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December 7th, 2002

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Chapter 0: The Pre-MK1 EraChapter 0: The Pre-MK1 Era (cont.)
Chapter 1: Mortal KombatChapter 2: Mortal Kombat II
Chapter 3: Mortal Kombat 3Chapter 3: Mortal Kombat 3 (cont.)
Chapter 4: Mortal Kombat 4Chapter 5: MK: Deadly Alliance
Chapter 5: MK: Deadly Alliance (cont.)

Chapter 5: MK: Deadly Alliance

These are the events that took place during the timeframe of Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, the fifth MK fighting game -- for all intents and purposes, this is Mortal Kombat 5. It is almost entirely from the game itself since it's currently the latest installment to the series.

5-1: The End of an Era

5-1-1. When Scorpion finally confronted the young Sub-Zero, still erroneously believing that it was the (Classic) Sub-Zero that he had already killed (1-1-2a), it was revealed to him that Quan Chi was the one responsible for everything (Classic) Sub-Zero had done to Scorpion (0-6-4a and 0-6-4b). Quan Chi quickly attempted to banish Scorpion to the 5th plane of the Netherealm, but thinking fast, Scorpion grappled with Quan Chi, and both of them ended up in the fiery pits of the dead world.

5-1-1a. While in the 5th plane of Netherealm, Scorpion proceeded to torment Quan Chi persistently. However, two Oni Tormentors (0-1-3c) named Drahmin and Moloch also resided on the 5th plane. Quan Chi soon struck a deal with them: if they would protect him from Scorpion for the remainder of the time he is trapped in Netherealm, he will free them both into the living world as soon as he finds a way to escape. Drahmin and Moloch agreed, and from then on, they would savagely brutalize Scorpion whenever he made a move for Quan Chi. At this point, Quan Chi was free to dig deeper into any information he could find that could help him escape Netherealm.

5-1-2. Sub-Zero reformed the Lin Kuei (0-5-1b) and became its new grandmaster. His purpose was to build a new clan that functioned as a force for defense against those who attempt to invade Earth. He proceeded to hold a small tournament to recruit the best of the best, and the winner who emerged victorious was a mysterious female warrior named Frost. Sub-Zero was impressed, so he decided to train her himself, despite the fact that it is highly unusual for the clan's grandmaster to serve as a trainer. Frost's fighting skills constantly improved, but along with them, her arrogance as well.

5-2: Formation of the Deadly Alliance

5-2-1. Shang Tsung spent a greater part of his existence serving under Shao Kahn, suffering harsh punishment for failures and working hard to regain his emporer's favor every time. For many years, he had desired the freedom to drain souls without the need to risk his own life in the process, but never had an opportunity to gain such power for himself. He continues to wait for such an opportunity.

5-2-1a. Shang Tsung tapped into a portal to the heavens, and used it as a source of limitless souls to feed on, as well as to retain his youth (0-6-2). 

5-2-2. While in the Netherealm, Quan Chi, relied on the assistance of Drahmin and Moloch (5-1-1a), but Scorpion managed to get past the two Oni. Quan Chi then narrowly escaped the wrath of the ninja spectre through a network of ancient inter-realm gateways. An ancient Rune Stone, bearing a likeness to the amulet (0-2-1a) he had stolen from Shinnok (4-1-1c), had revealed information about these gateways to him.

5-2-2a. Upon his escape through the gateway, Quan Chi emerged in an ancient tomb in the Outworld containing stories of the Dragon King's undefeatable army (0-1-4d).

5-2-3. Quan Chi soon met with Shang Tsung. Although they had previously met for the dealings between their respective masters (0-6-4), they were now both intent on attaining untold power and immortality, not for a master, but for themselves. The Deadly Alliance was formed.

5-2-3a. The Deadly Alliance intends to resurrect the army of the Dragon King (5-2-2a) in order to attain the power they desire. However, in order to do so, they require the soul of a particular warrior to complete the process of the resurrection, so they decide to hold a new fighting tournament of their own. Having devised some of the most elaborate schemes for their masters over the centuries past, these two sorcerers easily began doing so again for their own purposes.

5-3: Death of Shao Kahn

5-3-1. Shao Kahn was already defeated by the Earth warriors, but again, he was not killed in that war (3-3-3). He did, however, lose his long-rule over the Outworld as well as the brief domination of Earth realm. With the realm of Outworld returned to its living state also called Edenia, Princess Kitana led her people against Kahn's remaining forces in a pre-emptive strike. Kitana and her people were soon joined by none other than the Shokan Prince Goro himself, accompanied by many of his subjects. Together, they faced what proved to be Shao Kahn's final war effort.

5-3-1a. At this point, Kano continued to serve as a general in Kahn's army. Reptile soon rejoined Kahn's forces, eager as always to simply have a master to serve (3-3-3e). Kahn's last order to Reptile was to go to Kitana's base camp.

5-3-1b. Kitana and Goro's combined forces were on the brink of victory against the remainder of Kahn's army, when Goro was unexpectedly killed in battle. The Shokan forces were left leaderless, spiralling into utter chaos.

5-3-2. The Deadly Alliance approached Shao Kahn, and in a false show of loyalty to once powerful emporer, they struck when Kahn let his guard down. The majority of the population of both realms, at this point, were unaware of who was responsible for Shao Kahn's demise.

5-3-2a. Word of the death of Shao Kahn was a pleasant surprise to Kitana and her people. Kano and his forces quickly retreated. Goro's death, however, remained a terrible tragedy to the Shokan nation, which prevented them from fully celebrating their sudden victory.

5-3-2b. Having been following Kahn's last orders by being at Kitana's base camp when Kahn was killed, Reptile was devastated that he was not there to defend his master. Gradually returning to his primal instincts, and appearance, over the years, he began to wandering aimlessly in search of a new master.

5-3-3. Kano, kept his loyalty with Shao Kahn until the emporer's demise. The Deadly Alliance, however, soon acquired the services of Kano and his forces. Kano's first assignment under their leadership was to order a small population of people to build a palace fortress.

5-3-3a. Among the population enslaved by Kano's people was a female warrior named Li Mei. Li Mei rebelled against Kano's forces, and even managed to attack Kano himself. Quan Chi saw her warrior spirit, and made her an offer: if she could win the upcoming Deadly Alliance tournament (5-2-3a), her people would be freed. If she loses, however, they must all serve as slaves to the Deadly Alliance forever. Li Mei accepted.

5-3-3b. In his rush to evade the wrath of Scorpion (5-2-2), Quan Chi did not bring Drahmin and Moloch out of the Netherealm with him as he had promised. Instead, it was Shang Tsung who later brought them out. They were then kept in the lower levels of his palace, periodically fed mortals to keep them satisfied.

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