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  • Pre-ordered Lollipop Chainsaw at Bestbuy today =D

    Gotta love that Goth Girl outfit!

    We will be the TRMK OGs of Lollipop Chainsaw :tee:
    Haha here you go!!

    I can change it if you want.

    If you don't reply to this message today, then I'm not changing it.
    No reason to change it for someone who is rarely here.
    U dnt get it, if u use the sig that says Nasty freak on it, under I u must say: sig by Armageddon, or credit to Armageddon for this sig!
    Do u get it now?!
    i saw a sig request, that u requested, so i made u it, p.s for any sig's u use from me (the jade one) u must credit me!

    I have to agree with you, I say Tanya, Li Mei, or Cyber Smoke should replace Freddy.
    I also want to say thanks for accepting my friend request. :)
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