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  • Alignment: DC Villain


Selina Kyle operates as a costumed cat burglar in Gotham City, and has a love-hate relationship with Batman. She is able to commit nearly impossible crimes thanks to her athletic prowess, skills with a whip, and seductive wiles.


Having been infused with the power of magic during her teleportation, to the alternate universe. Catwoman found that she could transform at will into a black panther. Her increased strength and agility made her a cat that would never again be caged.

Special Move

  • Whip Sting: D,B+A1 (Also in air)
  • Lasso Grip: B,F+A2
  • Kitty Surprise: B,F+A3
  • Raging Cat: B,F+A4
  • Somersaulting Fever: D,F+A3
  • Nine Lives: D,B+A4 (Projectile Resistance)

Pro Move

  • Whip Sting to Lasso Grip:
    D,B+A1 + B,F+A2
    (+ Wait until whip connects)
  • Whip String to Kitty Surprise:
    D,B+A1 + B,F+A3
    (+ Wait until whip connects)
  • Raging Cat to Whip Sting:
    B,F+A4 + D,B+A1
    (+ Wait until final scratch)


  • Fatality 1: D,B,D,F,A2(Sweep)
  • Fatality 2: F,B,F,B,A4(Sweep)

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