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by Frank Chan

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December 7th, 2002

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IntroductionIntroduction (cont.)
Chapter 0: The Pre-MK1 EraChapter 0: The Pre-MK1 Era (cont.)
Chapter 1: Mortal KombatChapter 2: Mortal Kombat II
Chapter 3: Mortal Kombat 3Chapter 3: Mortal Kombat 3 (cont.)
Chapter 4: Mortal Kombat 4Chapter 5: MK: Deadly Alliance
Chapter 5: MK: Deadly Alliance (cont.)

Chapter 1: Mortal Kombat

These are the events that took place during the timeframe of the first Mortal Kombat fighting game. While the majority of it is from the game itself, some of it was contributed by elaborations in later games making references to what is supposed to have happened during it.

1-1: The Kombat Begins

1-1-1. Word of the Mortal Kombat tournament, which would potentially be the setting of Goro's tenth victory (0-6-4), was spread around the Earth realm.

1-1-1a. Shang Tsung issued a personal invitation to Raiden, the thunder god appointed by the elder gods to defend the Earth realm (0-1-2b). Raiden accepted the invitation and took on a human form to take part in the Mortal Kombat tournament.

1-1-1b. Liu Kang, a former Shaolin monk, was a member of the supersecret White Lotus Society. Strong in his beliefs, he despised Shang Tsung. He also received training from the master known as Bo'Rai Cho (0-1-4f). After receiving an invitation to the tournament, he quit the White Lotus and got permission to represent the Shaolin temples in Mortal Kombat. He boarded the boat in hopes of returning the tournament to the Shaolin temples (0-6-3).

1-1-1c. Johnny Cage (real name John Carlton) was a skilled fighter who was trained by martial artists from around the world. He used his talent as an actor in Hollywood, and was constantly bombarded by critics' comments that he was not a legitimate martial artist. Upon hearing of Mortal Kombat, he boarded the boat to Shang Tsung's island, on a personal mission to prove that he was in fact a legitimate warrior.

1-1-1d. Kano, a member of the Black Dragon (0-5-4), was being chased by a unit of Special Forces (0-5-5) agents led by Lt. Sonya Blade. They chased him until he had no choice but to jump onto a boat that was leaving the shore. Little did he know the boat was headed to the site of the Mortal Kombat tournament. Sonya's unit slowly followed the boat as well.

1-1-1e. Johnny Cage and Kano met on the boat and nearly started the Kombat early. The more clear-headed Liu Kang quickly broke it up, and Kang and Cage then became acquainted. (Classic) Sub-Zero (0-6-4b) and Scorpion (0-6-4c) also faced eachother on the boat, meeting again for the first time since their first encounter a decade earlier (0-6-4b). Scorpion simply promised that he would get his revenge at the tournament.

1-1-1f. Beneath a bridge that would serve as one of the venues for the fights in the tournament, lived a reptilian creature of a near-extinct race from the Outworld. Known to humans only by the name of Reptile, he hid behind a disguise that covered his reptilian form. He served as Shang Tsung's personal protector.

1-1-2. When the boat arrived at the island, Shang Tsung's personal army captured Sonya Blade's Special Forces unit and forced her to participate in the tournament. He promised her that if she performed well in battle, he would free the other members of her unit. The tournament began, and the warriors engaged in many vicious battles.

1-1-2a. Scorpion defeated (Classic) Sub-Zero and subsequently took the life of the Lin Kuei warrior to exact his revenge, just as he had entered the tournament to do. However, he began to blame (Classic) Sub-Zero for causing him to have to make the decision that has disallowed him from knowing his family ever again (0-6-4c).

1-1-3. Liu Kang defeated Goro and took the Mortal Kombat championship from the Shokan prince. Goro disappeared shortly after his loss. Kang then proceeded to defeat Shang Tsung as well, and ended Tsung's control over the Mortal Kombat tournament (0-6-3). At this point, Liu Kang's master, Bo'Rai Cho (0-1-4f), decided to return home to the Outworld, believing that Mortal Kombat was safely returned to the hands of the Shaolin.

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