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    I just don't get thier mass appeal its only point an shoot? Is it because it is easy or what. lol... But anyways God of War is my favorite game ever. whats yours?
    Oh hey My name is Austin, but everyone calls me Ames, but feel free to call what ever ya wish. :) Nice to meet you. God of War A lot, Zelda, fighters in general, DmC, Jrpgs/rpgs, Gears of War. I also have a strong hate for Fps'. you?
    Huh? No I call everyone dude or bro (bro-det). lol... but thanks for the heads up though, I'll be sure to be a gentlemen. :)
    Thats cool dude. We can just mess around no need to go all tourny on you. lol
    If you wanna ever play Mk feel free to hit me up on psn (Ames32) I'm always willing to go a few rounds. whose your main fighter?
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