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  • one day, you will post something I disagree with.... And I will respond to it. I believe you are one of the few super well insighted people on this site when it comes to game mechanics/getting good/being good.
    Thanks a lot for the tips, thanks to you I improved my game with JC a lot!
    Yesterday I started using this combo in my matches : fjp; f4; 21f2 ; 44xxEXnutpunch for 40% damage. Sometimes I miss the nutpunch but I'm still practicing it so I suppose it's normal.
    What do you think? Could this be a useful Bnb?
    I'm also trying to use b3 as anti air everytime I can, but I think it covers a smaller area than uppercut and because of that sometimes I get hit :/.
    You have done it.

    Rep is now 100.

    You have earned, my most prized whore.
    I have NEVER given her out before, be honored, DCP.

    Hey DCP, I'm training with JC trying to improve my game and I want to ask you what are your most used combos that end with a nutpunch, and what do you usually do after you nutpunch your opponent. Thanks in advance.
    Ur 2 imature 4 me im a good girl.

    Oh dear God, I just lost multiple IQ points for typing that.
    P.S.- I do want you. That dude's just jelly. <3333333333333
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