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by Frank Chan

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December 7th, 2002

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IntroductionIntroduction (cont.)
Chapter 0: The Pre-MK1 EraChapter 0: The Pre-MK1 Era (cont.)
Chapter 1: Mortal KombatChapter 2: Mortal Kombat II
Chapter 3: Mortal Kombat 3Chapter 3: Mortal Kombat 3 (cont.)
Chapter 4: Mortal Kombat 4Chapter 5: MK: Deadly Alliance
Chapter 5: MK: Deadly Alliance (cont.)

Chapter 0: The Pre-MK1 Era (cont.)

0-4: Shao Kahn Invades Edenia

0-4-1. Edenia, under the rule of King Jerrod and Queen Sindel, used a fighting tournament to defend the planet against potential invaders.

0-4-2. Shortly after the birth of Princess Kitana, the dark emperor known as Shao Kahn successfully invaded Edenia and took the life of King Jerrod. Shao Kahn then sapped the realm's energies, causing Edenia to become the vast wasteland called Outworld. Shao Kahn took Sindel as his queen and Princess Kitana as his step-daughter.

0-4-2a. The thought of serving Kahn eventually drove Queen Sindel to madness, she committed suicide at a young age. Enraged by Sindel's suicide, Kahn withheld her soul from moving on to a higher existence. He then used it as a token of his victory over King Jerrod and a constant reminder of his power over Princess Kitana.

0-4-2b. In the service of Shao Kahn, Princess Kitana was trained as a personal assassin, working alongside her friend Jade. Another of the many assassins trained to serve Shao Kahn was Rain. Rain was the son of a general in Edenia's army who was killed by Kahn during the invasion. He participated toward the end of Kahn's invasion effort on Earth realm.

0-5: Warrior Factions from the Earth Realm

0-5-1. For centuries, in the northeastern parts of China, a clan of assassins and thieves known as the Lin Kuei have operated in secrecy. Its warriors are humans who possess special skills and abilities, chosen at birth to be raised apart from the workings of day-to-day civilization. These warriors were stripped of their former lives, and only the clan knew of their existence. Their abilities were passed on from generation to generation and honed through life experiences.

0-5-1a. A fourth-generation Lin Kuei warrior by the name of Sub-Zero (father of 'Classic' Sub-Zero) made himself a life in America as a cover for his true identity and purpose as an assassin. He had a wife, two sons, and a daughter. His wife wanted a normal life for her sons, so she tried in vain to hide her sons from their father. Eventually, the two sons were found, and their father returned with them to China. Their mother and sister were never seen or heard from again. The older son soon inherited the name of Sub-Zero (aka. 'Classic' Sub-Zero).

0-5-1b. Many centuries later, the original Lin Kuei clan's history came to an end upon the victory of the Earth warriors over Shao Kahn (3-3-3). A new reformed Lin Kuei clan, however, was then formed by the fifth Sub-Zero (younger brother of 'Classic Sub-Zero') who also serves as the new grandmaster. The new Lin Kuei is not a clan of assassins and thieves, but defenders of Earth realm who fight alongside the thunder god Raiden (0-1-2b).

0-5-2. During Japan's feudal period, a renegade Japanese-born Lin Kuei warrior named Takeda returned to his homeland and offered his services to various lords and generals. Many of his skills and techniques were copied and learned throughout Japan, eventually evolving into the art of Ninjitsu.

0-5-2a. Unlike the techniques of the Lin Kuei (0-5-1), Ninjitsu can be mastered by any human with enough practice.

0-5-2b. Ninja warriors didn't exist as a single collective clan. They worked as a loosely-connected spy network made up of several smaller clans. The first Ninja clan was the Shirai Ryu, founded by Takeda. The Shirai Ryu soon became foes of the Lin Kuei (0-5-1), and Takeda became a target for assassination by the Lin Kuei. Despite repeated attempts, however, Takeda managed to elude assassination until his elder years, when poison was slipped into his tea.

0-5-2c. One modern member of the Shirai Ryu Ninja clan was named Hanzo Hasashi, code name Scorpion.

0-5-3. The Red Dragon is a secretive criminal organization that has existed for centuries. Their members are highly skilled and disciplined warriors who live by a strict code of conduct. It was because of this code that some of their more reckless members broke away to form the newer Black Dragon, almost a century ago. Their number one priority, for the past century, has been to track down every last member of the Black Dragon. Due to their more strategic nature, they are not constantly being pursued by law enforcement agencies as the much younger Black Dragon organization is.

0-5-4. The Black Dragon is an organization of feared and respected men in the inner circles of crime on Earth. It was formed when a group of the more reckless members of the long-established Red Dragon (0-5-3) became dissatisfied with the restraints placed on them by the Code of the Red Dragon. Among the crimes for which they are wanted are terrorism, smuggling, extortion, and murder. The Special Forces have spent many years tracking down members of the Black Dragon. In contrast to the Red Dragon, they are known to use primarily brute force and intimidation tactics, which makes them a far bigger target for law enforcement agencies. Additionally, they are not only being tracked by the law, but also the Red Dragon organization, who have aimed to eradicate them for the past century.

0-5-4a. The Black Dragon member Kano is believed by both the rival Red Dragon and the U.S. Special Forces to be the last surviving member of this organization. Some of its past members include: an explosives expert known as No Face, a female ninja master named Tasia, a close ally of Kano's named Jarek (3-3-3d). Many of these members are now believed to be dead. Kabal, a man who fought for the Earth warriors in the war against Shao Kahn (3-1-3b), was also once a member of the Black Dragon many years ago.

0-5-5. The Special Forces, from the United States government in Earth realm, have been in pursuit of the Black Dragon (0-5-4) for many years. It is for this reason that some of their members had inadvertently gotten involved with the inter-realm conflicts surrounding the Mortal Kombat tournament (1-1-1d).

0-5-5a. The Outerworld Investigation Agency was formed by Lt. Sonya Blade and Major Jackson "Jax" Briggs, some time after Shao Kahn's invasion of the Earth realm (3-1-2). They operate from an underground facility on Earth realm, with man-made inter-realm portal technology. Occasionally, they send agents into other realms.

0-6: Origins of the Mortal Kombat Tournament

0-6-1. An order of Earth realm's wisest men, in the Far East, received visions of Shao Kahn and his takeover of Edenia that transformed it into the Outworld (0-4-2). To defend Earth realm against such an invasion, these wise men created their own tournament, called Mortal Kombat. It was similar to the fighting tournaments once held by Edenia (0-4-1), and was to be hosted by the Shaolin temples. Once every generation, warriors from around the world were invited to compete in Mortal Kombat. Only if Outworld's warriors could win ten of these tournaments in a row, would Shao Kahn be allowed to enter Earth realm to do with it as he pleased.

0-6-2. Little over 500 years ago, Shang Tsung (an Earth-born servant of Shao Kahn) eventually won the Mortal Kombat tournament. To please Kahn, Shang Tsung not only took the lives of his opponents, but he took their souls as well. Doing so also has personal benefits to Tsung, as he retains the thoughts and memories of his victims. Additionally, the more souls he takes, the more effectively he can retain a youthful appearance, despite having existed for centuries. However, after repeated victories in the tournaments that followed, Tsung became overconfident. Before he could claim ten victories for his emporer (0-6-1), Tsung's overconfidence proved to be his undoing, for (the first) Kung Lao, fighting as a representative of the Shaolin temples, defeated him in Mortal Kombat and ended the streak.

0-6-2a. For his failure to attain the ten victories (0-6-1), Tsung was punished by Shao Kahn: he would since be imprisoned in the depths of Kahn's fortress, periodically released only to perform specific tasks for Kahn, until he could regain Kahn's favor.

0-6-3. Soon after (the first) Kung Lao's victory (0-6-2), came the mysterious death of one of the three Mortal Kombat tournament masters. Shang Tsung then returned to Earth realm, and brought with him a half-human dragon named Goro, Shokan prince (0-1-4a). In a brutal battle, Goro defeated (the first) Kung Lao to take the Mortal Kombat championship. At this point, Shang Tsung took control of the Mortal Kombat tournament itself. It was the beginning of an era that alienated the Shaolin from their own tournament (0-6-1).

0-6-3a. Shang Tsung took the soul of (the first) Kung Lao, and as a result, gained his thoughts and memories (0-6-2). This also meant that Tsung had gained the knowledge of the the sacred Map of Elements (0-2-4). With the sorcerer named Quan Chi was still making many repeated failing efforts at finding this map (0-3-1a), it was not long before Tsung became aware of the value of the knowledge he had acquired.

0-6-4. Goro retained the Mortal Kombat championship for nine generations, leaving Earth one last opportunity to defend itself against a potential Outworld invasion by Shao Kahn (0-6-1). All that was needed was one Earth warrior who could defeat Goro to break the Outworld's streak. Shang Tsung then devised a backup plan. In case Goro were to fail, he wanted to insure that an Outworld invasion would still be possible. With only ten years remaining before the start of the next tournament, Shang Tsung struck a deal with Quan Chi: if Tsung would provide the location of the Map of Elements (0-6-3a), Quan Chi's master Shinnok would take Sindel's soul, taint it with evil, and reincarnate it on the Earth realm. This would mean that Shao Kahn could enter the Earth realm, since he would have to be allowed entrance for the purpose of reclaiming his queen. Of course, Kahn would actually use this opportunity to overtake Earth, and in the process, even bar Raiden and the elder gods from intervening. For devising this backup plan, Shao Kahn made Shang Tsung a free-roaming sorcerer (0-1-2a).

0-6-4a. What Shang Tsung failed to tell Quan Chi was that the four Elemental Gods were guarding the sacred amulet (0-2-3a). The mere existence of these guards made it impossible for Quan Chi to enter the temple where the amulet rested even if and when he acquired the map. Aware of the abilities to harness the elements that are possessed by Lin Kuei warriors (0-5-1), Quan Chi retained the services of the fifth Sub-Zero (aka. 'Classic Sub-Zero', the older of the fourth one's two sons.) As backup, however, Quan Chi also sent the Ninja warrior Hanzo Hasashi (Scorpion), a modern member of the Japanese Shirai Ryu Ninja clan, rivals to the Lin Kuei (0-5-2b).

0-6-4b. (Classic) Sub-Zero and Scorpion both arrived at the Shaolin temples on their missions for the Map of Elements. (Classic) Sub-Zero won the battle that ensued upon their meeting, and returned to Lin Kuei headquarters, having successfully acquired the Map of Elements. (Classic) Sub-Zero became suspicious of Quan Chi for having also retained the services of a Shirai Ryu member, but Quan Chi quickly provided the Lin Kuei with the skeleton of Takeda (0-5-2b), which instantly pleased the Lin Kuei clan's grandmasters. (Classic) Sub-Zero was then sent out on a follow-up mission to attain the sacred amulet itself. When he succeeded, this was the closest that Shinnok and Quan Chi had come to achieving their longtime goal (0-3-1a). Raiden, as a defender of Earth realm, urgently approached (Classic) Sub-Zero to inform him of the potential danger he had just put the entire Earth into (0-2-4). Realizing this, (Classic) Sub-Zero embarked on another mission, this time for Raiden, into the Netherealm itself to get the amulet back before Shinnok could use it. (Classic) Sub-Zero succeeded, and prevented a 2nd Raiden-Shinnok war from happening...for the time being. Arriving back in Lin Kuei headquarters, Sub-Zero was assigned to compete in Mortal Kombat, likely to assassinate Shang Tsung. He boarded the boat to Shang Tsung's uncharted island to enter the tournament.

0-6-4c. Meanwhile, the Ninja warrior Hanzo "Scorpion" Hasashi, having been killed by (Classic) Sub-Zero (0-6-4b), was given a chance to return to life on Earth in order to avenge his own death. However, in doing so, he would lose his memory of his wife and child forever. He chose to return, bent on revenge against (Classic) Sub-Zero. Now in the form of a reincarnated specter who has literally been to hell and back, and from this point forward to be known only by his codename, Scorpion, he soon learned of (Classic) Sub-Zero's journey to the Mortal Kombat tournament on Shang Tsung's island (0-6-4b), and followed (Classic) Sub-Zero onto the boat in hopes of exacting revenge.

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