entertaining, but as I told TaBB before, you've gotta start a new paragraph everytime a different person starts speaking. Otherwise, it can be very confusing attempting to decipher who's saying what. Aside from that, and a few technical errors though, this chapter was very well written. If you guys keep up this level of quality throughout the story, then is readers shall be blessed indeed.

Also, I'm still waiting for my awesome cameo. I can screw with people's minds using complicated phrases and an extravagant vocabulary.
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