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  • i miss fighting with u :( stupid PSN, hows practicing with the TE stick going? i just made some more kitana kombos :D
    Have you been having trouble with Kung Lao? My friend keeps picking him and DEMOLISHING me with him. His moves are ********. If you haven't had any problems, what's your strategies? Honestly, my friend beating me all of the time is kinda making me not like this game. :l
    Johnny, of course. Followed by Noob, Sektor,Smoke, and Ermac. Maybe CSZ as well. He looks pretty neat. You? Do I need to ask? lol
    i saw ur videos lol i know ur strategy now :p lol u love 2 combo close & sweep, so im going 2 stay far away & fan lift XD just like MK2
    i'll PM him, i cant get on FB on my PS3 :p i'll send him multiple hearts <33333333333333333333333333333
    haha nice we can always play co-op some time, u think he'd mine if i asked if he could customise mine?
    haha nice DCP :p no one can defeat me in tekken, my 13 hit combo is unblockable!! btw howd u get 2 customise ur rank label? i want 2 make mine "princess" in pink :p
    DCP u have tekken 6 right?? alisa is gonna get it & we're gonna give u a good whoop :p
    Hay bud I ve grown quite popular here whats up 11 days the waits killing me
    exactly dude. they do it because they're trolls. like did you see the way justin made it a point to say that he writes and reviews poetry, and that his best friend was gay. i have gay friends but i dont make a huge deal about it. people can have an opinion but if it's that rude than they can keep it to themselves
    Hay could u tell me what this is (Latest Reputation Received (45 point(s) total)
    Just tossing this out there, but it takes a lot to keep it real at our age. Please don't ever change. :D
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