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Chapter 0: The Pre-MK1 EraChapter 0: The Pre-MK1 Era (cont.)
Chapter 1: Mortal KombatChapter 2: Mortal Kombat II
Chapter 3: Mortal Kombat 3Chapter 3: Mortal Kombat 3 (cont.)
Chapter 4: Mortal Kombat 4Chapter 5: MK: Deadly Alliance
Chapter 5: MK: Deadly Alliance (cont.)

Chapter 4: Mortal Kombat 4

These are the events that took place during the timeframe of Mortal Kombat 4, the fourth MK fighting game, as well as the Dreamcast-exclusive upgrade of the game: MK Gold (which, as UMK3 and MKT did for MK3, elaborates on the latter part of the MK4 storyline.) While the majority of it is from the game itself, as well as the tied-in prequel MKM:Sub-Zero, some of it was contributed by elaborations in other games.

4-1: Shinnok Enters the Newly Restored Edenia

4-1-1. Tanya, the daughter of Edenia's ambassador to new realms, invited refugees who are fleeing their own world into the safety of Edenia. The fallen elder god, Shinnok, saw his opportunity to both escape his confines in the Netherealm and exact his revenge on those who were responsible for him being sent there in the first place. Queen Sindel initially welcomed all of the refugees into her realm, but she soon realized that one of them was actually Shinnok, accompanied by his Army of Darkness, led by Quan Chi. The portal he came through originated from the Netherealm.

4-1-1a. Quan Chi took Princess Kitana captive. When Liu Kang heard of this, he ventured into Edenia in hopes of rescuing her.

4-1-1b. Quan Chi made Scorpion an offer he could not refuse: his continued existence, in exchange for his services as a warrior against the elder gods.

4-1-1c. To give himself an advantage, Quan Chi had managed to keep one secret from everyone else involved: he was in possession of the real amulet. Even Shinnok and Raiden were unaware of this.

4-1-2. Shinnok was ready to confront the elder gods once again. From Edenia, Shinnok waged a war on the true elder gods. Quan Chi lead Shinnok's Army of Darkness in this attack on the heavens. Raiden had returned home to celebrate the Earth warriors' victory over Shao Kahn, only to find his elders under attack from his old nemesis, Shinnok. Raiden soon became one of the last surviving gods of Earth realm. Liu Kang, having failed in his mission to free Kitana in Edenia (4-1-1a), and returned home to Earth realm. He then reunited with an old friend he had met in America a few years back, named Kai. Kai was a former fellow member of the White Lotus Society, trained by great masters throughout Asia. Together, they mount an effort to bring together warriors from their home realm to assist Raiden in the new war against Shinnok.

4-1-2a. Fujin, one of the few other surviving gods of Earth, joined Raiden. Fujin is also known as the god of wind, and was once one of the four Elemental Gods appointed by Raiden to guard the sacred amulet (0-2-3a).

4-1-2b. With the heavens in disarray, Johnny Cage observed these recent events from above. He asked Raiden to resurrect his deceased soul so he could fight alongside Liu Kang again, this time against Shinnok's forces.

4-1-2c. Sonya continued to chase Jarek (3-3-3d) and eventually found herself in the middle of the new inter-realm war against Shinnok. She had to survive long enough to warn the American government. Jarek agreed to fight with her against Shinnok's forces, although it was difficult to trust him even in this situation. Jax headed after Sonya but soon found out the greater danger Sonya's mission had led her into.

4-1-2d. Sub-Zero again donned the old uniform to join the fight against Shinnok's Army of Darkness. His late brother had defeated Shinnok years ago in the Netherealm (0-6-4b). The secrets from his brother were passed down to him, possibly including the ones that may hold the key to Shinnok's destruction.

4-1-2e. One of Shinnok's generals, Reiko, was initially believed to have been killed during this battle, but he soon resurfaced to return to his position in Shinnok's army.

4-2: The Second Raiden-Shinnok War

4-2-1. The destructive battles between Raiden and Shinnok were fought once again. This time, however, it was possible for mortals to participate, so both deities recruited as many to fight on their respective sides as they could.

4-2-1a. When Quan Chi and his forces gradually moved out of Edenia in their war effort, Kitana saw her chance to escape capture (4-1-1a). Her escape seemed surprisingly easy to her. She quickly joined the battles against Shinnok and Quan Chi.

4-2-1b. Kung Lao, previously thought to have been killed during the final battles between the Earth warriors and Shao Kahn, had merely turned to a new life without violence, in reverence to his ancestral beliefs. Rumors of Goro's return, however, soon reached him, and he could not resist joining in on the battles if it meant he may finally be able to avenge his great ancestor, the original Kung Lao (0-6-3).

4-2-1c. Cyrax was soon recovered by Sonya and Jax. Using their Outerworld Investigation Agency's facilities (0-5-5a), they were able to restore his soul. In return, Cyrax joined their agency and became their Outworld scout, periodically entering the Outworld using their facilities and reporting back to them. Sonya then led a team out on a mission to destroy all other inter-realm portals they could find. Jax began spending most of his time in the underground facilities.

4-2-1d. Mileena, who had been Shinnok's servant in the Netherealm for some time now (2-1-2a), saw this war as her opportunity to both escape her servitude to the fallen elder god, as well as exact her revenge on Kitana. Knowing that Kitana would fight for Edenia against Shinnok (4-2-1a), Mileena predicted that when Kitana moves into battle, it should provide her with an easy escape route.

4-2-1e. Baraka, as always, is eager to return to battle for any cause. When he travelled back through Edenia, Quan Chi offered to allow Baraka to serve at his side. Baraka easily accepted.

4-2-2. Raiden defeated Shinnok once again, as his forces eventually overpowered those of the fallen elder god. Raiden was then given a position among the elder gods (0-1-2). Shinnok's arch-sorcerer, Quan Chi, began pursuing his own goals for the first time after so many centuries of subservience to Shinnok.

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