Among Enemies


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Among Enemies: A Tale Starring TaBB, BBBLP, NS922, and Sky Valley.

So, here we were. 4 roomates who last week, were just regular dudes. Wait, I should back up here. Ok, about 3 in the morning a week ago Back back back low punch (Low) and NS922 (NS) had walked down to the gas station to buy some donuts. We had all heard the lottery had grown to 2.4 million dollars, and people were buying tickets left and right in order to hit it big. So while there, NS bought a ticket while Low flirted with the cashier. When they got back to the crib, me and Sky were chilling on the couch and playing some MK9 to pass the time. "You son of a bish" I groaned as Sky laughed while he babalitied my Sektor with Smoke. I grabbed a cigarette off the table and was about ready to call it a night. "Hey," I said as I walked to the kitchen to pour some orange juice. "You think we should cook a pizza tonight or something? I'm hungry as balls." Sky just looked at the tv, still playing MK9. "Dude!" I called out, unsure of if he heard me or not. Sky just waved his hand and said, "Yeah, pour me some OJ too." I was about ready to throw the bottle of orange juice at Sky, when NS and Low walked in.

Itching for some donuts, I looked at NS's hand. "Haha dude, you bought a goddamn lottery ticket?! Lol no one wins that shit, it's all just one big cash scam," Sky said as he helped himself to a sprinkeld treat. NS, who at this point had already had two donuts, grabbed a quarter from the table and began scratching at the ticket. 1 dollar sign. 2 dollar signs. We all sat around the coffee table, now pretty excited because we knew NS was going to go wild when the next thing he scratched off was going to be a big ass X or something. Instead, we all went insane. 3 mother ****ing dollar signs.. we had just won the goddamn lottery. Jumping up and down in victory, we had no idea what to do with this new found money. Low ripped off his shirt and screamed, "We going to Logan's roadhouse tonight bishes!" Sky laughed and said "Dude, we could buy Logan's Roadhouse with this money." And then it hit me.. this was an insane amount of money, enough to make 4 friends turn against each other for no reason. "Guys," I called out, as NS' was smashing the playstation on the coffee table like some kind of goddamn animal, saying we could buy 30 more if we wanted. "We should calm down. This is a shit ton of money. Let's think some shit out first before we spend it all on a restaurant or 40 PS3's." Sky nodded as put down the lighter next to the couch, "TaBB's right" he said, "We gotta start out slow. First things first, we gotta plan a trip or something. Well, actually, we need to go get this f*cking thing cashed and see how much the goverment takes out in taxes."

Low groaned from the kitchen as he was making a pan of bbq ribs. "Man," he called out "I bet they take like $1,000,000 out in taxes. F*cking gay shit, son. We ain't gonna be able to buy shit." NS, who was shaking his head, said "No, we'll still be rich as pingas. We gotta go somewhere with this money. And a fhucking week my ass! I just broke our only game system!! I ain't waiting that long to get my game on they better send us that money NOW!" We all laughed and threw whatever was close to us at NS, knowing damn well we couldn't get the money faster. "But a Road trip?" I asked, intrigued at the thought of going to Cancun or California with the winnings. "No way dude, let's fly to Canada!" Sky said, "We could raise some hell up there, and plus the mounties aren't going to do shit if we get caught." After much consideration and debate, we all agreed that we were going to get the hell out of Montana and take a month long vacation in Vancouver, Canada. We got some sleep, and in the morning, all of us went to the gas station where Ns had bought the ticket and cashed it in. The cashier said it would take one week for us to get the money deposited into NS's bank account.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We had gotten the money into NS's bank account last night. We spent that night going everywhere all over town, breaking shit and me and sky got drunk as hell. I picked a fight with a biker outside of a bar and bbblp had to help me out of the tussle while NS and Sky laughed that I got my ass beat by a dude three times my size. Whatever, I got a lot of punches in... pretty sure I broke that biker's nose. Anyways, we woke up back in the apartment in the morning. I woke up to find my knuckles and face smeared with dry blood and my eye was swollen pretty bad. I laughed to myself and got out of bed and headed for the shower to rinse this blood off. While in the shower, I heard a bunch of commotion and shit. It was nothing new, NS and BB are always fighting at about this time in the AM.

I put on a flannel and my favorite pair of jeans and was immediately met with a fresh hot biscuit in my swollen eye. "Rise and shine, cage fighter," laughed Sky, the thrower of the biscuit. I laughed and sat down at the kitchen, to enjoy the daily coffee and the fight between NS and Low. "Nah son" bb screamed as he poked NS in the chest, "That was MY fuggin leftovers from last night. You ate my last rib!" "Bull shit," NS replied, his mouth still coated with bbq sauce, "It was MY rib and I ate the hell out of that shit." BB threw a big ass block of cheese from the refrigerator, and meant to hit NS in the back as he walked away from him. Instead, NS ducked and it hit Sky's hands as he was rolling a joint, loose weed going everywhere. "Dude what the fhuck?! That was the last of my good stuff I bought from Wraith!" Sky yelled in desperation, trying to collect the weed from the ground, but it was too late. The windows were already open, and it had flown from the ground into the outside in a matter of seconds. "I don't give a shit." Bb called out from the kitchen I was in, "You need to be on your toes when we're in the airport anyways, and we actually gotta go now! Fhuck, we're about to be late!"

Checking the time on my phone, I realized Low was right, we were getting close to 5:00. I grabbed my bag and was heading out the door when I saw Sky eyeballing NS's jeans. "Dude..are those my goddamn pants?" Sky said as he approached NS with a menacing glare. "Uh.. no way dude, these are mine." Ns replied nervously, his eyes darting left and right. "We ain't got time for this shit." I said, as I began running outside to start the truck. BB followed, leaving NS and Sky to continue this argument. After two minutes of waiting in the truck, I had had enough. Just as I was opening the door, I saw the pair of jeans flying through the air from our 4th story window and NS running outside into the truck in his boxers. He jumped in and shouted, "Let's leave his ass!" and pushed me over to get into the driver's seat. Sky, sprinting down the stairs from the apartment to pick up his jeans, was slowly getting left behind as NS stepped on the gas. With all of us laughing our asses off, Sky had reclaimed his jeans and jumped in the back of the pickup right when NS was about to gun it.
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We arrived at the airport just in time. The whole way there NS was doing like 100, and Low was holding onto the suicide handle and screaming as NS darted through traffic. "Dude, put on some damn pants." Sky said disgusted, as he looked at NS in his smilie boxers. "Yeah you can't go into the airport like that," Low said as he grabbed his bag from the bed of the pickup, "They'll think you're fuggin crazy and not let us board." "Well, if Sky had let me borrow his pants, none of this would've happened!" NS shouted, arms crossed and still in his underwear. "Here," Sky said as he tossed him his pants, "Now put 'em on and let's get this over with. I wanna be in Canada as soon as possible."

I nodded and made my way towards to entrance, all the time laughing my ass off at NS getting crazy looks while he put on the jeans and ran at the same time. With everyone with their plane tickets in hand, we actually made it through the line pretty fast, which was weird. I thought airports were busy as hell, but we were only there for like 10 minutes before we were actually on the plane. Boarding went fast too, the only hitch was Sky and NS fighting over the window seat. And after Sky had claimed it, we got the typical flight speech and all that shit. So it was Me on the aisle seat, NS, Low, and Sky next to the window. After we were in the air for about 20 minutes, I had to piss, so I got up and headed towards the bathroom. I only had to knock once before a bearded dude came dashing out of the bathroom, stuffing papers into a briefcase and looking all sweaty and nervous. "Probably jackin' it to some porno" I thought to myself and walked in. Nothing special about airplane restrooms, I can tell you that shit, except they are super small and you can't turn without elbowing everything in there. As I was exiting the bathroom, I stepped on one of the weird dude's papers that fell out of his briefcase. I didn't look at it, I just put it in my pocket and thought when we get off the plane, I'll give it to him. Got in my seat, and the flight attendant approached us as soon as I sat down, asking us about the in flight movie and shit. Turning dialogue into white noise, as I always do, I zoned out while Sky asked what they were playing and NS asking when they were serving dinner. I just kept thinking about how awesome it was going to be to see Canada for the first time, and the four of us as millionaires!

I looked out the window to see clouds, and the sky turning a rich dark shade of blue as we entered the upper atmosphere. "Damn, I wish I had some music to listen to" I thought to myself, and turned to see the other passengers nodding off. I looked over at the bros and they too, were all getting tired. I knew it would only be a matter of time before I fell asleep, too; so I asked the attendant as she passed by if I could have a coke or something to stay awake. She shook her head and responded, "Sorry hun, we'll be serving drinks in about thirty minutes or so." "Oh that's cool, no big deal." I said, while she walked away. "TaBB, that bish is fine as fhuck." NS whispered to me as she walked away, "Just look at that ass!" I busted out laughing, and woke up a dude in the next aisle. "Hey, jackass!" the fatass old man said to me, "Some of us are trying to get some sleep!" I unbuckled and stood next to him, fists clenched. "Well, maybe you should shut the fhuck up and try to go to sleep, dickhead." I spat angrily, as the adrenaline rushed through me. He just shook his head and repositioned his pillow, rolling over away from me. Low laughed as I sat back down and said, "Only TaBB could get some shit going on an airplane hahaha." I had to laugh too, but only because of how common it was for people to start shit with me. I never really enjoy a fight, but it's like everyone always wants to challenge me for some reason, always over stupid shit. After a few minutes, everyone was asleep again and I felt my eyes start to grow heavy, as well. The last thing I saw before I caught some sleep was that dude from the bathroom, walking briskly back to where he dropped his paper. "I'll give it to him when we lannnnnddd..." I said aloud and started snoring.

And then my feet were...wet. Wait, my feet were wet?! What the fhuck?! I tried to stand up, but my legs gave out. I opened my eyes to see nothing but white, with dark shadowy figures dashing about. I heard nothing but a loud ass, high pitch whine. My feet were getting wetter, and I felt the liquid rise to my ankles. At this point, I'm flailing my arms around, trying to find something to grab onto. Just then, I felt a two pairs of hands grab me and start to drag me out of my seat. The whine had died down in my ears and the sound was replaced by rushing water. Rushing water?! My legs, still weak, stood as firmly as they could on the soaked aisle and my eyes began to adjust to what was happening. The Airplane had crashed, my head was rushing but I was adapting to the situation. Obviously, due to a mechanical error or whatever, we where no longer in the sky and we were in the water or on top of the water. Eyes now fully functional, I look around frantically for NS, Sky, and Low. Turns out they were the ones that grabbed me, and I'm seeing the water rush in as they're yelling at me, but I still can't hear clearly. Sky, looking at me, was screaming: "Wunnadtogunow" " We nuud to ga noarr" "We need to go, now" "WE NEED TO GO, NOW!!"

With everything in focus, I'm realize the top of the plane is on fire, too. Passengers are escaping out an open door, and I know that we have to go before we wind up drowning. I dash with the guys for the door, noticing the bodies of the misfortunate that died on impact. I still can't wrap my head around this, it's too much.. but I have to act now. I look out the one of the windows and see that there are 3 passengers laying on an embankment not far from the.. lake.. yeah, lake we landed on. The rest that escaped from the plane were not really in the best shape to swim, as their dead bodies littered the lake. "What the hell are we doing?!" NS screamed, running in front of us all, "We gotta get out of here!" "Alright, let's go" I say as I swim out of the plane in a hurry. "Swim towards the bank where the other people are!" I call out, now increasing my stroke to make it, but looking back to see low and sky steadily catching up to me. Exhausted, I pull myself up to land, clutching the branches and dirt/sand that make up this little bank that leads into a huge ass forest. I help up Sky and Low, and NS had already made it up at the same time I had. "Alright, what the fhuck happened?!" I yelled out in sheer confusion and terror. "I have no fhucking idea.." Low said, bent over grabbing his knees and trying to catch his breath. "Something hit our plane and we nose dived straight into water. I think it was a-" "EXCUSE ME!!" one of the passengers interrupted, grabbing me by the shirt. "My husband is dying! Look at his knee!" Sure enough, the man's knee was badly injured, looked to be a compound fracture, with his knee cap emerging from the skin. I was distraught, and not thinking clearly because of all this madness, rudely said, "Well what the hell am I supposed to do about it?!" Obviously hurt and enraged, the woman let go of my shirt and pointed towards the sinking airplane. "In that plane is a first aid kit, hanging above the entrance to the c0ckpit. I don't know how much good it will do, but it's the only chance we got to save my husband's life." "And you want him to go into a sinking plane, risking our friend's life?!" NS yelled, turning from staring at the burning and sinking plane, approaching the woman.

"I'm sorry to tell you, kunt, but you're husband is going to die either way. At least this way we don't risk our friend's life, too." The woman looked at me, her eyes brimming with tears. "please" were the words she mouthed, and I looked to the other passenger, a young male, obviously the man and woman's child. He was standing over his dad and bawling his eyes out, and I couldn't stand to see this anymore. I dove back into the liquid nitrogen called water in this area, and made my way to the plane.. much to the displeasure of my friends. They were screaming for me to come back, but I wouldn't be blamed for this kid's dad's death. Made my way to the plane, just as the water was reaching a higher-than-comfortable level. I got one last breath, and plunged myself into the now submerged airplane.
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I opened my eyes to see the bright, crystal blue water. I held back the screams of seeing dead bodies float around me, and swam to the c0ckpit, where the woman said the first aid kit would be. "Goddamn" I thought as my lungs started to feel very small, I knew I was running out of air quick. I didn't care, I was going to get this kit or die trying, there was no way I was leaving empty handed from here! I saw it, right above the entrance and slid it out of the bracket that was holding it in place. I was feeling very faint as I placed it under my arm, and barreled towards the door. "Almost! Almost!" I screamed underwater, my lungs now feeling like they were on fire and near explosion.

Out of the door, and out of the water, I gave forth the biggest gasp of air I had in my life... air never felt so good to me. I circled around in the water, and raised the medical kit high in victory, and heard a quiet *sploosh*. The tail of the airplane had now dipped into the water, I had literally just made it out in time. I was immensely pleased with the results of saving a man's life, and swam as fast as I could to the shore, only to be met with grave faces of my friends and the woman and her son. I knew it was too late. Sky and low grabbed my arms to help me up, both of them muttering that there was nothing I could have done, and that it was only a matter of time. Immensely dissatisfied, I plopped down on the sticks and dirt and hung my head in shame. "Walter was a good man," the woman said, placing a hand on my shoulder to ease the pain of the failure. "His last words were that he thanked you for trying, and that he hoped you made it out of that plane alright."
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Better than I could have ever had hoped :cry:
I ****ing love the rib part :rofl:


I'll start my chapter tonight.
Probably get it up tomorrow night (work and other bull shit)

left out the part with my six pack and gold studded mansion

lol shit, this is great stuff. This will all unfold into something even more badass. I love it ,and I'm glad to be apart of it

left out the part with my six pack and gold studded mansion

lol shit, this is great stuff. This will all unfold into something even more badass. I love it ,and I'm glad to be apart of it

Lmao thanks man! :)
Really glad you dig it, I hope everyone gets to read this at some point (it took me hours to write this :laugh:)
But for real, one of the main stars likes it and it means that I feel validated for my work :cool:
Cool new story with an awesome premise, also it was cool to see me make a cameo didn't even expect it :laugh:
Thanks Wraith and Bruce, Back said he might have his chapter posted by Mid day tomorrow.
It'll start where I left off :mullet:
lol, interesting. This kind of feels like my friends stories when he tries to tell me stuff and at first it sounds all possible and realistic then his stories just get out of hand and I'm like...

"Yeah I don't think I believe this story anymore" lol. And it's funny when he does it because he does it sparingly and we all get really into his stories. Then he trolls us.

So this gives me a nostalgic feeling of hanging with my good friend John on top of it being interesting.
Pretty awesome, TaBB. And of course, I'll get an awesome cameo, right? RIGHT? Anyway, the premise is rather interesting, and AI just have to wonder whether or not that slip of paper had anything at all to do with the plane crash. It is awfully suspicious.

But... Paragraphs! The whole story was just one big block if text. You gotta space out those paragraphs, my friend. New one every time you change the subject, or someone new starts speaking.
Pretty awesome, TaBB. And of course, I'll get an awesome cameo, right? RIGHT? Anyway, the premise is rather interesting, and AI just have to wonder whether or not that slip of paper had anything at all to do with the plane crash. It is awfully suspicious.

But... Paragraphs! The whole story was just one big block if text. You gotta space out those paragraphs, my friend. New one every time you change the subject, or someone new starts speaking.

Good point, I had forgotten the importance of paragraphs.
Hopefully this is more pleasing to the eye, and thanks for taking the time to read it.
Not to mention enjoy it, that's a big plus :)
And for anyone wondering, it's always possible for someone to make a cameo :cool:
Oh and thanks OG, Critical, & Yung for liking it as well :)
Not to mention, Flying Jinko :mullet: