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  • Hey Nasty! Thanks for the advice on the burn. Honestly, I'd love to get to know you better and become friends. Your posts almost always make me smile. I would have to say your my fave TRMK person these days. Hope you're having a good day!
    How is the Ex fan cancel going?

    You definitely need to hold the button after you do it and you can just dash before the second fan comes out, no specific timing required.
    Wanted to respond to you here so I don't derail the thread...

    "And that's why they suffer severe consequences."

    What consequences? Somebody said that retaliating just brings you down to their level, and that's pretty true. I used to get picked on all the time, but now I just let it roll off my back. Then again, I'm a lot older and that's made a lot of difference. You're young and just need to grow thicker skin and take your life into your own hands.

    You mentioned something about being overweight, and if it bothers you that much, do something about it. Go for walks, join a gym, buy some free weights, or anything like that will help. I'm sure getting in shape will help your self-esteem a lot. (Not to mention the social/sexual benefits, too. Haha.)
    I couldn't send the last message back, says you're too full. Go to your inbox, look down at that colored bar. There is text on top of that bar that says "empty folder" or some magic-forum-internet stuff like that. Delete all the excess stuff so I can send another message..... please.
    I would go in and make sure you haven't over-loaded your message inbox. I'll do the same. But yeah, I stopped dressing up as him when I stopped fitting the costume. =/ That was YEARS ago.
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