Among Enemies

heres a touchin story

once apon a time there was these guys who asked me to go on some gay ass camping trip or some shit, I cant remember. They wouldnt shut up on the car ride, so out in the middle of nowhere, I tied them up and severed their bodied and then continued to butcher them, and stuffed them into tuna cans. They were never heard from again.

oh all right

"Welcome to the wonderful land of Oz. My name is Skyuss Valley and I will be your tour guide this lovely evening. And if you look to your left you'll see black nothingness because an old jackass gave us a flashlight with dead batteries. And to your right you'll see bushes, I think. And over-" "Sky please man, just please shut the hell up." Low says in a tired voice. I stop talking, that shtick was getting old anyway I guess. Plus who was in the mood to argue? "Sky hold up that gun like a goddam man! You never know what the devil may bring!" Oh yeah, I forgot NS was with us. So I answer back to my quarter master with "Yes sir! Like this?" I point the gun at him. My finger wasn't even on the trigger so I don't know why he acted like such an NS.

"Whadda fugg is wrong with you! Don't point that shit at me!" After not saying anything since we left Merlin's marvelous mansion, Tab finally says something. "Sky leave him alone. We've all had a rough ass day. My ass has been throbbing like theres a techno club inside." "Alright dude" I say with a small feeling of disappointment. I can hear NS whisper "I still don't understand why Sky gets to hold the gun" I stay quiet, but my mind goes back to simpler times. I spent a lot of my youth on a farm, unwillingly might I add. Seriously, you set one G.I Joe on fire and suddenly you're a 'social outcast'. But thats another story. On the farm I was taught how to use a gun, one just like this. At least I got something from that stranded hellhole.

"You guys I think I need to lie down. We've been walking for hours and this silly lil filly is tired." TaB groans as he holds his ass. "Wait you want to sleep here?" NS cries. Low finally brings some sarcasm of his own "Oh excuse us sir, your Egyptian sheeted bed is over there, next to that pile of bear shit." I laughed, which I hadn't done in a while. Feels good, man. I made my 'bed' next a smooth rock. Used my grey flannel as a pillow and tucked my arms into my white, well it used to be white, shirt. Low used his covered his head with his hood and laid in some grass. No telling what was going to crawl into his love-station2. NS lay tossing and turning east of me in some dirt, guess his king sized bed wasn't to his liking. TaB passed out instantly in the middle of the small moonlit dirt clearing. With no one to talk to I just looked up at the sky. Alone with my thoughts I start to wonder if I regret moving in with these animals.

3 dudes from the internet. None of us had ever met one another, we just became e-friends on some forum about a game that doesn't even come out anymore and decided to be bff's in real life. So we got a house in the middle of ****ing nowhere. I was really reluctant, but I gotta say, up until this point everything was pretty damn cool. I mean we all had jobs in the nearby town. Except NS, but he did all the housework like a champion so thats whatever. And with the exception of catching him twiddling his diddly & the constant arguments over food between him and Low, things were perfect. And I can't really say that crash landing in the ass end of nowhere is all that bad. I mean I'd probably be working another graveyard shift at Mizore's Crabshack right now. Its exciting at least. I determine that that is enough thinking for one day, and doze off.

Eyelids. Sometimes I don't even know what the hell they're for. I'm not sure what time it was but it felt like the sun was shining directly into my eyes. I open them and feel like they've been set on fire. "Aww f*ck, what time is it?" I ask squinting my eyes like I'm trying to blend in at China Town, not even sure if anyone was awake yet. Turns out Low was "I don't know, probably 9 or something. NS & TaB are still sleeping. Look I've been going through our supplies and, we're not doing so hot bro. I'd say we have about 5 Gatorades left, a pack of crackers and whatevers left in the medic case." This was not good news AT ALL "Are you serious? Well where the hell is it all going?" We both look over to NS' retarded ass as he lies sleeping in the dirt with his hand in his pants. Suddenly we hear the sound of leaves being crushed and the rustling of bushes. We ignore it for a second before we realize that we're the only ones awake. Then we look over and wouldn't ya know it? Its Smokey, the friendly neighborhood bear.
I laughed. I just wake up and now a bear is smelling Tab's body like he's a scratch n sniff sticker. I felt defeated, I thought there was nothing I could do but laugh. But then Low tosses me the gun and whispers "Blast that f*cking thing Sky!" I froze up. I love animals and the thought of having the death of one be caused by my hand? It froze me man. It's empathy, not weakness. Then like its a forest reunion or something a dog comes rushes over and barks at the bear. It was a black Labrador, just like the one I had at the farm. Just like the one the cougars got. The dog kept barking in sync with the beat of my heart, making it hard to think straight. I had the gun pointed at the bear but just couldn't pull that trigger. Suddenly the bear raises its heavy paw to crush the dog, my dog! Its head was gone. I didn't even notice myself pulling the trigger, but I guess I did.

The sound from the gun wakes Tab up and he screams holding his ass again. Guess bad dreams run in this freakshow of a family we have. Low and the newly awakened NS go over to help him up. The dog jets off into the deep woods, I drop the gun and quickly give chase. I hear Low calling for me to come back, but this is just too important to me. Just way too important. Feels like a good 10 minutes of running before I collapse to my knees. I was in track at school, but it doesn't really seem to be helping me now. I had lost the dog and was feeling pretty damn stupid about going after him in the first place. Then I see him looking at me through the bushes. I call to him "C'mere boy. C'mon boy I'm not gonna hurt ya." He slowly comes towards me. I reach out my hand and he sniffs it for a second before licking it. I pet him and look around. I have no idea where the hell I am.

I retrace my steps and begin to walk back to where the others were. With Smoke at my side I don't feel as intimidated by the vastness of my botanical prison. And yes, I named him Smoke, from all the dust on his coat he looked more grey than black. As we walk back I keep looking down at him, he looked exactly like my old dog. I felt good knowing what I did for him. Knowing I did something "right". NS meets me halfway. "Was looking for your heroic ass. Low told me what happened. Hope you know that Tab has to give you a peepee touch now since you saved him and whatnot." I actually laughed at NS' joke "Ha, well we'll settle that matter once we get back." We get back to the camp and Low is covered in blood. He's been skinning the bear with the knife from the medic case. He looked like he was going to puke. And by the smell of it, I think he did.

Low says with a shitfaced grin, "This may be disgusting, but goddamit we'll be having bear steaks for days son!" I look over at Tab who finally seems to be walking on his own again. I sit down with Smoke and look at his collar. "Max" It reads. "So you decided to bring that fleabag with us? I know I'm sexy as fuah, but if that thing starts humping me, its game over man!" NS says. I ignore him and take Smoke's collar off. I grab a rock and scratch off "Max" and carve in "Swoke". I never was good with my M's and W's. We all just sat there, waiting for our first "bear steak". And for the first time in a long time, things finally started be looking up. But as a wise motherf*cker once said, "All good things must come to an end." And boy was that motherf*cker right.
Another great chapter, always with dem cliffhangers.

Eager to read more, and Mizore's Crab Shack actually doesn't sound half bad. :laugh:
Thanks guys.

Don't worry Wraith, your cameo is set in stone and is coming up in a later chapter.
Ha! Great chapter Sky! Can't wait for the next one (and the appearance that I'm sure to make soon).