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Baraka Batman Captain Marvel
Catwoman Deathstroke Green Lantern
Jax Briggs Joker Kano
Kitana Lex Luthor Liu Kang
Raiden Scorpion Shang Tsung
Sonya Blade Sub-Zero Superman
The Flash Wonder Woman Darkseid
Shao Kahn



    As the planet Krypton braced for destruction, the infant Kal-El was placed in a rocketship by his parents and sent into space. Arriving on Earth as the Last Son of Krypton, he was found and raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent on their Kansas farm. Clark Kent manifests the amazing powers of super-strength, flight, and invulnerability under Earth's yellow sun. Instilled with the values of right and wrong, he has taken on the identity of Superman to defend his adopted planet.


    After his encounter with the invaders and their magical powers, Superman knew he was vulnerable to similar assaults in the future. With the aid of the wizard Shazam, he applied ancient Kryptonian lore to the creation of a new costume, giving him resistance to magic. Attacks by sorcerers and demons now have no effect on the Man of Steel.

    Special Move

    • Heat Vision: B,B+A1 (Also in air, Can be done multiple times)
    • Inhale Capture: D,B+A2
    • Soaring Knockout: D,F+A2
    • Ice Breath: D,F+A3
    • Ground Tremor: D,D+A4
    • Shoulder Charge: F,F+A4
    • Up, Up and Away: D,B+A3
    • Hover Heat Vision Close: A1 (After Up, Up and Away)
    • Hover Heat Vision Far: A2 (After Up, Up and Away)
    • Hover Ground Tremor: A4 (After Up, Up and Away)
    • Hover Cancel: A3 (After Up, Up and Away)

    Pro Move

    • Inhale Capture to Soaring Knockout:
      D,B+A2 + D,F+A2
      (+ No wait, do immediately)
    • Super Ground Tremor:
      D,D+A4 + A1 + A2
      (+ Wait until first hit on ground connects)
    • Soaring Knockout to Up, Up & Away:
      D,F+A2 + D, B+A3, A2 or A4
      (+ Wait until right before Superman punches, follow up with any Hover move)
    • Inhale Capture to Up, Up & Away:
      D,B+A2 + D, B +A3, A2 or A4
      (+ Wait until right before Superman punches, follow up with any Hover move)

    Heroic Brutality

    • Heroic Brutality 1: D,D,F,F,A1(Close)
    • Heroic Brutality 2: F,F,D,B,A4(Close)

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