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Baraka Batman Captain Marvel
Catwoman Deathstroke Green Lantern
Jax Briggs Joker Kano
Kitana Lex Luthor Liu Kang
Raiden Scorpion Shang Tsung
Sonya Blade Sub-Zero Superman
The Flash Wonder Woman Darkseid
Shao Kahn



    Scorpion was once a member of the Shirai Ryu ninja clan before he was slain by the elder Sub-Zero. Resurrected by the sorcerer Quan Chi, he entered the Mortal Kombat tournament and killed Sub-Zero to avenge the murders of his family and clan. But Sub-Zero's younger brother assumed his name and donned the familiar blue assassin's garb. Though he remains Quan Chi's enforcer, Scorpion will not rest until this Sub-Zero has been slain as well.


    Though Dark Kahn was defeated, his consciousness lived on. The Dark Lord's power and maliciousness found the perfect host in the body of the wrathful Scorpion. In the midst of his agony, Scorpion knew that he would soon be the most powerful creature in the universe - if he survived the transformation.

    Special Move

    • Spear: B,B+A1
    • Fiery Teleport: D,B+A3 (Also in air)
    • Inner Flames: D,D+A2 (Hold 2 for longer flame)
    • Hell Fire: D,B+A2
    • Hellish Slide: D,B+A4

    Pro Move

    • Double Fiery Teleport:
      D,B+A3 + D,B+A3
      (+ No wait, do immediately)


    • Fatality 1: D,D,D,A4(Sweep)
    • Fatality 2: F,F,B,D,A3(Close)

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